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    FS, PC's, ships - "anything that moves, moves me.

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    Author of some FSX stuff on AVSIM, inventor of the "taxi-lights"trick fot 3d Redux lights= working and switchable taxi and landinglights. Author of the Dutch Montly: "PilotenPost" [also here at AVSIM]
  1. Had FSglobal installed in a folder outside of P3D and that pays off. I just selected all the FSG folders in P3D2.5. as I would any scenery and now I have proper Mesh in 2.5. When you want to do a fresh install of FSG you could make a folder and point the installer to that folder. Afterwards from P3D you'll select the files of that folder. And o yeah, having to restart the sim after installing scenery is back :-( Don't forget to lower the mesh files.
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