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  1. Seriously though, is the GTN set to Master Device (in the RXP plugin menu)?
  2. HOLY SCHNIKES! Most impressive work. The cabin is transformed. You also have good taste lol. We'll need some sexy new liveries for this cabin. ala: 990mm by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr N987F by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr
  3. Yeah I'm trying to figure out the G5000 too.... The CJ4 specifically does NOT have it. Maybe they'll include a larger bizjet OOOOOooo
  4. Hehe, I wouldn't go that far (referring to your last sentence)
  5. I haven't used default ATC in any sim in ages... probably cause I have pilot edge...or more likely because I'm ATC I just don't really care and vector /navigate myself ha
  6. Either is great.... with the GNS you can crossfill if you have 2 430s or 2 530s (or both) which I really like from real world flying.
  7. Haha the way you wrote it seemed honest so I was thinking..."what the heck" haha
  8. For starters the 737 isn't a plane you'd equip with the GTN. Why not use the FMS that's included? It's pretty good actually! But I think the GTN has issues overridding the FMS. You may have to check in the popup GTN settings and be sure GTN 750 1 is set to Master Device.
  9. Nice shots....I highly recommend the Reality XP GNS or GTN - they look great in that thing!
  10. Nice pics.... I like the FSW Lear but I can't seem to fall in love with their Falcon.
  11. Great pics...that's one of the most lovely addons ever. For me though I don't touch it much....too "airliner" for me LOL
  12. Amen to that. All those IAFs for rnav approaches are fun....I like making up how to say them as I go (or as I used to - I work at a tower only now)
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