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  1. Asobo will always ultimately decide what's bugs they're able to tackle, similar to the way laminar research do with their beta's.
  2. Strangely my sim seems to have updated itself to 1.15.10 by just running the sim from within the internal update check. I've just checked the MS store and it says it's updated?
  3. Very interesting post Chock, particularly about the SOE agents in WW2 as my oldest uncle was an SOE agent during WW2 but I never got to speak to him about it very much before he died, Although he did tell me some things, He didn't talk about it too much, I bet he had some tales to tell, if he ever felt like retelling the stories. I wonder if he practiced parachuting from RAF Ringway?
  4. Can you not delete the aircraft in the sim aircraft folder, and then redownload it, that's what I done when having problems updating the care do Seminole. It worked great.
  5. I'm definitely flying less than I did, but I'm not using P3D and Xplane11 at all, to be fair I haven't had much spare time to fly but I haven't had the enthusiasm to fire up the sim as much, I think all the sims current problems have caused my lack of enjoyment of MSFS, but once Asobo iron out it's issues, all will be forgiven, and I'll be a regular in the sky's again.
  6. A bit of an enigma are Asobo, in one respect they came be amateur in what they do, yet sometimes they can be brilliant, we just don't know what Asobo we are about to get every update.
  7. I wonder when Asobo will get round to fixing Multiplayer?
  8. You maybe right, but IIRC LR claimed that simmers shouldn't expect a significant FPS increase when they were implementing Vulkan into Xplane11, what happened? Simmers got a significant FPS increase as it happened. I think this claim by Asobo is so that we don't expect too much performance increase, but are pleasantly surprised... Everyone wins. This is what happened to me on Xplane11. I suppose they were moving from a slow and cumbersome OpenCL to a modern API like Vulkan, so who knows what performance increase we might gain? Similarly P3D v5 received a rather massive increase when LM moved P3D from V4 (DirectX 11) to V5 (DirectX 12) so I'm choosing to be hopeful and positive about the move of MSFS to DirectX 12
  9. As an Englishman, the people who post on Avsim where English is not their native tongue is really impressive, oh and welcome to the OP.
  10. Hopefully we have the option in sim, to not fly with people who are using an Xbox, it might just be an option we need if all the Xbox gamers tank the performance even more than at present.
  11. That's a rather ungrateful attitude to have for all their hard work, anyhow FBW, 99.9% of simmers appreciate your hard work, a great effort so far.
  12. Whatever they release will be quality.
  13. Very similar to my experience then. I thought it was only me.
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