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  1. At 4.7 I agree the 7700 wil be better. At 4.2 it would be almost the same
  2. Your current pc will be faster at 500 MHz faster imo. Even though there are some generational speed increases.
  3. The Alabeo Mooney is a solid contender - it's not a huge step down. It's also a lot cheaper than the a2a offerings.
  4. I'd consider the Alabeo Mooney Ovation. It's pretty speedy and supports GTN 750
  5. XP11

    Nice - for some reason only a few pics load for me
  6. I agree the addon quality has dramatically increased. Looks like devs are getting the hang of PBR /XP11
  7. The only problem is their price. XP addons are much less than ESP -based addons. 41 bucks is a high end addon on the XP world. Even aerobasks latest GA is only 35 bucks. Vflyte has an amazing Twin Comanche for only 30 bucks. For 40 I expect something innovative and incredible. It does look good though.
  8. XP11

    Excellent! Bout time - I figured no one was going to buy this addon. How are the fps? What's the average top speed? Handling?
  9. xp11

    Looks real! Perfect lighting!
  10. Looks good to me. I can only imagine the cost of that lol
  11. Yeah this might be up your alley https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/519800-got-a-new-toy/
  12. This guy is on a budget people lol
  13. XP11

    Definitely my favorite NASA logo!
  14. P3D V3

    But they're also more concerned about fuel economy... so they'll be at reduced power settings. In the sim I'm not paying for gas - if the acft can do it - I'll push it to MMO ha!
  15. WOnder if my system can even run this. Apparntly I'll be getting internet next week