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  1. ryanbatcund

    Eaglesoft Challenger 605 under development!

    Yeah I'll likely get the challenger (if the govt ever reopens grrr!)....but I'm truly excited for the new P3D version of their Citation X
  2. ryanbatcund

    A German Explorer

    Yes it is!
  3. ryanbatcund

    Nice Day

    Looks like a nice day to play amongst the clouds
  4. ryanbatcund


    Thought I was looking at a photo first pic!
  5. As long as your above the glide slope and intercept at a 30 degree angle or less it should be working. Have you verified the frequency is the correct one in p3d? Sometimes the rw freqs have changed from the 2006 data.
  6. Is your needle green or magenta? In other words are you using VLOC or GPS to navigate ?
  7. I own their precipitation add-on...it's good and adds enough that I feel it's worth it. I don't own any other of their stuff
  8. Is the FF supposed to work in xp11.30?
  9. ryanbatcund

    Certificate error

    Same here
  10. ryanbatcund

    A German Explorer

    Thanks gents. I really dislike the watermark. But it's free. Flickr decided to limit me at 1000 photos so I'm not sure they are a viable solution anymore either!
  11. ryanbatcund

    A German Explorer

    More TBM joyriding in the PNW!
  12. ryanbatcund


    You always have the best atmospheric shots!
  13. ryanbatcund

    She's fast but......

    Lovely pics! Actually the TBM8 and 9 are faster than a cirrus jet...hehe so there's that
  14. ryanbatcund

    Vertx Diamond- Wow.

    That's a dinosaur rig haha. I'd say you'd notice a fps hit because of how old your machine is. Mine is only 1 gen newer but I've got a GTX 980
  15. ryanbatcund

    Vertx Diamond- Wow.

    That doesn't mean Sean isn't working on it too (he is). The release is an SDK for devs.