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  1. Anders Bermann

    Should I get the FSLABS A320?

    +1 I have never experienced an immersion factor and sound environment as is present in this addon. Absolutely superb!
  2. Anders Bermann

    In & Out of Las Vegas (i.e. Wages)

    Amazing! These roads really are 'made with a ruler'.
  3. Anders Bermann

    Non realistic clouds in P3D V4.3

    Indeed! I can see there's clouds - but honestly I can't see, from your images, what exactly you're unhappy about?!
  4. Anders Bermann

    EFB Data Question

    Is it? I thought that this was the data, which was insanely expensive? (or what that some other thing?) 🙂 Never mind... found an answer here from Michael from PMDG. (apparently it is going to be implemented - at some point...)
  5. Anders Bermann

    Nail in coffin AFS2...?

    Come on... are you seriously suggestion, that the reason that the reason, that Aerofly FS 2 is failing (or falling behind in interests from customers and developers) are because of X-Plane 11?? Perhaps, if Aerofly FS 2 had more features, was easier to develop for and/or had a more flexible SDK, it would be more popular all around. But I guess, it's more appealing admitting defeat, when you can blame someone else...
  6. Anders Bermann

    Heatblur Simulations F-14 A/B

    @Phantom88 Amazing! Is it hard to fly? (compared to the F/A-18 for instance?)
  7. Anders Bermann

    Rainmaker and -400

    Not quite... The guy asked a question - Yes. And that question was answered. Then the guy, plowed on, relentlessly... so here we are - yet again...
  8. Anders Bermann

    Imaginesim Singapore Released

    Chris... *SIGH* Why? Why do you need to start off, with a personal insult?! Was that really necessary? Whether or not, my personal in-depth knowledge of P3D reflects my post-count, is quite irrelevant in this case - so quite frankly I don't see ANY reason why you would bring that up - other that to make youself feel better... *SIGH* Since you obviously need to point out my post-count - as some truth of proof of my idiocy, I could throw back, that yes - I've been 'around the block' a few times and have - by that - also stacked up some reputation points. And - please please turn down (or simply off) the sarcasm. I don't know if it's intentional or you're trying to be funny - but if it's latter, you're coming off quite poorly, since misunderstood sarcasm (especially when it directed at a person) can easily become an unintended insult. My point was simply, that when someone reports, that they're having issues with a product (and it's doesn't matter which product), that they just - just for a second - stop and think for themselves... HEY! Could this be my own fault/system/actions, which contributes (or even results) in what I'm seeing?! Could it be, that there's some unknown 3rd party software, which conflicts with my newly purchased and installed software? It's alright to report a problem to the community for the purpose of getting help and advice of solving. After all, that's what we're here for. But to - quite frankly just bluntly roar out, that the software is faulty - and not just a minuscule fault, but quite a big thing - without looking at what others are reporting, is just - in my own personal opinion - a really thoughtless and, in some ways, a self-centered act. I don't know what to say... You seem to be fixed on the idea (based on the latest posts in here), that your own system and setup, is fault free and whenever something acts, shows or behaves in a way you find unexpected, it must be the developers fault... I'll leave it at that... Now, I'm not saying that the software isn't to be blamed! All I'm saying - and advising others to - is simply humor the idea, that their own system, sometimes could be at fault for errors. But that would be to much to admit for some people, since that would automatically mean, that they themselves were to blame - and who wants to blame themselves, when you could shift blame others? It's human nature, I guess - but, oh boy, I wish, that we could just look above and beyond our own nose, once in a while... ...things would get so much clearer.
  9. Anders Bermann

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    Why not? Two voices makes more effective than one... or something...
  10. Anders Bermann

    Imaginesim Singapore Released

    I know this post, isn't gonna win me any user-of-the-year award - and probably make me quite unpopular - but I'm kinda used to that by now... To be honest, I find it quite mystifying, that some setups are - apparently - experiencing that the airport is misplaces when some setups are correct. What's even more baffling and - to some extend - a little annoying to witness, is that set users, who experience the above issue, are SO sure, that NOTHING is wrong with THEIR setup, and are extremely quick to jump to conclusions that is MUST be the developer, who's screwed up - and NOT themselves or their setup, that for some reason is misconfigured... I mean, come one - if not everyone is experiencing a misplacement problem, the obvious conclusion should/must be, that something is misconfigured or conflicting on the affected systems... It's entirely possible, that some mesh, AFCAD, 3rd party scenery, Scenery Library priority or something else, which could contribute to this... Look inwards, before starting to blame outwards, people.
  11. Anders Bermann

    Tehran Airport Scenery Purchase blocked by PayPal

    Fair enough... I still doubt it has anything to do with sanctions or embargoes! It could just as well be that PayPal is sensitive about credit card purchases to certain countries... I had a friend from Turkey, who once tried purchasing an airlines ticket with a turkish credit card. That transaction was declined. Simply because of the credit rating and the country of origin. I have some times seen that my own credit card (issued from a bank here in Denmark) gets declined (or the payment/transaction held back) because the country (or origin of the seller) is from a country, which has a high fraud probability... It could be sanctions - but I highly doubt it... Please don't jump to conclusions, without knowing the full picture... If anything, try calling PayPal and ask them.
  12. Anders Bermann

    Tehran Airport Scenery Purchase blocked by PayPal

    I'm not sure I understand this... I highly doubt, it has anything to do with US embargos or trade restrictions. SimMarket is based in Germany. The PayPal transaction isn't sending funds to any Iranian bank or people - it's trading with SimMarket, who is the facilitator in this particular instance... PayPal isn't aware of what you have bought... They act as a payment processor between you and the seller - SimMarket in this case. They receive information of an transaction ID, an amount and details of you as a person. Unless you are Iranian or are paying using a credit card, which is issued by an Iranian bank, I don't see the connection.
  13. Anders Bermann

    TrueEarth GB South (Heathrow)

    Fantastic shot! Thanks for sharing. What is the harddrive requirements for this scenery?
  14. Anders Bermann

    PMDG account recovery

    The PMDG Shop account is a different login, than the PMDG Support account. If all else fails, create a new account in the PMDG Support Portal and submit a ticket, with the details of your old account. I'm sure, they would be able to change the email address for you.
  15. Anders Bermann

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    Exactly - my point! But it's mentioned further down in the description . . : : MULTI-PLATFORM SUPPORT: : . . FSX FSX STEAM EDITION PREPAR3D V2 and 3 PREPAR3D V4