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  1. cryptomaniac

    Eset nod32 causes a big increase in P3d v4.3/4.4 load times?

    Eset has had no effect on P3D for me. Been using it for several years.
  2. cryptomaniac

    [Poll] How do you prefer to fly?

    75% of the time its the XP Lear 25 The other 25% is the VRS F-18 Hardly ever fly anything else
  3. cryptomaniac

    Really, who uses dynamic lighting?

    I want to use DL, but don't. Most of the time I fly the XP Lear 25 & when DL is on, turning the landing lights on the whole cockpit lights up way too bright.
  4. cryptomaniac

    VRS Superbug for v4 is out!

    Still one of the greats. Works very well in P3DV4.
  5. cryptomaniac

    Which anti-virus do you use?

    ESET Endpoint
  6. Mine is running at 4.7 with a Noctua NH-U12S air cooler. Running P3DV4, mine runs between 65-75c & never has instability issues.
  7. cryptomaniac

    What's the appeal(s) of Flying Heavy Airliners?

    Since moving to P3DV4, the only airliner I've bought is the NGX 737 (flown it alot). Been spending more time with the GA planes to get the feel back again of being in full control. I've compromised by almost exclusively flying the XP Lear 25 only using automation when at altitude for the cruise. Seems to make it more enjoyable for me.
  8. cryptomaniac

    Xtreme prototypes GLJ25

    This has been the only plane I've been flying for awhile now. I use it with the GTN 750 & the AS16 weather radar below it. It's not the easiest plane to fly but I enjoy the challenge.
  9. That is not a file. It is a registry entry.
  10. If just flying VFR in uncontrolled areas, use Unicom to broadcast your intentions to others in the area
  11. cryptomaniac

    Black Marble - Know Before You Buy

    The idea that they charge you extra for online support tells me they don't stand fully behind their product
  12. cryptomaniac

    Alternate Lear cockpit textures in darker gray

    Sounds good I'll give it a try
  13. cryptomaniac

    Flysimware Lear & GTN750 in P3Dv4

    Thanks F1 just released an updated version of the GTN. I installed it & all is good.
  14. Since the GTN750 is now updated to P3Dv4, has anyone got it to work with the Flysimware Lear? The plane itself is working ok, the GTN never powers up. It's shown in the panel.cfg file. When opening the F1GTNconfig utility it only lists the cargo version of the Lear but still doesn't power-up the GTN. Thanks
  15. cryptomaniac

    Life Expectancy of a Sim PC

    I typically build a new one every 5 years, what I consider to be the next evolutionary jump in processing power. Then I just repurpose the old pc for other tasks. My current one is a 7700k.