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  1. P3DV4

    It is v2. You can't get a native gauge bezel with version 1 but you can get a modded GTN to sort of fit inside the default gps500 screen and then use a GTN 2D popup for full functionality Either RXP or F1 GTN unit will work.
  2. I think people think it runs worse because we're cranking up sliders. We had to balance to avoid OOM's in previous versions but we falsely believe we don't have to worry about settings
  3. Screenshots!!! (Or it didn't happen lol)
  4. I would expect documentation and tutorials for 90 bucks
  5. Colorful - I like them!
  6. It's pricey in x plane terms. but it looks to be the most detailed tube liner yet!
  7. pmdg level for 34.95? lol It's a pretty good addon but uses the default XP11 FMS. Which isn't horrible but it's very basic but will do LNAV and can load sids/stars/iap's
  8. Great pics! Love the sexy bizjets. Was hoping to see his Global jet but haven't heard anything in eons.
  9. I too like to fly realistic routes and especially when on PE. I'm going to look into this product a little more. In XP11 the default database can be updated and that seems to be important to many users. I guess P3D/FSX users tend to fly with FMS equipped aircraft more and or RXP/F1 units.
  10. This is a superb addon - the sounds are native FMOD now and I highly recommend it - been flying since day one.
  11. 167 replies on some minor changes? Has anyone checked the DL? Is perf better?
  12. Does anyone have this and is updating their default navdata? Is it possible to just buy the 3 month subscription, and one matching cycle from navigraph and call it a day?
  13. XP11

    Pretty cool. Is there a painting-like effect applied?
  14. Thanks for the detailed response. I'm sort of hesitating to buy anything because my PC time is spread so thin. I might do 1 online flight a week (approx 2 hours invested total). Sometimes I'll get more time for offline (because I can pause etc) but I'm not sure if I have time to invest in a PMDG style combat aircraft hehe. Though I'm totally thinking about purchasing that F18 early access. It looks amazing. I had the old VRS for FSX but never updated to P3D and have since forgotten everything about the F18. I started flying combat sims like F19 and Jane's ATF and later Longbow, and Jane's USAF. Those were the days. After USAF I pretty much quit combat sims because I didn't find anything as detailed... so I switched back to civilian FS2002/9/FSX and now P3D and XP11. Now I'm at a stage in my life where I have my kids on my lap (sometimes... I prefer to minimize their screen time), but today we flew around in the P51 in DCS and the boys loved it. Does anyone know how to zoom in inside the cockpit? Mouse wheel works external view but nothing seems to work internally.