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  1. Anders Bermann

    xEnviro 1.10 in Beta

    I kinda feel we're approaching an 'P3D vs X-Plane' type of debate here, where everyone is claiming that their software delivers the best results. Each have their favorite weather engine, that they prefer and one can't persuade or argue towards it. Why can't we just enjoy the screenshots and developmental updates from xEnviro and discuss the addon (which this thread was originally created for), instead of showing up with personal baseless assumptions, prejudice and subjective 'warnings' against software - which isn't even released yet?! I'm sure that some critical or cautious expressions in here, is based on previous experiences - but come on... couldn't we just give the (poor) developer the benefit of the doubt? I've been following the development of the xEnviro 1.10 beta for a while now. My personal note is, that it's looking promising and the technique does look impressive. I must say though, that I do miss some screenshots of different cloud types... That being aside, I do look forward to it and are eager to test it out. 🙂
  2. I'm a little curious as to what led you to that conclusion?! Just because the airplane is smaller, doesn't make it technically challenging. How do you know, that it "shouldn't take anywhere near as long..." ? Maybe it just isn't a simple conversion, as you elude it to be?! Maybe the technological challenges of making this addon 64-bit compliant and the age of the coding is not a quick and simple process? I'm sorry for sounding cross or defiant, but these kind of conclusions seems built on assumptions. Other (contributing) factors could very well also be business decisions. Since the JS41 most likely isn't as popular as the other Boeing projects the odds of making profit is probably limited. Combine that with technological hurdles and the aging of the coding (which most likely needs to be updated, in order to be converted successfully to 64-bit) you suddenly have quite a project. That means increased development time, which means increased costs. Perhaps the JS41 has been pushed in the background simply because the business-case doesn't make sense, or the possibility of making a sound profit of such a project is too slim? Now, before the lot of you, jump all over me, I would like to add, that the above is purely my own subjective opinion and it's purely speculation on my part. I have no insider knowledge or awareness of this project (or any other PMDG project 🙂 )... I just thought I would add a little 'counter-balance' to the discussion 😉 I know a lot of (mainly older) PMDG customers love and miss the JS41. But - quite frankly - I would ask to remain a little objective and view this from a developmental and business perspective.
  3. Anders Bermann

    Leonardo Software MD-90(potentially) Question

    Interesting. Is it more modern?
  4. Anders Bermann

    Leonardo Software MD-90(potentially) Question

    Are there any system differences between the MD-88 and the MD-90?
  5. Anders Bermann

    Good news and bad news for us simmers and pilots

    Which one? (aren't there three different versions, by three different developers in the works?)
  6. Anders Bermann

    Why isn't there a LOT more study level aircrafts?

    Ah yes. Haven't tried it - but it does look amazing!
  7. Anders Bermann

    Do you use a Download Accelerator?

    I'm not really sure what you mean with this?! Yes, 1.000 Mbps is certainly possible with regular fiber connections - even with coax cables. We have several places here in Denmark, where it's possible to have 1 Gbps (or 1.000 Mbps) delivered through a fiber-connection or coax-cabling - provided the quality is adequate. But the quote I was refering to, mentioned 1.000 (or 950) Gbps! or neary 1 Tbps. Again, I doubt any consumer level instant have THAT connection - expect ISP's etc...
  8. Anders Bermann

    Why isn't there a LOT more study level aircrafts?

    DCS F/A-18C Hornet by Eagles Dynamics (Since someone brought up X-Plane)
  9. Anders Bermann

    Good news and bad news for us simmers and pilots

    LOL! 😄
  10. Anders Bermann

    Good news and bad news for us simmers and pilots

    Wow. 8 billion years?! 😮 I have serious doubts, that Mankind (the way we're behaving towards our planet and each other) will exist in one million years (or maybe even a thousand)...
  11. Anders Bermann

    MD-11 Gone Forever?

    Ah okay. Thanks for clarifying.
  12. Anders Bermann

    MD-11 Gone Forever?

    Interesting that PMDG not only has removed the MD-11 from their website (along with any remnants of it) but also have removed it from the customers account and disabled the ability to install it? 🙂 If the idea behind this move, is make sure that there'll be as few support inquiries from customers as possible (since they've killed the support for their legacy products), why don't they just release the MD-11 as a free product, without license checks - and without any support etc... a little like Radar Contact did a few weeks back... after all, the aircraft is 12½ years old. I know, I know... it's most likely a dream (and an impossible dream at that), since there's probably licensing issues, which is making the suggestion complicated and difficult. I mean no disrespect or offense towards anyone! I was merely - well - thinking out loud, I guess... 🙂 @molleh Beautiful picture, man! Such a magnificent and amazing bird. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Anders Bermann

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    Is that a joke? 🙂 Because that already exists... made by PMDG.
  14. Anders Bermann

    Do you use a Download Accelerator?

    He said 950 Mb/s - not 950 gigs (or Gb/s). 😉 (I doubt that much people have that... expect ISP's perhaps) I use Internet Download Manager (IDM) and I love it. Worth the price and truly works as intended.
  15. I'd hate to be on the receiving end of that one... 🤣