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  1. First time I see weather presets addon. Sure I may have missed others in last couple of years... but really ??? It seems there is more content/effort in the trailer itself than the addon that it tries to sell.
  2. Unfortunately CPU is the problem, not GPU. I hope they keep improving CPU performance with even more usage of multithreading. (Altough they are already using it up to some extent)
  3. First of all, thanks for the work! Really appreciated. Now, MS/Aboso said they are working on G1000 and they will be improving/fixing things. Won't be better to wait for Asobo updates and then work the missing features? Because later it will be a pain ... to merge both "branches" I guess.
  4. Honestly, for a simmer perspective that scores are not that far either if bugs are fixed.
  5. Weird. Nowadays this kind of apps are cloud-native architecture (if properly enginereed microservices within a PaaS) should not have this kind of problems. Sure lot of things could go wrong anyway. Hope they fix it soon.
  6. Using alpha (now beta) since last december. You can watch videos, but once you get used to MSFS weather depiction (used best ASN versions in FSX), and specially lighting, there is simply no way to come back to any other sim.
  7. Well if talking about people, first there should be something like GSX does, onboarding passangers (and see them inside also). I know it's just cosmetics, but at the end it wouldn't be bad not looking a whole 747 passanger cabin empty. 😁
  8. Autoscaling and a good network infra (which we assume MS has with Azure) should do it's magic for initial months. Then everything will settle down.
  9. Well... in my case my expectations were far exceeded long months ago (and I'm not talking about watching videos). Anyway.. everybody is free to choose between constructive criticism / provide feedback or adopt positions like this sim is a joke, all preorder people are just blind fans..., I will not buy if they not fix this by then, , and so.
  10. My god some comments. yeah... let's help to sink the ship instead. 🙄
  11. Agree with OP. FS is a hobby me, so I try to support the best FS projects out there (wallet limitations applied), If we cool down a little (community) and look what we have in MSFS (scenery, weather depiction / data, aircraft quality (default), Flight Model, live traffic, multiplayer), well.. I would have preorder premium long months ago.
  12. Comparing default aircrafts (and in alpha state) with other sim's 3rd party ? How is that ? Military jets ? What? I think someone's feelings is hurt. 🙄
  13. Bought premium. Didn't even finished reading what the extra aircrafts/airports are. Now bring addons onboard. I only hope sales and later earnings share from 3rd party addons keep MS profit enough for keeping the base sim updated for many years to come.
  14. Difference is "default" fs2020 weather seems to be on another league for it's time...compared to fsx or other FSs default weather at their times.
  15. I've just checked latest versions of AS in case I missed something, but having watched all weather videos, FS2020 is light years ahead in terms of weather depiction ... but that's IMHO.
  16. silly seeing people grateful ? Perhaps it's just a regular game or even a flight sim for you. But for many of us it's our hobby, so yes, thanks whatever the reason is, for a true successor of FSX.
  17. Just passing by also to give my appreciation to Asobo and MS. MS because of the direction given to Asobo. They clearly decided to make a true flight simulator this time. And Asobo because of an excellent execution. Honestly, at this point it exceeded all my wildest expectations I had for a new Flight simulator.
  18. Sorry, I have to quote you one more time 😄. First, look at feature series videos, "native support for all type of clouds". So... if we didn't see it clearly yet, we will. Second, yes, there will be always "blurry parts" if you want to find it. Let's assume this is final release, if you want, not alpha. Did you really watched all public videos released ? I've not seen a weather depiction system like this before.. and used ASN for long time now.
  19. Sorry, I've just read the clouds are one of the weakest part of MSFS ? What screenshots ? Of course always there is room for improvement, but based on already public screenshots / videos, it seems to be the best part actually, at least compared to what I saw in every other existing flightsim, even addons up to date.
  20. Not sure about FSEconomy (seems for light aircrafts anyway), but give me FSPassanger AND Fscaptain functionality within FS2020, and I'm done, I will stick to the chair buying aircraft and scenery addons forever.
  21. I don't know most advanced collision detection techniques, but I don't see this happening without tanking fps. Personally I wouldn't trade performance for this.
  22. But this is not about rewarding you or anybody, but helping them.
  23. Still, considering only taxiways, removing aircrafts,etc, putting just one hour per airport, you need hundreds of people over years only for this. I must be misunderstanding something..
  24. Did I understand correctly, did they somehow edited manually 37000 airports ? Even with the best tools or pipeline I can't imagine how they can do this.
  25. One thing is sure... MS couldn't find a better dev than Asobo. Incredible.
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