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  1. I have just installed it and have updated it to 2.01. But there's no mentioning of Dynamic Lighting in the FlightBeam Manager... So I don't think it's implemented - yet...
  2. Yearh, me too... that's what it says on the email and forum post...
  3. Now, that's just amazing! Gotta just love easter-eggs like this.
  4. Yearh. it's kinda hard to think of something, which fits all three...
  5. Whew, man... I don't know. I had a problem with SODE once, where I constantly ended up not being able to register the module correctly. Not alarm you (or anyone else) but I ended up re-installing Windows, since my patience simply fell short. *SIGH* The only advice I can give you, is to search your computer for folders and files related to SODE (download the program "Everything" if you want to search faster) and search the registry; CTRL+F in regedit and search for SODE leftovers... Also, try posting your problem on the SODE developers website. He's very helpful. SODE is an amazing and powerful module. It's a piece of cake to install. But a pain to troubleshoot. At least in my experience...
  6. LOL... That's my fear as well...
  7. I want to see it, before I believe it. Hasn't that thing been in 'development' for the last 10 years, or something?!
  8. At some point I think they might. You know, in about a decade, when they've completed the QW 787 for P3Dv4...
  9. XP11

    Very nice!
  10. Sooo... 'sucking up'? That's was also my impression. Also it has been explained multiple times by PMDG, that the DC-6 was meant as a test-bed into the X-Plane platform, partly because of it's lower complexity and because RSR loved that aircraft. It's also been pointed out by PMDG, that bringing up the DC-6, regarding support for the conclusion that PMDG would develop more aircrafts in those lines, is a mute point. So please just refrain from doing so. It's was meant as a test-bed for a possible future platform and doesn't necessary have anything to do, with any possible development of future aircraft.
  11. I wasn't aware, that QualityWings managed to sell the 737 CL to anybody?! They said in a statement, that they sought the possibility of doing so, but they failed to do it, since they couldn't agree on pricing, rights etc... Also, I somehow highly doubt, that PMDG would purchase a half-finished project and not develop something from scratch themselves...
  12. I'm well aware of it... But I've seen developers 'promise' deadlines which can't be kept for a gazillion of reasons. 2018 would make it a maximum of 13 months... Given, that the existing version is about 7-8 years old, we're talking about a whole new aircraft (as also stated by Andrew). Also, they've only started probing the interest now... then (if the interest is sufficient) they have to startup the project etc. Maybe they've devoted some resources to it already - but still... With holidays and vacations, we're looking at late January or start February, before the actual work can begin? Yes, 1 year could be possible. But it's certainly optimistic! So optimistic, that I highly doubt that it can be done, with the aircraft system depth and integrity that's required. I know the base mechanics are in place from the previous 32-bit edition, but they still have to code it, optimize it etc etc... Besides, they also have to create a new VC, textures and modelling... I would say, that it's impressive if it can be done by FSLabs in 18-24 months, to be honest. I'm sorry to be the kill-joy here - but I think I'm being fairly realistic. I have my reservations about such timelines, to be honest. Also, I have my doubts that the remaining Airbus versions (A319 & A321) from FSLabs would be released 'in the coming months' as stated previously. I have been monitoring enough addon developments to know, that deadlines extend - and most likely greatly extend. I have (to this date) never witnessed a development-team, which could meet such deadlines. They're always longer than projected. Please don't take offense - I have no problems with such delays/extensions. Most likely they're there to ensure quality. But I would take such projections with caution.
  13. Yearh - you probably have some knowledge about such things - to some extend. Mine was merely a careful assumption, since it was suggested that around 150 emails would be enough - which I highly doubt... If you take into account, that the project runs for 2-3 years (I'm sorry, FSLabs - I highly doubt a release in 2018). 3 developers running 2 years full-time, in salary alone, that's is - well, alot (I don't know how much a programmer makes), but for the purpose of this example let's say $2.500 a month. That's $180.000 alone in salary for two years, for 3 programmers working full-time... Again, I don't know the specific wages (and I don't intend to start a discussion regarding that), but merely for the purpose of having an estimate and some perspective... I think you're estimate of 15.000 emails would be more realistic, to be honest... Especially if we take the optimistic view, that 10% of the people sending an email, would actually purchase it.
  14. I've never said, that you were not allowed to have an opinion. I only pointed out, that there are (some) restrictions in this forum, as to what you can write, and how you can voice set opinion! Actually that's how it works in real life as well... As for this particular example, you are (and everyone else is) required to oblige by the rules as laid out in the general code of conduct, but more specifically - with regards to this forum - the rules laid out by PMDG, since this is their forum.