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  1. I have both and running vista. Fsx performs ok on my mavhine with sp1. I have a dual core and 4 gigs of ram. I am using a radeon 9250 card. I do not like fsx now because I just do not like the frame rates I am getting. I can turn down some of the settings. I do not like the way it switches views either. Now fs9 runs great and besides I pur so much money into it i would rather play it. If fs passengers and fsnav comes to fsx I would go back to fsx. Also most of the payware I have has not come up with a fsx version. the ones that have I have to pay a small fee. There are not a lot of free upgrades. If anything I will do just freeware add ons for airports for fsx. I am not dumping that kind of dough again..jeez. Glad I am not married. So in short have both. Have fun with fs9 until fsx becomes more of a rave and machines become faster. fsx runs better in vista ultimate with a very expensive video card and about 8 gigs of ram. My friend spent that kind of money. Also fs global,,,yes I recommend it indeed!!!
  2. How old is your pc. I have a HP 17n with dual core 2.3 machine. I have 4 gigs of ram. Add ons up the wazoo!! I have no stutters at all except at eddf and at a couple of my pay ware jaanese airports but I just turn down the a.i down to 50 percent. I think it might just be your card giving you a problem. Did the card come with the machine?
  3. I got all my add ons from simmarket. A few from abacus which do not bother. The 787 is ok but could be a lot better. I hate to say this but try to buy it from simmarket the airbus series and boeing. I had no problem with it installing. I just bought from cls the yssy airport sydney. It is ok. I love the overland japanese airports series. They are nice. I like the rjoo. It is the new airport at Kansai. I hope all works for you.
  4. Also did you just install the video card? If so try going back to your old card. I am using a radeon 9250 card. Everything works well. Sorry for your troubles. Nothing like paying for something and it does not workJust a note guys. Stay away from the payware afs airbus 350!!!!! You been warned.Vincente
  5. Any pictures to show us? Looks like you have a good machine to run it. Did you install the fs9 update file. Do a engine search for fs9 update. If not you can email me and I can send it to you.(give me your email addy here) Do you have any payware add-ons. I do not run fs9 in full screen. I have hp pavillion 17n. dual core processor and fs9 runs great around 24fps. Try running fs9 out of full screen and turn you frame rate to 24fps. Are you using windows xp or vista? I would re set my pc before fs9 install. reinstall fs9. Do not tweak anything. Run fs9 in minimize(half screen). Do not install any payware or freeware yet. See how it runs in default mode. Do not change settings in fs9. From there change settings to see what works. Install one payware at a time and restart fs9. If it work or not you know what payware is causing the problem. Send any pics if you can. Just hit print screen when in fs9. There is alink in avsim on how to save screen shots in fs9.Vincente
  6. I have oth products of fly the airbus and boeing. I have had no problems with it. Where did you buy it from. I bought it from simmarket. You might have a bad download. Try to uninstall it completely. Re download the file and reinstall. After uninstall do a reboot. Then redownload and reinstall.Overland has poor support for the products. Let me know what happens. The good thing about this product you get a lot for what you pay for and you can fly within the vc. Hope it works for you.Vincente
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