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  1. ... and that settles it!
  2. Uhm... that still doesn't change the concept, that one should avoid stating one opinion as fact. As far as I've experienced, many people forget or neglect this guideline. Robert's example (which you referred to) is quite clear on the matter.
  3. While I'm not an airplane mechanic or technician, I doubt that. The thrust-ratings isn't the same for both engines. I doubt you can cross-mount engines on an airplane...
  4. 100% agree, Robert! I really hate when people are stating their opinion as fact. Again - that's your opinion... In my opinion, X-Plane is better in certain areas (as compared to P3D), but it's certainly lacking in other areas. Many of these areas a real deal-breakers for me, personally. The largest factor for me is weather simulation, weather depiction and lack of weather engine.
  5. FSX-MS

    I'm sorry, but what exactly do you mean by 64-bit fix?
  6. Looks very nice, Bryan. Looking forward to release.
  7. Thanks for clarifying that, Oliver.
  8. Thanks for the continuous updates, David. Very much appreciated!
  9. LOL - what could you possibly mean, David?
  10. Apparently there's some issues with PMDG's addons and the newest Prepar3D V4.2 release... Please read full statement here
  11. Thanks for the update, Robert. PMDG, is as always on point.
  12. Same reason, some people stick with a flightsim platform, which is 10 years old
  13. Feel the same way... But we'll see how the final product looks like...
  14. Looks amazing. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.