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  1. Rob, Here's more details of some ongoing MS investigations why not all PCs are ready for the May 2020 update. It mentions HVCI being enabled on some devices.It also mentions having the latest graphic driver instaleld for those wanting to workaround this. https://www.forbes.com/sites/daveywinder/2020/05/28/dont-press-windows-10-2004-update-now-button-microsoft-warns-some-users-may2020-windows10-update-warning/#69f68a236fc0 Regards
  2. A couple of other considerations for FSX... How many cloud layers do you have set in AS16? In FSX I was running 3 layers max. If you are high and in clear air your FPS are likely reasonably high but at lower altitudes this may play a part. 2nd, the water effects in FSX takes a lot of computing power. Adjust your water fx to a lower setting (I think High 1x is mid range on the slider if I am not mistaken) and see if this improves FPS. In general, I would start off in FSX with the default Boeing 737 loaded with no add-ons running (incl AS) and make sure your FPS are high both on the ground and in the air and then optimize from there by enabling the various add-ons. Regards
  3. Just to add to this suggestion, I believe but I havent tried myself, that if you use Notepad ++, you can actually define a bookmark at a certain line in the .cfg file and save it as a bookmark. Then you can search and select the bookmark at a subsequent time based on what you previously saved. If you find you are altering some of the sections in the aircraft.cfg on a regular basis you could set up the bookmarks in this way to find a certain sim section. Just a thought... Regards
  4. Thanks for that tip! I havent played that in ages. Its always good fun! Cheers
  5. Hi, This looks to be a very nice and promising update to the PHNL scenery for 3 sims. Read more here: https://fselite.net/previews/fsdreamteam-and-simultech-preview-honolulu-for-p3d-v5/ Looking forward to this one! 😀 Cheers Mark
  6. Hi Rein, Not sure I can anser that directly as I dont have a 2 monitor set up, but this post may help: http://prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6315&t=132489 FPS is likely to be lower especially as the load on the GPU will be higher if it has to generate different sim views to different monitors. How much will depend upon your specific PC and setup, so hard to say what the actually drop would be. Running 2 monitors at 4K would have an impact I believe. You dont say what views will be shown on the 2nd monitor? If the 2nd monitor is used for a moving map display the FPS drop and VRAM usage could then be small but if you are using to show multiple cockpit/scenery views its likely going to be impacted. Regards
  7. Difference is down to Windows is also consuming some VRAM while the in-sim VRAM counter with P3D is showing only the virtual memory consumption by the sim itself. There are other threads in the P3D forum about VRAM consumption since v5 released. I would read a few more of those posts to gain a better understanding. Regards
  8. Performance-wise I would say no wrt to one or two drives. There are other benefits from having the sim installed on a larger secondary drive, some of which are mentioned above. The increasing size that the add-ons for aircraft, scenery and various utilities all take additional disk space which is another driver for having the sim on a second and potentially a 3rd drive. If you are considering additional drives, I would go in the direction of NMVe SSD drives if you have that capability on your MB. Prices for these types of drive are coming down in price and more affordable.Easy to install. Regards,
  9. Hi, To be honest I think you will need to budget for both CPU and graphics card in the end. That CPU is 5th generation and as far as I can tell has no overclocking capability (aka "K series Intel CPUs) so you are stuck at just over 3 Ghz. You need to be shooting for a minimum 4Ghz base clock to stand a chance with P3D. As for the graphics card, for P3D V5 you would need a graphics card with at least 8Gb VRAM if not more for v5. For v4.5 would get away with something smaller 4Gb-8Gb VRAM. What I would do is purchase a new CPU/motherboard combo and then keep an eye on the graphic card deals. Nvidia are reportedly going to bring 3000series cards later this year so you could pick up a good deal on a 2000 series Nvidia 2070 or 2080. Re MSFS, CPU at 4Ghz or better. Graphics card as per above. Your RAM is fine although if you purchase a new mobo, you ll need to check compatibility. Hope that helps a little??? Cheers Mark
  10. Greg, Glad you were able to master ADE in a short time. I have also used it for quick one-off edits and adjusting parking IDs where the scenery didn't do what I was expecting it to do. I like the capabilities of this tool. Jon, the main developer for the tool, has done really god job of keeping it updated as new sim verisons have come to the market. Its a really powerful tool these days. Regards Mark
  11. Its a good time to learn ADE based on the available tutorials . With a 150+ sceneries you going to be waiting a long time to expect everything to be modified by someone else..... Not sure thats realistic.... Regards
  12. There's no need to develop a tool. You just need to use ADE, Airport Designer Editor This gives you the ability to to add poly exclusions etc. It supports v5 already. You should be able to to create the exclude yourself using this tool. Regards
  13. Hi, I have just been reading that FAOR is still being worked on according to SWS FB site. Their latest post/update is from mid May. https://www.facebook.com/SOUTH-WORLD-Scene-176410579623018/ It looks like FMMI will release first followed by FAOR then HAAB. Note, the Developer has stated P3Dv4 and v5 are to be supported fro FAOR: Details of the FAOR scene, For P3dv4 & P3dv5 Dynamic lights Full airport rendering Sode jetways VGDS sode will most likely be implemented as part of an update. Cheers Mark
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