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  1. Thanks, Dan. I have aging hardware here (3 years old) and am starting to notice reduced performance the more I add to P3D. I assume my loading experience is more about this than something being off with the installation. Looking forward to building a new box here in the next couple months.
  2. Hi Dan. Great to hear. I've seen the same improved performance. Did you notice longer loading time for KATL flights as compared to loading flights at other addon airports? I'm trying to get an idea as to whether this is just my installation or if indeed others see this as well. Thanks!
  3. Robin - The docs say to simply re-download from the place of your original purchase. The file you download is a full install package with the P3D4 update baked in.
  4. Initial experience has been good... performance clearly better than the 2016 version. Haven't tested dynamic lighting yet. Only negative at this point is loading times are fairly long. I can start a flight at pretty much any of the other FSDT, FB, T2G, or FT airports and loading seems fine, but loading a flight at KATL takes nearly twice as long and hangs consistently around 82% for about 10 sec. Definitely slower load times, but the scenery looks great and frames are a big improvement.
  5. I have been doing a fair bit of simming since KB4056892 installed on the 4th and, like you, have no noticeable performance loss. Everything seems to be as stable and fluid as before the patch.
  6. It still happens on my system with HDR off.
  7. Great video. Beautiful aircraft and a very nice landing.
  8. Did you research ChasePlane? A flexible, intuitive, and easy-to-use camera app. Programming cameras is a cinch, takes seconds and works fluidly and reliably. Check it out. I don't work for or with the developers... I'm just a very satisfied customer.
  9. You are correct, Raymond. The sector of LM that develops Prepa3D is heavily invested in military training for both US and international customers. The PC-based software side is a small fraction of their overall business model. Their full flight simulator products, and subsequently smaller part task trainer devices, as well as the design and construction of world class schoolhouse solutions, dwarfs the revenue from Prepa3D. But like all cradle to grave training solutions, the building block approach requires high fidelity PC-based simulation products to help beginning students advance to the full flight simulator stage, and then on to their ultimate target, the actual aircraft. Prepar3D is a valuable and essential part of the overall strategy, which ensures it's continued development. So, if LM did not offer a way for the public to utilize Prepar3D, they would continue along just fine. But, their genius was to find a legal way to open Prepa3D up to the public, who would then provide valuable "beta" testing. With an abundance of passionate enthusiasts in this community they benefit greatly from all our input, and we do as well since much of our feedback is considered and implemented, eventually. The fact that Prepar3D is such a key part of LM's military training road map ensures it will continue for the foreseeable future, and our feedback contributes considerably to the overall quality of the product being used by our military, and other friendly military customers around the world. It really is a win-win for all involved.
  10. Fair enough. Most of my opinion comes from the many screenshots in the Screenshots Forum.
  11. Aeronautics in Marietta, GA. I was in the commercial training business, primarily for the C-130J, and we used Prepar3D in one of our part task trainers. Although I worked with the Lockheed Sector that produces Prepar3D, I never met any of the development team. Edit: To the OP, I apologize for getting this thread off topic. To bring it back around, I am firmly entrenched in the P3D world (FSX/FS9/etc., prior to that) and don't have the inclination to move to anything else at this time. I'm the older, more mature simmer and likely a bit set in my ways. And, I'm not a fan of photo-real sceneries and how distorted they get at low altitudes, so don't prefer platforms that use this exclusively.
  12. Their agreement with Microsoft doesn't permit developing for the "personal entertainment" world, so no advertising to that community. Having just retired from LM, I can assure you Prepar3D is "advertised" widely to the military aviation community.
  13. FS2004

    Happy New Year and a prosperous 2018 to you all as well. We have a ton of good things to look forward to in our expanding flight simulator world!
  14. That, my friend, is a good thing. We need software to drive hardware. It is good that we are always trying to catch up to where the software is. That means simulator feature sets are expanding and requiring more and more resources. And yes, I see your smiley face, so I know how you meant this... but, although performance can be frustrating at times, I'm OK with being a bit behind the curve since I know the trade-off is better and better simulator capabilities. This is just my perspective and is by no means intended to be argumentative. Happy New Year!
  15. Yea, that seems to be the case. Would be nice if there was a null variable to produces a blank line. Will need to research this.