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    Author of some FSX stuff on AVSIM, inventor of the "taxi-lights"trick fot 3d Redux lights= working and switchable taxi and landinglights. Author of the Dutch Montly: "PilotenPost" [also here at AVSIM]
  1. It shouldn't really matter where you fly. When I fly in the US, I use US charts, When in Asia I use Asiatic charts, in Europe...The usages of the plane however remains the same. A tutorial with the NGX landing in Innsbruck brings you one of the most challenging approaches available for a plane the size of a 737. But It could have been in the Andes as well, if there is a difficult approach for an 737. So It doesn't really matter where you fly, but you have to study where you fly to, to make sure you do it properly.
  2. The thread is named wrong: bugs in v2.5 Of course there can be some bugs in the sim, but what is meant here is that the folder structure of p3d has changed and therefore some addons won't install. This is not a bug, it means "a different sim".
  3. Had FSglobal installed in a folder outside of P3D and that pays off. I just selected all the FSG folders in P3D2.5. as I would any scenery and now I have proper Mesh in 2.5. When you want to do a fresh install of FSG you could make a folder and point the installer to that folder. Afterwards from P3D you'll select the files of that folder. And o yeah, having to restart the sim after installing scenery is back :-( Don't forget to lower the mesh files.
  4. I'm amzed your system does not give you more fps. I do not know whether it's the 777 that keeps your setup slow. I have very good results with P3D 2.5 [also 2.4] and the MJC Q400. Reasonably high settings, some addon airports, Traffic 360 Ai flying about and I set my framerates to 25 wich they stay. Like VC10Man says do not stare at those framerates. P3D can run smoothly with 10-20 frames. The framerate counter of the FS-ses never was any good, If you want to measure fps you should have another program check it for you. Your driver is a driver that was messing up Runway/taxiway lights in P3D 2.4 I have 344.75 and it is doing fine with P3d 2.5 My specs: i7 980 at 4.2 GHz 6GB ram; 1TB at 4 HDD's in RAID10 and P3D on a velociraptor of 500GB; W7-64bit; GTX 750ti -2GB Your system should preform better than mine. Do you use affinity mask? For a quad + HT, I think: [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=63 [mine is 6 core + HT = 1023] This should do the trick= 1st core and 1st HT core off, other cores on including HT. - yeah I know some say HT doesn't work; but a PC does not run a sim only it runs a lot more plus many people don't realise what HT does. Did you turn everything up to full? Roadtraffic is a killer, while the ferries at sea are not. Autogen could be turned up since you have 4GB of ram on your graphics card and P3D is processing a lot of autogen on that card these days. You use powermanagement, is it an ASUS-board? Some Anti virus programms can be a killer. Try a freeware like Avast or Avira antivir just to test that. Are there any anoying programs running in the back ground? Well good luck, happy landings.
  5. The main advantage of FS[X] being on a seperate partition [or preferable a seperate disk] is that when your Windows crashes you won't have to reinstall everything. By using a little trick with Windows, I've placed FSX on a newer, faster disk. That would not have been possible when FSx would have been on the same partition as Windows [=just 1 partition] To keep files save it is allways better to have more than one parttion. Eg.: C= Windows D=FSX E= reservesm foto's personal docs and waht not, This kind of setup saved the day more then just once, IT professionals do it this way with my companies laptop so I'm very curious why home users should not do it the same way.
  6. I never hear Wind shear on the NGX either. However I get a lot of "windshear"warnings in the CLS A330 [to many actualy] ASnd I do get windshear effect thanks to Active Sky,
  7. I've got the same [Toyota] problem. That is, it is on both my Saitek throttle quadrants.setup:#1= power eng1/power eng2/prop eng1#2 = prop eng2/ fuel eng1/fuel eng2[2x black> 2 blue > 2 red]When I use the #1 throttle quadrant for a 2 engine jet and move the prop lever together with the engine2 power, engine 2 stays stable if not, when the throttle is about 1/3 out the engine of the plane goes full power at times. :( Of course that ain't possible on planes such as the B' BaronIt looks to me as if this is an Windows7 [usb] problem.A friend of mine has got similar problems with his CH pedals that don't operate smoothly and have sudden input bursts.Anyone know of a solution, ever heard of it?cheersfrom Holland [EHMZ] JoastyToasty
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