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  1. I say it looks just fine for FSX as well, but would suggest upping the M2 SSD to 512GB. Assuming you're loading FSX onto the SSD, you should load your other FSX add-ons on the SSD as well so any file access for FSX can be the fastest available. That 256GB SSD will get small real fast with all the new add-ons being released these days. JMHO... enjoy!
  2. P3DV4 how to adjust excess brightness?

    I agree with Ryan. HDR overly brightens areas of the scene, and the effect is not pleasing to my eyes no matter how I adjust the sliders. Although not a fan of the effect, I do understand it is very popular. If this is indeed your issue, either play with the sliders or turn HDR off and see how it looks. While I agree the VC will be a bit darker with HDR off, it is still looks better to me than with HDR on. Choices, we have choices!
  3. Right Computer for Prepar3D v4

    Henry and Mike are correct, especially regarding the GPU. If you were just running stock P3Dv4, I think you'd be fine. But, in my opinion, if you want to add study-level aircraft like PMDG, A2A, Maddog X, airport sceneries from FSDreamTeam, flyTampa, etc., Orbx FTX Global/Vector, AI traffic, and weather (like Active Sky), you would definitely struggle. You'd have to lower a good number of your sliders to have barely adequate performance. You can check my PC specs in my signature, and with those, I still have to reduce quite a few sliders to get marginal performance (mid 20s to high teens) with PMDG aircraft at high-end airports with overcast weather.
  4. Advice needed on several P3D tools/utilities

    Benjamin - I'm very happy to help here, but a quick disclaimer. I prefer chocolate ice cream vs. vanilla, not because chocolate is in any way better from a consumer point of view, it is just a personal preference. So it is with ChasePlane (CP) and EZDok2. I have no dog in the fight when it comes to your choice, I'm really just thrilled you, and all the rest of us, have a choice. First picture shows main CP interface for my A2A C182: Second picture shows positioning controls for my main Pilot In Command (PIC) camera: Third picture shows motion effects I can apply to the PIC camera. Note the three categories you can adjust motion effects for, Aircraft, Environment, and Human. Note here that each of the adjustment scales has a "Tune" button below it:: Forth picture shows the Tune settings for the Aircraft/Acceleration scale shown in the third picture above: Fifth picture show the Tune settings for the Environment/Ground scale in the third picture above: And finally, the sixth picture shows the Tune settings for Human/Anticipation scale shown in the third picture above: Playing with all these settings does indeed give you ground shaking/bouncing during taxi, head jerking at touchdown, anticipatory head movements during turns, etc. and all the amplitudes are adjustable as well as inertia effects. I can't vouch for how these movements differ from the same effects in EZDok2 since I no longer use it. It could very well be that the EZDok2 implementation is more "real" and pleasing to the user, but only you can judge that for yourself. Just trying to give you more information to help you make your final decision. No doubt you'll be happy no matter which product you choose. Have fun!
  5. 777 and 737 Route Suggestions?

    Hey Matthew. Check out You can search all flights in the world by airport, aircraft type, etc. I use this site exclusively to find the flight I want to perform, and then use the same gates at both ends and the published flight plan shown on the website. A very useful site when you want to mimic real world flights.
  6. Advice needed on several P3D tools/utilities

    Benjamin - The level of modification you can make to a ChasePlane camera is overwhelming. I am one that appreciates a very well thought out interface and detail-level settings for all manner of camera locations, motions and vibrations. Suggest you have a look at some of the tutorial videos the developer has released here. I was a long time EZDok user, and understand there are still faithful followers of that application. But ChasePlane is the new kid on the block, and it definitely looks the part and performs brilliantly here at my end. Gotta love competition!
  7. Advice needed on several P3D tools/utilities

    Yep, LNM is a clever utility. I normally mimic real world flights, including the exact gates used for departure and arrival (whenever possible). One of the LNM features I use frequently is to locate where the gate I plan to arrive at is located around the destination terminal. LNM shows a plan view of the airport and exposes the AFCAD gate locations and gate numbers. It is easy to locate the gate I need, and then plot the taxi route from the arrival runway. You can also use Airport Design Editor (ADE) for this, but I prefer LNM. Have fun, Benjamin!
  8. What is going on??

    Not 100% sure this is your specific problem, but if you haven't already, suggest you go into FTX Central "Settings" and ensure your "Library Insertion Point" for Orbx sceneries is properly located in the scenery library. Here's an excellent post from Poppet explaining all this (link).
  9. You won't be disappointed, Ken. P3Dv4 looks amazing on it.
  10. ATC window gone mad

    Have you changed keyboard mappings that involve the `/~ key?
  11. Hey, Rich. I recently picked up a 27" ASUS PG279Q IPS monitor (165Hz, 4ms) and couldn't be happier. Yes, it was a bit pricey, but it's the clearest, sharpest, most color-rich monitor I've owned to-date. I use it exclusively with P3Dv4.
  12. The video card is a key part of the equation for P3Dv4. However, this is a horrible time to be looking at new, high-end graphics cards. Prices have skyrocketed due to demand from cryptominers, and I don't believe there's any near-term relief in sight. Since he's starting out with stock P3Dv4, you'll be fine with where you are now. Later, if he wants to try some of the more advanced add-ons, download and give them a try, and if performance struggles, look to upgrade the graphics card at that time. Hopefully, by then, prices will have come down and stabilized. There are many valuable opinions here at Avsim. Hopefully someone else will chime in with additional suggestions.
  13. One question right off the bat... is your Dad's plan to enjoy P3Dv4 in it's stock configuration without 3rd party add-on aircraft and sceneries? If so, I believe he'd be just fine with what you've spec'd. But if he will load the sim up with add-on airports, sceneries, AI traffic, and study-level aircraft (like PMDG, A2A, etc.), then that system may struggle a bit depending upon how he adjusts the P3D settings.
  14. Choosing a Delta hub scenery

    ImagineSim KATL is the best available right now, and performs considerably better after their fairly recent P3Dv4 update. While I believe flyTampa's version will be better all around (based on their past products), I'm not confident it's close to release... but I could be wrong. KATL is certainly Delta's largest hub and the place is littered with MD80s of all stripes. KMSP is a jewell! Love arriving and departing on this beautiful scenery... a job very well done. PacificSim KSLC is on my list to purchase. I agree with your comments, flying a long final to 34R will be very engaging with the looks of their new scenery. I think you'd be happy with all three.