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PMDG 737NGX SP1 Available

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Captains-We have just made the PMDG 737NGX SP1 patch installer available for you to download.This SP1 update is a rollup of all the changes/tweaks/fixes and additions that we have made the the PMDG 737NGX Base Package since it was released on 04AUG11.What Does the SP1 Do?:This SP1 focuses on stability and efficiency while also correcting some logical errors and adding some new functionality in the process.How do I install SP1?Easy! Just download and run the installer!Note: The installer includes a vast number of changes, and it is going to overwrite your aircraft.cfg files, which means that your liveries will need to be installed. This being the case, we generally recommend that you completely uninstall the NGX and reinstall anew. It will make your life a bit simpler and give you a good clean base platform to work with!NOTE: Forget the hotfixs... you can delete them forever. Just install the NGX base installer that you downloaded at purchase time, and run the SP1 installer over it.... EASY!What Changed in the NGX Base Package?We recorded approximately 250-300 changes. Some of them are inconsequential to you as a user, but others are pretty significant and noticeable. The most important task was to improve the stability of the platform and add in the logic to implement the 737-600/700 that are to be released shortly...In addition to this, here is a non-conclusive list of changes we made:MAJOR CHANGES AND ADDITIONS:

  • Prepares the base 800/900 NGX product for the release of the 600/700.
  • Internal systems intercommunication rewritten to prevent panel freezes. We believe we've eliminated all the code-based sources of freezes where the panel stops updating but the sim keeps running.
  • Performance and memory usage further optimized, all users should notice a smoother experience of a magnitude dependent on system hardware.
  • Performance Manager app added (run from Start Menu/PMDG Simulations/PMDG 737 NGX) that allows for selection of reduced quality VC textures and models for users with lower end hardware.
  • Added 4:3 aspect ratio 2D panels. (see the non-WL 800 panel folder for instructions on enabling)
  • Added integrated IVAP TCAS control capability to the NGX's transponder. (FSInn and Squawkbox 4 use a proprietary method not accessible to us unfortunately)
  • Autobrake system completely redone, values match Boeing braking distance tables extremely closely.
  • Added numerous LVARs for cockpit hardware users to access via FSUIPC or the freeware LINDA utility.
  • Added FO V1, rotate and V2 callouts. (FO V1 is supressed if the GPWS V1 option is enabled)
  • Added new remade panel states, including an "NGX DEFAULT" that returns the plane to its normal engines running and ready-to-go state.
  • Added more accurate fonts and colors for the digit readouts on the MCP, the pedestal, and pressurization panel.
  • Added several new aircraft and display options:
    • Integral PFD heading display when FPV button pushed
    • Always show next waypoint constraint on ND (without DATA button being pushed)
    • Show N1 limits now has a third option to only show when a derate or reduced thrust setting is being used.

    [*]Moved several options from being aircraft specific to the global Options/Simulation section (now affects all liveries/variants):

    • A/T Manual Override
    • Realistic AP engagement
    • Set FSX LOC CRS

    [*]Added more robust support for custom FMC waypoints that are created as the result of downselecting already existing LEGS, RTE or FIX page waypoints.[*]Added the ability to make and use custom runway-based waypoints (ex - RW26/10).[*]Added enhanced manual editing on APPROACH REF and TAKEOFF REF pages for V speeds according to real world range limits.[*]All liveries and associated options ini files have been remade to reflect the options changes. Several new fully accurate options layouts sent in from real world crews are now also included.[*]Livery Manager updated to version 1.08, now supports removing multiple liveries in a single operation by Ctrl or Shift clicking in the installed list. Also contains numerous minor bug fixes.


  • Fixed an issue where an overly large magdec.bgl file could crash the main gauge as it loaded into the sim, resulting in blank gauges and a jumbled up 2D panel.
  • Fixed an issue where a certain type of runways.csv file (created by Pete Dowson's MakeRunways and most commonly used by Radar Contact 4.x+) could crash the main gauge as it loaded into the sim, resulting in blank gauges and a jumbled up 2D panel.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a livery's tail number from within the FSX aircraft select screen and leaving it blank could cause the main gauge to crash while loading as a result of trying to find or create an options ini that has no name.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a CTD after quickly resetting the FSX sound engine with the Q key.
  • Protected against numerous CTDs related to erronous or non-sensical terminal procedures in the navdata.
  • Fixes for several situations that could result in an FMC PIN ERROR crash message.
  • Fixes for several scenarios that could result in a CTD while performing a go-around.
  • Fixes for several issues that could cause a CTD after loading a saved flight in the descent or approach phases.
  • Fixed a CTD caused by entering a value higher than 100 into the cabin lights page.


  • Numerous fixes for holes/light leaks in the VC.
  • Reverser animation now correctly includes motion of the large airflow fin on the side of the engine instead of remaining stationary and clipping through the reverser sleeve.
  • ADF2 pointer selector on the EFIS control panel now labeled INOP to reflect the NGX's single ADF configuration.
  • Fixed erronous display of light polygons from tower view.
  • Fixed left SPAR VALVE CLOSED double texture in VC.
  • Fixed missing text behind HGS combiner glass while in the down position.
  • Blue annunciators are now glassy.
  • Fixed taxi and runway turnoff light switches clipping into their bases.
  • Fixed default FSX baggage carts ignoring state of the cargo doors.
  • Various fixes to text labels in the VC (ie missing "---MFD---" text above the MFD buttons)
  • Fixed number of vortex generators on the wings.
  • Fixed bright flood lights on in cockpit/front cabin in external model view at night.
  • Tweaked wingflex animation to be smoother and more realistic.


  • Disabled mousewheel input for the outer BARO and MINS knobs.
  • Tweaked vertical view angle in the 2D panel to make it easier to see the runway on approach.
  • The landing gear now respond to separate gear up and down commands - was requested by many hardware users.
  • Fixed numerous issues with panel states not saving certain items. (chronometer, flap setting, MCP brightness etc)
  • Added a key command for setting the wheel chocks.
  • Added error-handling for situations where a user assigns a startup panel state but then deletes the actual state files.
  • CDU keyboard direct entry mode now works on the FO's CDU and on multiple monitor systems.


  • Fixed approach and flare pitch attitudes on the 800 and 800WL at Flaps 30.
  • Tweaked approach idle values to be more accurate.


  • Fixed issues with incorrect detection of FSX localizer course when SET FSX LOC CRS option is enabled (ie KLAS 25L)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause improper LNAV tracking on route offsets or direct to intercept course legs.
  • Go-around algorithms completely redone, now matches real aircraft as closely as possible within FSX.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause low framerate during a go-around.
  • TO/GA mode behavior at takeoff made more accurate.
  • Tweaked CWS pitch modes and related altitude capture algorithms.
  • Fixed an issue where HDG SEL would follow track instead of heading after LNAV was the previous mode.
  • Fixed several issues involving elevator bias after autolanding.
  • Fixed several issues related to arming and exiting holds.


  • Fixed incorrect F temperature deviation readouts on the FMC PERF INIT page
  • Fixed NEAREST ARPT page sometimes not populating with airports.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause very low framerate when aircraft position information becomes unreliable (ie, disabling the various position systems on the NAV DATA/NAV OPTIONS page)
  • Fixed ZFW over maximum not turning yellow on the PAYLOAD page.
  • Fix for a rare issue that could place negative weight into the PAYLOAD page.
  • Fixes for several situations that could result in an incorrectly calculated VNAV path.
  • VNAV now commands VREF+wind correction when landing flaps are selected instead of flap maneuvering speed.
  • Fixed customized options ini default acceleration, thrust reduction, cutback, restore, and transition altitudes not being displayed correctly on the FMC PERF INIT and TAKEOFF REF pages. (they still won't if you use a panel state - not fixable)
  • RTE page now automatically picks the correct waypoint when an airway is entered in the VIA column and the waypoint entered in the adjacent TO column has duplicates in the navdata that are not on the airway.
  • DES PATH UNACHIEVABLE scratchpad message spelling corrected (was DESCENT PATH UNACHIEVABL)
  • Fixed an issue on the RTE page where a saved flight plan with a DIRECT as the first waypoint didn't have DIRECT visible in the VIA column.
  • Entries to the FIX page on one CDU now crossfill to the other.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a sequence of place-bearing-distance waypoints (ie for building a DME arc) to all have the same name on the LEGS page instead of an ascending squence. (XXX01, XXX02, XXX03 etc.)
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause garbage characters to appear in certain CDU screen fields.
  • Airstairs option now saves properly into the livery options ini file.


  • Protected against numerous navdata-error related magenta path drawing issues.
  • Numerous general tweaks to magenta path drawing algorithms.
  • Fixed a position shift issue in the ND terrain display that could cause it to show incorrect terrain depiction for the area being flown over.
  • Fixed an issue where the ND terrain display could show large pink areas while over the ocean.
  • PFD/ND NPS (Navigation Performance Scales) option off now removes RNP/ANP readouts from the VNAV path deviation indicator.
  • VSD no longer displays terrain without a known aircraft position.
  • The ENG and SYS MFD buttons are now labeled INOP when EFIS/MAP displays are selected.
  • Fixed several issues related to the speed reference selector's functionality.
  • Fixed several symbology/text collision or overlap issues on the PFD and ND.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause FMA mode labels to disappear in EFIS/MAP display mode.
  • Fixed a green rectangle outline appearing in the FMA roll field at certain times when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed panel state issue where the radio minimums would default to a high number like 9100 feet.
  • It is now possible to step through a route in PLAN mode before it has been activated.
  • Fixed the Captain and FO PFDs showing different altitudes if FSX is set to metric units in the sim options.
  • Fixed an issue with the PFD ILS course in the upper left not turning amber when it should.


  • Adjusted 2D HGS display to be closer to the VC display (can never be 100% due to matters of optics/physics however)
  • Fixed discrepancy between the CDI on the HGS and the one on the ND VOR or APP pages.
  • Off-scale CRS pointer arrow now correctly displays at the 12 degree off center position on the heading tape in IMC and VMC modes.


  • Stall autoslat system fixed and working.
  • Fluids now refill when servicing the airplane in the maintenance menu.
  • Fluid levels no longer drop while the sim is paused.
  • Fixes for various electrical load values. (wheel well lights, dome light etc)
  • Fixes for various incorrect minor electrical dependencies. (logo light etc)
  • Fixes for numerous issues involving the ZONE TEMP light and air conditioning system.
  • Fixed temperature reporting incorrectly when aircraft shut down and temp controls in AUTO.
  • Fixed an issue where temperatures wouldn't change until the knobs were moved after loading a saved flight.
  • Fixed an issue where loading a saved flight with empty fuel tanks causes an instant fuel pump overheat.
  • Wheel well lights no longer draw negative current.
  • Fixes for situations that could result in spurious brake overheats and wheel well fires.
  • Windshield wiper INT setting corrected.
  • Turning on a windshield wiper and then turning it off with the mousewheel no longer results in its sound continuing to play.
  • Autobrakes can now be armed prior to IRS alignment.
  • Fixed standby power draining battery too quickly.
  • Fixed an issue where an engine vibration failure could incorrectly cause a low fuel flow reading.
  • Rudder no longer moves slightly without hydraulic pressure.
  • Wing anti ice valves no longer close without bleed pressure.


  • Volumes raised for seat belt and chime
  • Chime sound changed to a high-low instead of a single ding.
  • Better GPWS V1 sound added.
  • Fixed pack inlet/outlet hiss sound sometimes playing while airplane cold and dark.

What Comes Next for the NGX Product Line?:Well... gimme a few minutes to think that one through.... As usual we might have something cooking. LOL.gif We'll have more information for you "during the weekend."But as far as continued development goes- we have a few more things that we want to do with the NGX. They will come in the forum of SP2, which is planned for a few months down the road and will conincide with release of the PMDG 737NGX ER Package.Okay- enjoy the SP1 update!You can download it from the PMDG Service Updates Download Page

Robert S. Randazzo coolcap.gif


You can find us at:  http://forum.pmdg.com

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Michael Atherton




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Thanks Robert!That is a ton of updates, very excited!

Jeff Hendershot
"Roger, Roger...What's Our Vector, Victor?"

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Great, so we have to completely remove the NGX, then re load all our liveries, then do we have to add HF 1,2 and 3 ?? Then do we have to re-do all of "your" tweaks ?? And Bojates tweaks ?? And finally install SP1 ??? Is that correct ???Oh JOHN S

John Shlofrock



Intel Xeon X 5460 3.16 GHZ (quad core)

8.00 GB RAM

Nvidia Quadro FX 5600 1.5 GB

HP w2408 24" monitor

Vista Business 64 bit

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Thanks Robert. Question: When uninstalling the NGX, should we delete the PMDG 737 NGX folder in the PMDG folder? Is it safe to back up our key commands?


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THank you i am really looking forward to the 600/700 CC standing by loving this plane!!!

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Great, so we have to completely remove the NGX, then re load all our liveries, then do we have to add HF 1,2 and 3 ?? Then do we have to re-do all of "your" tweaks ?? And Bojates tweaks ?? And finally install SP1 ??? Is that correct ???JOHN S
John-No- we are going for simple here, not complicated!You can run the SP1 installer right over the top of your existing installation if you like- but we always recommend a clean slate for an update of this size... If you want to start with a clean slate then do this:1) Uninstall the NGX base package2) Reinstall the NGX base package3) Run the SP1No hot fixes, nothing... just click and go!

Robert S. Randazzo coolcap.gif


You can find us at:  http://forum.pmdg.com

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So just to be clear, I am downloading and Installing the NGX for the first time. Am I required to download and install the base pack and then the service pack OR just the service pack which is inclusive of the base pack? In other words will the base pack be updated to include the fixes in the service pack.Can someone at PMDG please confirm wheteher the base pack has been updated

Andrew Dixon
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