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  1. Interesting... Have DoveTail Games released an SDK for FSW yet? Before that happens, no development could take place, I assume?
  2. Indeed! Everybody's entitled to their opinion. But rant in this manner - well... you reap what you sow! Aren't we still awaiting some kind of SDK from them? Or is that not needed for such a setup?
  3. Damn! The 21st of September also sounded too good to be true... Hoping for a release soon - but to be honest, I'm not holding my breath for this year...
  4. ... Could you please refrain from stating your opinion as fact? With the release of the QualityWings 787, I'm kinda hoping for a 737 MAX. Since they're slowly beginning to be delivered to airlines (Norwegian has received 6 of them (has ordered 100 airframes)) it would be a nice addition.
  5. XP11

    Looks very nice! What cloud-set is that? Is it default or does the xenviro 1.07 update bring their own textures?
  6. Isn't a lot of different variables to factor in, when doing turns (and especially tight turns) in the NGX - or any aircraft, for that matter?
  7. Enlighten me... what was the point in posting that?!
  8. Fair enough. Thanks anyway. And thanks for the dedication to our hobby. Your work is greatly appreciated.
  9. Ah okay. Thanks for the answer. It was just in RealTraffic, the TO and FROM are displayed... So naturally I thought it would be possible to grab that info, since you're getting Flightnumber and Aircraft type from there? Oh well - it was worth a question. Thanks for the wonderful app! I'll just crosscheck with Flightradar24 instead...
  10. You're welcome, my friend... There's no way around it. Also be aware, that the license for P3D is quite a bit higher, than the FSX version. At least for the base-packages. But in my opinion - it's worth it in Prepar3D V4!
  11. Full price. No way around that. There's no upgrade path for FSX to P3D.
  12. Disregard
  13. Hi all, First of all, thanks a million for your incredible contribution and addon! It's an absolute joy to see REAL and LIVE traffic. Just amazing! I have a suggestion for a change - I don't know if it's possible, though...? I don't know if this sounds silly, but I really enjoy your addon and just sitting on the tarmac at an airport and watching the traffic. Right now, it's hard to see where the planes are coming from and going to... I was wondering - since the information is available in RealTraffic - if there were some way of incorporating TO and FROM into the information text over the planes in P3D? I don't know how, but maybe replace the info with the registration or something? I can see the information is available from the RealTraffic application - so I would guess it would, but then again, I don't know how that information is transferred from one to the other and to P3D. Perhaps you could enlighten me/us?
  14. Actually FSLabs did this 'trick'. And I fell for it and bought both. It's my big fear, that QualityWings performs this manoeuvre, but if they do... well... I'll probably fall in the same trap again... *SIGH* Oh, the weakness...
  15. Ah okay - that long ago? Well, I guess we'll have to wait and see then... Thanks for the info.