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  1. A man of impeccable character and patience. He will be missed. Praying for his family during this time of grief.
  2. Hey, @GlideBy... saw the sig on your post... so sorry to hear this. I just prayed for your brother and will continue to do so as the Lord bring him to mind. If you don't mind, please update me via PM.
  3. Not really sure what your point is here... I'm grateful we have both of these companies. They are not competitors and are in completely different industry spaces. The products they provide are necessary and valuable.
  4. Yes, absolutely. Doing an uninstall will deactivate P3D. If you have any PMDG aircraft installed, be sure to deactivate them before uninstalling P3D. They are deactivated via the FMC.
  5. My simulation activity mirrors yours, and I’ve enjoyed several hundred flights in the PMDG 737. This is a great time for the flight simulation hobby! Welcome aboard... great to see you here.
  6. Technology marches on, and on and on... and it is gratifying to see that our little niche in the PC simulation space is finally getting a shiny new update. Clearly this will have a significant impact on PC gaming in the years to come. Very encouraging, indeed!
  7. With ActiveSky set as discussed above, when you open P3D you should see the historical "Weather Date and Time" window on the ActiveSky Wx Control tab update to show the current date and time you have set in P3D. You state that "time is set in the past by 1 week" but you said in your first post you are starting the sim with "The time and date is 1300 on 01/01/2019". That is 11 months ago, not last week. The date and time shown on ActiveSky's Wx Control tab with "Historical Weather Mode is Active" set should match the exact time you set in P3D. Again make sure the ActiveSky "Force Historical Time to Sim Time" setting is checked.
  8. Gary - To do this you simply select the "Wx Control" tab, then select "Historical Weather is Active" and then check the small box that says "Force Historical Time to Sim Time". I do this all the time and it works as advertised.
  9. Hey David. This update was posted last week (11/27). See the post titled "November 27th, 2019 – Development Update" pinned at the top of this forum. The next update is scheduled for tomorrow (12/5).
  10. Back up and running normally here. Forums still show as "Coming Soon". Likely back-end prep for tomorrow's announcement.
  11. You are signing up for an MFS Insider Forum's account. Your sign-up will be authenticated by a human at a later date. This just get's your request into the queue. It isn't unusual for some website properties to require a separate login for the forums... and that's what this is.
  12. Thanks, guys! This appears to have completely fixed the specific issues I was having, although I understand @Kilo60 to say this isn't a permanent or reliable solution. If the nighttime tile bleed-through reappears, I'll just verify the Orbx files again. Just a stop-gap till MSFS arrives. Again, thanks.
  13. You're a good man Dominique ( @domkle ). I don't care what the other jokers around this place think 🤣 Appreciate the links!
  14. Yep, @Ruisseau... watched and implemented all this quite some time ago when Rod first posted it. With all the scenery add-ons and potentials for conflict these days, I feel the only reliable way to correct this is a complete reinstall of P3D/add-ons. Certainly doable, but the issue isn't bad enough for me at this time. But, I would like to understand what the problem is.
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