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  1. Same here, need an option to choose another drive, as I want to have my sim files on the fastet drive available. I'll happily purchase the software as soon as this is possible. Hope you post a notification somewhere as soon as a new installer is available.
  2. I've got the same issue with the same error message, but only for the A2A C172. Using P3D v4 with the latest experimental version.
  3. There are indeed!KLM, Finnair, World Airways and TAM all currently use the MD-11 for PAX service.Not the mention all the airlines that used to fly the MD-11 with PAX version. So yes of course we'll give you that as well.Regards,Markus
  4. Dorn,Make sure you go with a minimum of 4GB of RAM and Vista 64. This to prevent any form of "out of memory"-errors. You might not exactly need that much now even when using FSX / PMDG 747 / UTX / Airport Addon / High-Res Mesh / AI Traffic all together (it would be close to 3GB). But looking at the future and what scenery designers are up to this looks to get extremely memory intense as well. Huge areas with photo realism and full autogen including big cities with all custom buildings, that's the future with FSX. And for THAT you are going to need a lot of RAM. So take 4GB to be ready for everything. If you have money to burn take 8GB, but really that's only if you DO have it to burn...Regards,Markus
  5. >And I don't think the reaction of the real 737 is that soft! Guy,you think, or you know?You have to be aware of the fact that one engine out feels more smooth when already at a good speed, meaning climb speed or 250kts. What speed are you at when you fail the engine? Also when you do get a flame out it is obvious that the available thrust is not cut instantly. An engine spooling down is still delivering thrust. Things look different should you have a more catastrophic failure such as an uncontained engine failure but the PMDG 737 doesn't simulate that.In any way the biggest reaction in Yaw you will get if your engine fails precisely at V2 while at maximum take-off thrust. Should you for any reason push the wrong rudder pedal at that moment you might end up rolling your plane on it's back. And last but not least a one engine out on a desktop simulator never feels the same as in the real aircraft or the Level-C or D simulator for that matter because you don't FEEL anything when it happens.Try a V2 cut with un-derated thrust and you will see a different behaviour than at climb thrust already...Regards,Markus
  6. >Believe me, if you are in an airplane in the air, and you are>close enough to clearly see the landing gear of another>airplane in the air; then, you are too close or in an>aerobatic demo team. Three miles (lateral) is about as close>as you get to another airplane, I hope.ORyou fly into one of those US airports where approaches are done on parallel runways having almost no separation between them :( And no we Europeans do not think of that as "safe" ;)Regards,Markus
  7. Just a wild guess... if you say you have NO movement in Yaw at all, could it be that you have 'Auto Rudder' engaged in FS9 options? Realism sliders are not per chance set on easy?Regards,Markus
  8. Bob,if no ATC altitude restrictions apply you can set it as low as you want yes. However NEVER set the MCP alt to a lower value than your final approach fix (FAF) before you actually start to descend from there. So if this is an ILS approach you can set your MCP alt to the G/S intercept altitude right from CRZ. The aircraft will then fly your programmed route including the STAR and all programmed altitude restrictions should you use VNAV. If you use FL CHG the autopilot will just descend to the MCP alt with the engines at idle all the way down. If you fly a published STAR using VNAV without setting MCP alt below the FAF nothing bad can happen and the airplane will not descent below the glide slope until you are allowed to descend on it according the approach procedure. You will then use the APP mode if on an ILS approach which means the next change on the MCP alt will be to set the missed approach altitude.Of course things will get more complicated depending on the STARs and approaches you fly, especially when doing non precision stuff like an NDB or VOR/DME approach.Regards,Markus
  9. Charles,do I understand you correctly... you'd like to see the nose of an airliner from inside the flight deck? At least on the MD-11 you have no chance to see that sitting in the pilot's seat on the real aircraft. You'd have to get up and squeeze your head between the standby compass and the glareshield right to the glass to see that. Not something you would do while flying or taxiing :)It's far easier to use the PFD/ND as a reference point when flying using the VC to get good alignment for the runway.Regards,Markus
  10. >Yeh a PMDG 777 would be good but the MD-11 is what i want>first because the sky sim one is terrible it banks faster than>a jet fighter! The 777 i can wait for because wilco has a>pretty good one.If you want some numbers for comparison...The real MD-11 banks with:- at 300kts IAS max. aileron deflection gives you 2 seconds for 30
  11. Sir,have you installed this?http://support.microsoft.com/kb/940105Helped for me when I was getting OOMs all the time with FS9 and FSX after installing Vista 64.Regards,Markus
  12. >Here's a really weird one they recommended. You can use a USB>storage device with ReadyBoost in Windows Vista. They say to>plug in your flash drive, right click on the device in Windows>Explorer, select Properties, click on the ReadyBoost tab,>select Use This Device and then select the amount of space you>would like the OS to use.Kim,as far as I understand that feature, it's really just to increase your memory with kind of a faster thing than the harddrive's page file but slower than RAM. So if FSX doesn't use the page file at all this will not do anything. However if memory usage is more than 2GB in John's case this would indeed help.Regards,Markus
  13. Sir,might it be that you own the CD/boxed version of the 737NG? If so, there were some silly errors in those printed manuals (done by Aerosoft, not PMDG) which state that the spoilers must be armed for take-off.However on the 737NG you do NOT arm the ground spoilers for take-off... if you do you'll get the warning horn...Regards,Markus
  14. >If I were to install the 747-400F, I would get the varying>EICAS nomenclature of the engine types on that aircraft. >Would that also be applied to the pax version?Yes it would.Regards,Markus
  15. mburkhard

    My nose!

    Sir,why the nose wheel started turning after you switched the IRS to NAV I don't know...BUTDon't taxi a heavy without a groundspeed indication in front of you, so your IRS should always be ON for that reason.Regards,Markus
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