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  1. mburkhard

    Change installation path?

    Same here, need an option to choose another drive, as I want to have my sim files on the fastet drive available. I'll happily purchase the software as soon as this is possible. Hope you post a notification somewhere as soon as a new installer is available.
  2. mburkhard

    Chaseplane now gives me an error

    I've got the same issue with the same error message, but only for the A2A C172. Using P3D v4 with the latest experimental version.
  3. mburkhard

    737 ACE Yoke

    I do own one, but mine is 6 years old already so I guess there had been a revision or two in between. Anyway, no issues with mine, works perfectly fine with all PMDG birds. Cheers, Markus
  4. mburkhard

    MD-11 Sound Issue

    Check whether your Windows speaker settings match your physical speaker setup. If you were to select 5.1 speakers in Windows but you only have say 2.1, then you might miss the engines on rear speakers. Cheers, Markus
  5. mburkhard


    Geoff, must be something wrong with the nav data your MD-11 uses. Do you use any add-on nav data updates such as Lufthansa or Navigraph? Cheers, Markus Ah disregard, just saw that you use indeed Navigraph. To be honest I have no idea why you don't have any SIDs and RWYs displayed then. Does it work at other airports?
  6. Morten, as I understand it, this function is not / was not widely used by MD-11 pilots. Personally I've heard of only one pilot telling me he would do that from time to time when being on final approach in turbulent weather. I guess it's a matter of personal taste and not something an airline would write into their SOPs... Cheers, Markus
  7. Yes and no, they do increase drag but at the same time create LOTS of lift. And how do you kill lift? Indeed, by lowering the nose, but what happens usually if you lower the nose... yes, speed rises. So there you go... Might be ok in level flight, but then you wouldn't have trouble decelerating in level flight would you. So yeah flaps are indeed not meant to be used to decelerate Why don't you just remember the N1 or EPR setting before you switch ATS off? That way you can re-adjust the engines quickly to whatever it was. Yes it is not quite as easy as on the real aircraft, but still it works and it is always a good idea to know your thrust setting required for that 3° descent with Vapp. And if ATS is struggling to keep the setting while you do switch off, then you'll have to do same anyway and it won't really matter where your hardware throttles are set. If you want to disable LSAS during approach do NOT use the override switches or the LSAS buttons on the overhead. Use ONLY the yoke's AP disconnect button and keep it pressed. That is the only way it is meant to be and is perfectly safe to do. As soon as you release the button LSAS will work again. Cheers, Markus
  8. mburkhard

    PMDG MD-11 blue crosses

    Sam, open a support ticket with PMDG, they will be able to help you. http://support.precisionmanuals.com Cheers, Markus
  9. mburkhard

    A new (NGX) version of the wonderful MD-11

    Just so that there is no misunderstanding. Whatever you hear inside the cockpit when installing a TSS pack is NOT what the real MD-11 sounds like. Far from it. We spent countless of hours in making the cockpit sounds perfect. When you exchange them with TSS, you'll destroy the true MD-11 experience... Cheers, Markus
  10. Christos,TSS' sounds are fine for external sound, but FAR away from reality when it comes to cockpit sounds. They were obviously not recorded on the flight deck, so they can't possibly sound right. Save your money and use our sounds. They are as real as you can get. Armen did an excellent job on these!Cheers,Markus
  11. mburkhard

    MD-11 Climb Performance issues

    Huh? Did I miss something?
  12. mburkhard

    MD-11 Climb Performance issues

    Sorry sir but this is just nonsense. Trust me I'd know if the MD-11 were capable of doing that...Cheers,Markus
  13. Asier,what you see there is an ILS approach for runway 04R, but you can choose any approach you deem appropriate.Regards,Markus
  14. I did this tutorial without external air available. This is not present on every airport MD-11s fly to. And if you don't have external air but you do have a cabin at 13
  15. Both are great I think. FSDT improved a lot since the beginning. While their LSZH scenery is unusable due to too narrow taxiways and a major autogen bug which they refuse to fix, KORD and especially KJFK are great sceneries. KORD is a little bit "life-less" in some areas though, but KJFK really is amazing. You need the latter to get the approach lighting for the visual approach into 13L/R. Unfortunately they made those lights to be on with runway lighting only. However it is needed during daytime too to be allowed to fly the visuals. Too bad they don't care about this, a forum post about this remains unanswered... FlyTampa managed to have the lead-in lights always on at Kai Tak... Edward,unfortunately I have no idea why your temperature keeps changing. Works fine on my end even after aircraft change. SOMETHING must be setting new weather...Markus