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  1. Yes I do have PMDG's trio of NGX, 777 and the 744/748 QOTS II, and they work pretty well and are probably the most reliable and comprehensive payware addons you can probably buy on the market.
  2. these are fairly less for a P3D extensive simmer. I have probably more Aerosoft airport sceneries than all your addons combined. Lmao
  3. Exactly! And not to forget performance difference as well. He's not judging the accuracy of the aircraft but rueing the lack of options regarding the aircraft. And please can you tell me, how is flying a 777-200LR on a route on which the 777-200 or -200ER flies, any accurate?
  4. yes, correct me If I am wrong, here's what I've come across when it comes to the 777-200/200ER : 777-200: MTOW options : 242.6t, 247.2t, 263t, 267.6t (Higher weights are also sometimes referred to as 777-200 IGW) Engine options : PW4074, 4074D, 4077, 4084, 4084D Trent 875, Trent 877, Trent 884 GE90-76B, GE90-77B, GE90-85B 777-200ER (Also called 777-200IGW but with increased fuel capacity) : MTOW options : 263t, 267.6t, 275t, 282t, 286.8t, 290t, 294.8t, 297.5t Engine options : PW4077, PW4084D, PW4084, PW4090, Trent 884, Trent 892, Trent 895 GE90-85B, GE90-90B, GE90-92B, GE90-94B Legend : D - Derated t - tonnes ( 1 tonne = 1000 kg) IGW = Increased Gross Weight
  5. yes, but it will be a bit complicated as well because the 772 powered by PW has lower weights, higher fuel burn compared to the GE and RR powered ones. Also the PW bird was the lightest amongst the trio.
  6. well, they are correct. Modelling the 200ER would mean modelling three seperate engines as well.
  7. same, the only thing I really find missing are the variants. It's funny and odd to have a -200LR flying a route that was for the 777-200 or the -200ER. Feels different.
  8. Not outdated, just needs a mid-life upgrade enabling the EFB a lá 747-8 and few touch ups here and there, with which she will be good to go. Also the 777-200ER/-300 because that bird is far from being down and out and also why not?
  9. Air Austral Cost Index for 777-300ER is 69
  10. Hi, me and one of my compatriots have done some work already, if you want, I can email you a sample of what we have done till now. Perhaps you could build on that as well. Cheers, Swapnil.
  11. Hey, now that GSX L2 is released, when can you make VIDP SODE compliant. I am also trying the same, but the cannot figure how to make the static jetways disappear. Thanks, Swapnil.
  12. So, did a 4.5 hr flight from Egypt to Denmark on the MD-82, everything went fine until the last 30 mins of the flight, My Autothrottle stops responding to Speed or Mach settings, even on disconnection, it does'nt budge from it's original position when given manual Joystick inputs, and when you disconnect the A/P using the assigned button on the Joystick, neither does the flight control respond. the FMA simply indicates VNAV LVL and AT OFF, which is a bit conflicting for a beginner like me. So, is there something I am doing wrong? Anything that I missed, or is there a methodology to disconnect A/T and A/P. Thanks, Swapnil.
  13. @SCEL_Man could you share that scenery of Douala?
  14. There seems to be no reliable PFPX Profile for the DC-10, can anybody share one?
  15. Anybody has info for cost index former Meridiana and now Air Italy ?
  16. Anybody with information on the cost index of the following airlines : 1. Vietnam Airlines 2. All Nippon Airways 3.Japan Airlines 4.Scoot 5.LATAM 6.Ethiopian 7.Xiamen Air 8.Singapore Airlines
  17. An error has occurred during the transaction. You have not been charged at this time. Please quote code TRSRSP1<br/>Processor Response: Do Not Honor This was the error I recieved when I tried paying using my Debit Card. I hope it helps in resolving my problem and maybe many others too. Cheers! Swapnil.
  18. Hello, it may seem inappropriate but I wanted to buy PTA v2.5 from the website but apparently I am getting an error saying the Payment/Transaction was not honored. Now, in banking terms, that is as good as a transaction being declined. So could you mind telling me the name of Banks in India that can allow me to make the purchase. Sorry, I am a bit confused regarding this as I am facing a similar situation with other online Vendors as well.
  19. Cost Index for Air India fleet as per Air India Virtual A319 - CI12, for delay use 80 A320 - CI27,for delay use 80 A321 - same as A320. B738(Air India Express) - CI18, for delay use 80 B744 - CI45, for delay use 150 B77W/77L - CI40, for delay use 150 B788 - CI36, for delay use 150
  20. Anybody here who plays World of Warships or World of tanks?
  21. Hahaha..........did not notice it was that old. But still this thread is kinda opening a time capsule isnt it.
  22. IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 with DBW on UP3 , World of Warships and World of Tanks. And if i do buy a newer more powerful rig I might convert from FS9 to FSX and start playing DCS.
  23. the modelling is what put me off BBS A330/A340. Hell even freeware developers like Project Opensky and the upcoming Project Airbus A330/A340 are more better modelled. Also when compared to the CLS A330/A340 and to a lesser extent Overland A330/A340 the BBS model is not that good. It either needs to remake its product or loose it to upcoming developers who will give quality products passionately.
  24. There is also some scenery 4 KPHL titled sunskyjet philadelphia . I flew phl 2 tlv as us796
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