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  1. dmiannay

    What a Shot (Toronto Air Show)

  2. All good advice above on waiting just a bit longer. As Stefan says above, the 9900k is expected to have a soldered IHS which will definitely improve heat performance. I believe, based on credible leaks, that the base 2080 (not Ti) will be announced/released(?) on August 20 (just before Gamescom), but estimates are the 2080 Ti won't be till sometime in 2019. I believe the base 2080 will be a fine GPU for the time-being 🙂 See Rob Ainscough's comments about the RTX-2080 here.
  3. dmiannay


  4. dmiannay

    ATC pause before speaking

    I hate to say this, my friend, but this has been an issue since back in the FSX days, and there isn't a know solution that I've seen. You can find other threads here at Avsim discussing this very issue with the same results. Although a bit frustrating, I've learned to accept it.
  5. dmiannay

    Dynamic and legacy lighting in v4?

    Hehe... just checked the PMDG 737NGX expansion pack (-700 specifically) and there are zero landing/taxi light effects on the ramp/runway. Although I understand technically why this had to be, it is still too demanding to use DL, so I go without landing/taxi lights.
  6. dmiannay

    Dynamic and legacy lighting in v4?

    In my particular setup, this is not true. With DL turned off, I don't see any effect from taxi/landing lights on the ramp/runway. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
  7. dmiannay

    Newest Nvidia driver 398.82 issues

    Yes, my mistake. I updated to 398.82 and all is well with P3D.
  8. dmiannay

    Newest Nvidia driver 398.82 issues

    I updated to the same drivers (398.36) and have not experienced any stutters or decreased performance. Not saying there isn't a problem with the drivers, just that I haven't experienced any with my setup. Just flew PMDG 737NGX and all was smooth.
  9. Hans - When you look under the LittleNavMap "Scenery Library" menu, is "Prepar3D V4" listed at the top?
  10. Carlos - From what I'm reading, estimates are the 9900k may be in the $450-$500 range and the 9700k down around $350-$400. No one knows this for sure, but those are estimates flying around. That said, and based on your comments, I would definitely wait a month or so to see what is released and the price point. When you also consider one or both the 9xxx series CPUs may have a soldered IHS (integrated heatspreader) versus the previous inferior thermal compound Intel have been using (link), you would have better thermal control and performance. If you decide to go this route, it is recommended to couple the 9xxx CPU with a new Z390 chipset motherboard (to maximize O/C potential), although it is expected to maintain compatibility with Z370 chipset boards.
  11. dmiannay

    top quality jet airplane for p3d

    I don't know of any specifically since I focus mainly on commercial tubeliners, however, I believe the accepted term for the type aircraft category you're looking for is "corporate jet".
  12. dmiannay

    New pc

    If you are committed to water cooling, I believe the general consensus is custom cooling (much more flexibility). However, there's a lot more fiddling required for a custom solution than for an AIO solution, so it depends on how adventurous you are. Noctua has some very good air cooling solutions, but they require a good bit of room around the CPU and can possible obstruct easy access to RAM sticks, etc. Not all cases can accommodate the high-end air cooling solutions either, so do some research. Air cooling is more cost-effective, but there are trade-offs with whatever solution you select. Since you didn't say this in your response, I'm assuming you will install P3D onto one of the SSDs, right?
  13. dmiannay

    New pc

    I would suggest going with a 1TB M.2 SSD for your P3D drive. Data access performance for texture/scenery loading is greatly enhanced over a mechanical HDD. Check out the Samsung EVO 960 (M.2). For a bit more money, you could check out the EVO 970 (M.2)
  14. Noel - I, along with many others here at Avsim, have been very happy with the ASUS Maximus X Hero with our 8700k CPUs, which is the Z370 chipset. The equivalent is likely the soon-to-be-released Maximus XI Hero (assumption) sporting the newer Z390 chipset. The new 9xxx series CPUs are supposedly compatible with the Z370 chipset, but you're better off waiting for release of the Z390 chipset MBs, which will give you much better OC support with the 9xxx CPUs.
  15. Good choice, my friend... the best case I've ever used.