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  1. Thanks for that sanity check. I usually don't have update or install issues. I am on v4.4 but I will reinstall the client and see what happens. Thanks again.
  2. I concur with FreightDawg, (hey that's my call sign, smile freight only). Hundreds of long haul hours in the -8.
  3. Found the same answer. Reloaded default panel state. Saved my options, all good.
  4. Downloaded new installers per instructions, uninstalled, installed base, and expansion properly licensed. Thanks for the sanity check. Having the exact same problem and performed the actions you stated. No resolution. In addition, I have a white reservoir pressure 2 illuminated with no failures active and normal indications on hydraulics synoptic. I will put in a ticket.
  5. I jumped the P3D when V4 arrived on the scene, and like you all, I bought everything over again. Since moving to P3D I have never gone back to FSX. I also think you should consider Orbx landclass and Vector. Wow. Keep the shiny side up.
  6. Fellow freight dogs, I haven't seen this mentioned here yet, but Anchorage Professional for P3Dv4 is out. AeroSoft. It looks like Anchorage X updated to 64Bit and P3D. It is awesome. Hope it is ok to mention this here. You might have to run Make-runways to correct the RAAS callout. But the runways are correctly numbered 15 - 33 as well as the other runways. I'm always through there to and from RJAA, VHHH or ZSPD to name a few. Hope this is useful information. Rob
  7. I found a work around. I found if I start from Cold and Dark, you still get the FMC Message, but the Master Caution does not illuminate on engine start. So off to EDDF from ODMB.
  8. Glad it is not just me. I echo long panel state and master caution on engine start. Thanks for the sanity check. I couldn't get that last update to install from Ops Center, so I downloaded and ran a new installer. That fixed the mismatched versions. Going back to 777F for a bit. That caution light freaks me out when ever I turn back to look at the panel. Other than that, I'm good. P3D v4.
  9. Hi, Used Windows 7 with all the usual suspect addons over the years, then upgraded to 10. No significant problems, except one. PMDG MD-11 will not load since Win10 upgrade. Someone correct me if I am wrong. All of my other PMDG heavy haulers ok, however I relegated 747X to Mojave. Didn't realize how long it would be till 747v3. But in the meantime was almost exclusively flying the 777F. After P3Dv4 arrived on the scene, I switched over to it, and never looked back. Good luck. Windows 10 will not be the panacea, but it works. Rob Roberson
  10. For what it's worth, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Won't hold my breath though.....
  11. OK, guys, my bad. I thought that update was a little too easy. I am a relative newby to P3D. This is my first foray since launch day of P3Dv4. Since I moved over, I have not looked back at FSX once. Long time simmer since C-64 and all FS versions. I did update AS P3D. But I actually needed to uninstall and reinstall the client, and optionally, Content and Scenery along with regenerating the p3d...cfg and the scenery folder. All of this laid out in the P3D forum. (sheepish grin). What can I say. I will not make that mistake again. We learn by doing and occasionally making mistakes. Kyle, thanks for the heads up on the ActiveSky update too. It may have been ActiveSky and my botched P3D update that affected radar. In any case I have my WX radar back. Love the 747F. Didn't think I would ever stop flying the 777F. I will also mention, that prior to this platform, one could fly through the severe turbulence zone with impunity (I know one is supposed to give the cells a wide berth). Not so anymore. Gets pretty rough in there, so now best to avoid it. Great stuff. Hope some of this helps someone else who like me forgot about the separate components of P3D.
  12. After successfully upgrading to P3D V4.1, Weather radar shows no returns. ActiveSky for P3Dv4 installed. All was functioning before upgrade. Checked HiFi forums, no visibility on this yet. Flying PMDG QOTSII 747F. Anyone else seeing this?
  13. I was in Seattle a couple of weeks ago at SEATAC. I turned around and there is was, a FedEx MD11 on short final. Magnificent!. I want my MD11 back. I know it is a lost cause, but it was great to fly. Yes, it was different from Boeing. You kind of had to bring your A game. Twenty degrees of flaps on takeoff, better wait till you were accelerating after pushover. Flaps up, they ALL come up. Not to mention speed control during the approach. Get a little slow and you might be playing tug of war with automatic speed protection. Once you learned the tricks of the trade, so to speak, great to fly.
  14. Been with Flight Sim since Sub Logic, and all versions. When Prepar3d V4 arrived. I built a new system and am all in for P3D V4. Haven't touched my all up FSX machine since. Keeping the shiny side up.... Rob Roberson
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