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  1. guitarjava

    Razbam Metroliner Released

    Jim, I'm showing about a 344MB download. And I've been having a blast flying it. They really did a nice job on the Metro as far as I'm concerned. Chris
  2. guitarjava

    Razbam Metroliner Released

    Thanks for the video link Robert, very interesting. Chris
  3. guitarjava

    SimBrief - Advanced Flight Planning

    Very nice, good job!
  4. Excellent pictures Dolf. I recently purchased the P46 and have really been enjoying it. Chris
  5. I also have to say I'm very happy with FS2Crew for the Ifly 737.I am a new purchaser, and hesitated for weeks, as I have never used an FS2Crew product before, and I didn't want it to 'take away' any fun I was having flipping switches and moving levers. :)I have found that FS2Crew has very much enhanced my immersion factor with the Ifly 737, and has taught me loads about real-world procedures and flows. Something that I've never had access to before. It not only has increased my enjoyment tenfold, but has given me a whole different perspective on what real Captains and F/O's go through in their day-to-day routines.So, a big thank you to FS2Crew for their fantastic product, great integration and interface too!Chris Bremmer
  6. guitarjava

    Flight planning software

    Hello,I also use Vroute and really like it.Some of the things that I like are the intuitive interface and the ability to print out a Flight Progress Card and then export the flightplan to FSX.Chris
  7. guitarjava

    Antialiasing and Anisotropic settings?

    Thanks much, appreciate the info.Chris
  8. Hello,New member here, and I've searched the forums but haven't found an answer specifically to this question.In FS2004, is the rule of thumb to have Antialiasing and Anisotropic Filtering set to the highest settings as possible?Thanks much!Chris