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  1. dmiannay

    Should I get the FSLABS A320?

    Hi Simon, I'll chime in here and agree that the FSLabs A3XX series aircraft are top of class for Airbus add-ons, and specifically for simmers interested in all the nuts and bolts. I will add, though, that with my setup (see sig below) the performance definitely struggles more than all the mentioned PMDG birds, and especially in heavy weather. In my specific case, my numbers are more like what some1 posted here: I don't believe you'll be disappointed with the A320, but as you state, you may have the adjust some settings to get the max enjoyment. Have fun!
  2. The finest case I've used to-date is the Fractal Design R6. They recently released the Define S2 series, which is worth a look as well. Very well thought-out design with a focus on flexible fan and radiator placement as well as locations optimized for closed loop cooling components.
  3. dmiannay

    777-300 Delta livery?

    Hi Steven. Just checked and the Ops Center does not have a fictional Delta livery for the 777-300ER.
  4. Nice sun reflection. Can't believe we get to do this from the comfort of our own homes.
  5. dmiannay

    Chaseplane worth it?

    Chaseplane is smooth, intuitive, easy to use, and under constant development. You won't be sorry you switched... I promise.
  6. The FSX version of PMDG's 747 will not run in P3D. PMDG sells a version specifically for P3D. I agree with the others on this thread that you should consider installing P3D (Lockheed Prepar3D v4.3) instead of FSX since P3D is under continual development and is a very significant improvement over it's much older cousin, FSX. It will cost you more for P3D, but you get a current, and much more mature 64-bit application for your money. However, as was mentioned earlier, whether you go with FSX or P3D, you will need a heftier PC to handle the whistles and bells that go along with PMDG's B747. Enjoy!
  7. dmiannay

    747-8 Dusk arrival to ESSA

    Impressive aircraft and beautiful pictures. It is truly amazing what we can enjoy from the comfort of our own home PCs.
  8. dmiannay

    Qantas 3 SYD-HNL

    Very nice pictures, Steven. Thanks for posting them. I have a warm place in my heart for YSSY. Flew in and out of there many times in the late 90s and early 00s. In fact, as we speak I am operating QFA74 from KSFO to YSSY.
  9. Perhaps you could remove each of the airport add-ons (one at a time) to see if the CTD continues to occur. That way you can isolate the issue to a particular add-on. I would start with DD Seattle Airports, then Taxi2Gate. I doubt the FTX products are causing this.
  10. dmiannay

    747-8 on the job

    Very nice shots, Elias!
  11. dmiannay

    FMC nav database update?

  12. dmiannay

    FMC nav database update?

    Hi Josh, Regarding the PMDG Nav Database, you can purchase continuous monthly updates by signing up with Navigraph for AIRAC/FMS Updates. They release updates on the same 28 day cycle as the aviation industry. Their PC application will download the monthly updates and apply them to your PMDG aircraft. I don't know about and free services for updating the 737 FMC. Update: Regarding your internal FSX nav data, I believe you can download current updates from this site.
  13. dmiannay

    747 Brake Temp Problem

    In the FWIW department, instead of using my joystick brake switch (trigger), I use the keyboard "." [period] key. It is much more accurate since I can tap it quickly and simulate gradual braking. Makes taxiing much more manageable for me in the PMDG heavies.
  14. Thanks for posting. I watched that with pride. Got to see them being built every day before retiring... truly magnificent machine.
  15. dmiannay

    Windows 10 October update. Ver. 1809

    1809 update completed, absolutely zero issues with P3D. Very smooth.