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  1. I had something like that and then (after reading on the forums) went to my nVidea control center and forced VSYNC to on and it fixed it. Simple to try and beats complete re-installs. :-lol Phill
  2. You've probably already done this, but everytime I had those exact symptoms, Pitot Heat solved it. In some cases the acft switch did not seem to work, so I use the keyboard.Pitot Heat = Shift HOf course that's the default settings, did you reasign any controls?Phill
  3. >Will this method work on the instrument panel in the Grumman>Goose? I like to fly this plane but the gauges are very hard>to see unless it is nighttime.>>DonYes - just tried it for C172, DC3, and Goose. The Goose was interesting because it did not help like the others until I moved the vclight to the eye viewpoint and it works great there. In the attached file are the aircraft.cfg changes for all three aircraft.PhillEdit to emphasize - when night lights become active, turn off these lights ("i" key) or it's too bright!
  4. Just thought I'd pass along a method I came up with concerning VC lights. Probably many have already done this, so if this is old news just ignore. Since XPack (with SP2) the VC lights section was commented out which means during the daylight the gauges can be very hard to read. But if you add them back in, then at night everything is super bright and hard to see outside. I wanted both and here's what I did.I added a smoke section in the aircraft.cfg and pointed that to the vclight fx file. Attached is an image of the added smoke section just above the lights section. Note the lights are still commented out, but now during the day, pressing the "i" key turns on the lights. Then at dusk when the night textures come out and it's too bright, hit the "i" key again and they're back to normal. The attached image is of the default 737 and I've also done it on the Maule. Note there is no light number under smoke, only the x-y-z locations. Obviously, this only works on aircraft that do not use the smoke section.Phillhttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/184805.jpg
  5. I know this is too late to help you, there is a utility called FS_TRU in the downloads section. The TRU stands for Texture Replacement Utility and always makes backups so you can restore the original. Nice utility and I've used it several times and have had occasion to restore the originals.For future reference, you might want to get this.Phillhttp://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID...util&DLID=95916
  6. I feel the same. The change for me came with my purchase of the Shockwave Solo P-51 (in FS9). Since then, I reject acft without a VC. My two favorites right now are the Realair SF260 and the Acceleration F-18.PhillEdit to add P-51 was in FS9.
  7. Along with the other response you got, Shift-F10 brings up the knee board and one of the options shows all the keyboard actions. No pausing the sim or anything, just open and scroll to the section you're interested in.Phill
  8. 2D view bitmaps do not display in FSX. To get a cockpit view, the model needs a VC. I don't fly anything now that does not have a quality VC (e.g. - RealAir SF260 or Acceleration FA-18).Phill
  9. >>2) add-ons made with the FSX SDK work properly. The RealAir>SF260, LevelD 767 and PMDG 744X are all examples, as well as>Ultimate Terrain X works. Some are a mixed-bag, such as>MyTraffic X, with some of the AI planes being FS9 planes.>Add to this list the Shockwave Curtiss P-40 works for me under XP and DX9 with FSX Acceleration/SP2.Phill
  10. Just a wild guess, but the registry may be messed up and Flight 1 has a free download for that. Go here (second link down).http://www.flight1.com/view.asp?page=libraryIf it doesn't help, no harm done.Phill
  11. Under Graphics there is a setting Global Textures that will cause your aircraft to do exactly what I see in your picture. Here is a link to a thread that shows the fix (if that is the problem)...http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...20772&mode=fullPhill
  12. Also keep in mind there are two camera.cfg files. The one in the FSX root directory is like a template and each computer user gets their own copy. Not at home so can't give the actual directory, but when I got the correct camera.cfg it worked great.Phill
  13. Open the aircraft.cfg and make sure the radios have standby. In the example below, all four radios have standby and only NAV2 had glide slope.// Radio Type=availiable, standby frequency, has glide slopeCom.1=1, 1 Com.2=1, 1 Nav.1=1, 1, 1 Nav.2=1, 1, 0 Without standby, the swap freq will not work.If this is not it, then I have no ideas for you.Phill
  14. Yes - the aircraft shadows fade with more cloud cover. Not sure of the extent but I have seen it and when there were no shadows, forced weather to clear and had them back.This since installing Acceleration.Phill
  15. Sometimes, a corrupt logbook can cause something very similar. Try this...http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=...hor=&CatID=rootPhill
  16. Yep - that's what happened. It was the timeing of the change in colors. I got Acceleration a week or so after others and loaded just when the change was happening.Everything is good! :-roll Phill
  17. Now that you mention it, I believe you are correct. The colorful trees are gone in Acceleration. Anyone else?Phill
  18. With SP1 there was a problem involving C++ Runtime Library. The fix was a redistributable download from Microsoft. This might be of help.http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&displaylang=enPhill
  19. There are lots of interesting responces here, but this is a warning that says you are sinking while attempting a take-off or a go around. The patent information can be seen here...http://www.patentstorm.us/patents/4818992-description.htmlIn FSX I checked into this and it will go off with gear and flaps down and with throttle at or above 70% while descending. An aircraft like the 727 which needs a lot of power with full flaps will get this. The patent above details how the original inventor put logic in place to ensure it was a genuine take-off or go around.You can probably locate the sound file and rename it or just ignore it now that you know what triggers it.PhillEDIT: This patent is for helicopters but it refers to the patents for fixed wing acft as well.
  20. There are three for the canopy reflections. I moved them to the FA-18 root folder and all is clear. Especially at night. Something can probably be done to tone them down, but for a quick fix move them - they are only in the texture folder.FA_18_05_C.ddsFA_18_05_C_Specular.ddsFA_18_05_NIGHT_C.ddsAlso some one else found the HUD which is really dark is this file...FA_18_Hud_Glass.ddsHowever, the HUD disappears without this (but the display still works) so I used DXTBMP and made it a real light green which looks good for me.Phill
  21. You're right, a pitch problem is not the same. The OPs is seen as a sudden yaw motion which I've seen since FS9 days with real weather.Phill
  22. Might also consider wind shear. FSX is known to not slowly shift winds but instantly go from one reading to the next. Of course, that's using real weather with download winds aloft turned on. I see this fairly ofter. Shift-Z lets you track the current winds.Phill
  23. I have had this exact problem and there is ONE setting that fixed it for me. Make sure global resolution is set to very high as shown here. This should work.Phillhttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/179646.jpg
  24. As Tim says, there are some new ones on the way. I've heard of at least two (the one Tim mentions and one other). There is also a commercial product on Flight One. You can check it out here.http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=afxv1Phill
  25. I bought FSX the day before release at Best Buy. Initial reaction was large disappointment with many performance problems. Spent lots of times with tweaks and brought my sliders all down to what could be done. Was happy (at a minimum level) and pretty much stayed with FSX. Love the new camera system and the new improved ground textures.Then SP1 came out and I was able to move up some sliders (kept the same FPS, wanted more eye candy). This was beginning to be fun. Then purchased the Real Air SF260 and I need to put out a warning to anyone considering purchase of this aircraft. Be aware that once you fly this bird, you can't hardly go back to the others! That's right, RealAir has raised the bar. I love this plane and even when I try to fly another, there's old N15KP sitting there all dressed up in white with a blue tail saying, "Where you going? Come fly me!" Oops - back on subject. Last month my old machine's video died so I decided to go for a new computer. The old was Dell P4 2.8GHz, 1 GB Ram, ATI 9800 Pro 128 MB, 19" CRT display. It was five years old. Ordered a new DELL online on Wednesday afternoon and it was delivered via UPS on Saturday - 54 hours from purchase to delivery. The new Dell is E6700 2 core 2.66 GHz, 2 GB ram, Nvidia GTS 8600 256 MB, 22" widescreen flat panel. Oh yeah, ordered with XP Home edition.What a difference - now for the first time I am running great! Scenery and autogen at extreme dense, texture resolution is now set at 1M (old was 2M), airline traffic at 70% (with home grown traffic.bgl from FS9), road traffic at 25%, no boats, and water at 2.x low. Locked at 25 FPS and smooth as can be. Before anyone says do this or that, no thanks, it is set just the way I want it. Most flights in and around Houston Hobby KHOU.For me with the new machine it is like a whole new experience. Sometimes, life is really good. Phill
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