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  1. HelloI traced all my dll crashes to 2x SupersamplingWhen off completely I have no crashes. Is there another setting I can use instead that would sharpen my textures?
  2. What scenery is that?? And thanks again for the repaints!
  3. Video card is not overclocked, my cpu and memory is though.It happens more quickly after I go in the menus in-game and change the time or something.
  4. ******* can you help? I'm getting d3d9.dll error crashes.I have tried everything, I have no idea how to diagnose exactly what the problem is coming from?I've tried the uianimationcore fix, new drivers, new fsx.cfg file, lower graphic sliders, etc.http://forum.avsim.net/topic/330144-gtx580-and-nvidia-26658-drivers-dll-errors/
  5. thank you so much for all of these! I have 2 requests Martinaire N4655B AirNet Systems N103AN
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