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  1. africanbriton

    PMDG 747 Livery for SAA.

    Why do you think its better? :smile:
  2. africanbriton

    A320 Anchorage to Juneau

    Dude :Applause: :Applause: :Applause:
  3. africanbriton

    So...... Can I fly a glider at night?

    It would not be practical. As gliders rely on lift, from thermals or wave lift or ridge lift- You would not be able to gain lift at night other than ridge lift as thermals and wave lift direct needs the sun. But hey, this is flight sim so no one is really stopping you, and if you're a real glider pilot you're on the wrong forum.
  4. africanbriton

    First Airbus A350XWB is here - with Qatar Airways

    Looks good mate
  5. africanbriton

    [27FEB15] Latest News/Release Planning Notes, etc

    Big thanks to all the lads working on this! Cheers
  6. africanbriton

    01DEC14 - Welcome to the PMDG Team...

    Congrats mate! All the best for your new adventure
  7. africanbriton

    EGLL London Heathrow Scenery?

    I can always vouch for UK2000, they are great in terms of quality and performance, and is GSX compatible Aerosoft- Well its aerosoft, great quality but I have not seen a drop in FPS YET. Your choice.
  8. Hi there folks I have a question, or more of a cry for help. every time I press the PTT, on my joystick, I end up getting a buzzing sound that lasts for half a second, It is hindering my ability to hear other people on the network. I don't have FSInn or squawkbox installed either. Any Help? Thanks in advance
  9. africanbriton

    What's next PMDG? B787 maybe?

    I think it just might include an update for the weather radar and so forth, I can't expect too much from a new service pack.
  10. africanbriton

    What's next PMDG? B787 maybe?

    So is PMDG sticking with American Planes? No Airbus? I understand Boeing is much better to fly and that you have correspondence of Boeing when developing your products, just wondering
  11. africanbriton

    Aerosim 787-8 Repaint Thread

    Can you make a south african airways paint ? :rolleyes: