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  1. He has just gained his PPL. Check out Sebastian Wloch (@swloch): https://twitter.com/swloch?s=09
  2. I think some people are getting confused between Mbps and MBps
  3. 110 Mbps but can go 600+ Mbps if my lower/cheaper plan isn't enough, so no real problem for me, luckily.
  4. You've got one very jealous simmer here. Congrats on your setup. If I dared to spend that amount of money on my Flight Sim Rig, i'd be single after nearly 27 years of being married.🤑
  5. I'd imagine that by the time of the Tech Alpha v5 release they would allow in all the very early Insiders to the last Alpha. Obviously your computer would have to meet the minimum specs of MSFS. At least I hope so.🙏
  6. I might be wrong but I think she was on Dirkadurka's twitch stream after Cosford representing Orbx, giving Orbx stuff away. Which makes me wonder if Dirka still has a tie in with Orbx?
  7. That's a shame, she seemed a nice person on the few occasions I've met her, I hope she's doing well wherever she's working now.
  8. Ray I tend to agree with you, my intentions regarding the legacy flight sims will depend on how good MSFS is in different areas of flight, if it only excels in VFR i'll use it for that and probably still use either P3D v5 or Xplane 11 for IFR, but if MSFS excels in both VFR and IFR, then i'll most likely transition towards MSFS. Needless to say I'm not saying that I would never use P3D/Xplane ever again because I would, even if just to get my monies worth of the £1,000's spent buying my add ons.
  9. You don't need to be actually in the Alpha to see what MSFS is bringing to our hobby, have you not seen all the leaks on the bilibili website?
  10. So I take it Aimee has left Orbx then?
  11. Obviously I'd like an alpha invite asap, but after all the dedicated hard work and sometimes late nights, I don't think that anyone deserves to get into the Alpha/Beta more than @ChaoticBeauty. Hopefully you get your email today mate. Thanks for your efforts in keeping us updated on the MSFS posts.
  12. Your right Tweekz it's the video that says Stand-alone game in Icemans video section, the vid shows Asobo and then shows Blacksharks.ai logo on the next screen.
  13. I think what @Thomasso means by being alive is that actions like flicking a switch either on or off, has a consequence, which result in a virtual life or death scenario, anyhow I've linked him so he can explain explain it in his terms. I sort of know what he means but it's fairly hard to put it into words, after all what does actually alive mean in a deep way?
  14. I'd love to see a short video of an aircraft landing on an undulating runway.... is that possible Asobo?
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