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  1. dmiannay

    Server Update Completed

    Very nice performance improvement. Seems like a completely different site. Excellent work, folks.
  2. I believe all you really need to do is install the 4.2 Client and you'll be good to go. Neither the Scenery or Content modules are mandatory. Be sure to uninstall the 4.0 Client module first, then install the 4.2 Client. Your add-ons will be fine, although some of them will need to be updated for compatibility with 4.2. Also, no need to go to 4.1 first. As for a final release version, don't see that happening anytime soon. P3D is a successful commercial simulator and will remain in constant update mode as LM continue to add features and improve the simulation for their customer base. That's the price you pay to have a simulator in continuous development. I agree it can be disruptive, but I much prefer things this way than having it cease development like FSX in 2006.
  3. dmiannay

    Lost in Space!

    My wife and I binge watched the entire series over a week... really enjoyed it. Never saw the original since I grew up overseas and the show wasn't available there. There's one character that elicits some powerful feelings of disdain... you'll just have to watch to know who. As Rob pointed out, the 4K streaming from Netflix was stunning, looking crystal clear and rich on our 65" OLED. Check it out.
  4. dmiannay

    Added reshade to the mix...

    Hard to believe this is a simulator. Beautiful shots!
  5. dmiannay

    Wow, I've missed PMDG!

    Couldn't agree more, Jude. They've set a very high bar. Makes the wait for their announcement at FlightSimCon 2018 all the more exciting.
  6. dmiannay

    GSX not matching up to gate positions

    No worries, my friend. I appreciate the tip.
  7. dmiannay

    GSX not matching up to gate positions

    Hi Litmoose. I spent a bit of time trying to find the "gate settings" you referenced but the AFCAD path you referred to wasn't in the "GSX/Settings" menu. From within P3Dv4.2 I found the AFCAD path under the "Add-ons/GSX/Customize airport positions..." menu. Not being critical here at all, just trying to make it a bit clearer. I appreciate you pointing out that the path to the AFCAD is indeed revealed within GSX so users can troubleshoot conflicts. Thanks.
  8. dmiannay

    Sisters on the Ramp in Nelson.

    Beautiful aircraft and realistic scenery. Hard to believe these aren't real photographs. Very nice collection.
  9. dmiannay

    Avsim and why Mods are such a God send

    Wow! Kudos to both of you for rising above the vitriol and having something positive to say about this site and it's moderators. This is a free community that's moderated by volunteers that love their hobby and donate their free time to helping this resource stay civilized. I really amazes me how hateful folks can get with a site that costs them nothing while providing them a treasure trove of excellent support, so thanks for being stand-up guys. It gives me hope!
  10. dmiannay

    AVSIM Server Funraising Drive

    As many have already said, this site is a daily stop for me, and not just a fly-by. I really enjoy reading and contributing to this community. Helping to secure a new server is a given based on what this community has given to me. Looking forward to improved performance.
  11. Just a quick PSA. I updated to Windows 10 April 2018 Update (v1803) today and P3Dv4.2 and all addons are working as advertised. No issues at all. Did an image backup of my C-drive beforehand just in case. Update went very smooth. Not suggesting folks do this, just wanted to pass along that in my case, there were zero issues (PC specs below).
  12. dmiannay

    Latin VFR KMIA P3Dv4.2

    Hi Joaquin. Please forgive me if I come across as "that guy who posts that everything works just fine for him" 🙂 But, in this case, I will. I'm using the same .exe files as you in P3Dv4.2... the scenery looks complete and works just fine. I would think back to anything you may have installed (or changed) since the time back when you remember it was working just fine. Could be a conflicting AFCAD, or any number of other conflicts. Sure hope you get this sorted soon.
  13. dmiannay

    The State of Flight Simming

    I completely agree with most of this, Connor. It's fair to say the "community" is made up of those who join forums like Avsim, and others... places where the serious simmer can explore all aspects of realistic flight simulation. However, if we could see marketing data that showed sales to the "serious simmer" vs. sales to gamers, we'd likely be surprised by how relatively few of us serious simmers there are percentage-wise. I can understand the market push to gamers since they are likely the largest consumers. Businesses need to make a return on their investments. Our best bet going forward, IMHO, is Prepar3D since Lockheed's target consumer is definitely the serious simmer. LR and XP11 are in the mix as well, but it's difficult to understand what the mix of user types there are for that platform. A company that sets out to develop a new, realistic simulation platform dedicated to serious pilot types (not gamers) will have a long development path, and unfortunately a relatively low target population, all things considered. Not saying it can't, or won't be done, but would love to see the business case. Regardless, I am very happy with where we are now. I get complete enjoyment simulating commercial airline operations using some incredibly realistic aircraft and amazing scenery. I have plenty to do while we wait to see what the future brings.
  14. I found the ASUS UEFI fan step-up and step-down settings recently, but didn’t play with them yet. Fan Xpert sounds like a much easier way to experiment with these fan settings. Will have give it a try. Thanks for the tip, Martin.