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  1. Not this again. It can't work, it's not possible. If you were seeing this result you're describing, it was caused by something else, not adaptive half refresh rate vsync. I'm also a bit confused by what you're actually describing. You said, "they all displayed the current refresh rate of the monitor"... but did it display half refresh rate of the monitor, so, for example, 30FPS where 60FPS can't be reached? I don't think so. Again, it's not technically possible! Stop this nonsense or provide some evidence.
  2. 0Artur0

    Making P3D colours look like FSX

    Disable HDR.
  3. Well, that's a bummer. I expected better results.
  4. It's going to be a clean slate and people will choose the better platform.
  5. I'm simming for almost 20 years now. Never looked at any other sim than FSX & P3D. I must admit, lately, whenever I see an Xplane screenshot I cry a little. I never used Xplane, I'm not using it now but I have to admit that it's is overtaking P3D so fast it's unbelievable. I invested a small fortune in FSX & P3D addons but I'm seriously thinking in switching to Xplane when next versions come out. Of course, it all depends on what P3D v5 is going to bring us but even with that, the situation is very complicated - if they introduce the new engine than the compatibility with all the addons is most likely going to be broken, so the addons are not the excuse to stay with P3D anymore. If they don't introduce the new engine than it most likely can't look much better than it looks now - which is not good at all. So the only way I'm staying with P3D in the future would be that v5 is going to bring us as good or better visuals and performance than Xplane. Simple as that.
  6. 0Artur0

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    I don't know what to make of all of the reviews I keep finding on the internet. Some are praising the card and are seeing massive gains and are saying this is the best thing humanity got since a fire and then there are the other ones that are saying it's a massive overpriced disappointment. I guess we just have to wait and see what exactly the card can do in P3D and how it compares to 1080Ti.
  7. 0Artur0

    Rhodos for Free

    The sceneries on those links are already P4D v4 compatible?
  8. 0Artur0

    ENVSHADE and PTA - installation question

    It does. But wouldn't that make it unusable? I'd like to know how to install both, PTA and ENVSHADE, and use them one at the time using the "Use PTA" switch in ENVSHADE to toggle between them.
  9. Which setting was that? I'm asking because I'm just setting project lasso myself and I wat to avoid the same mistake.
  10. 0Artur0

    Project Lasso - long frames problem

    So did you set anything in PL or you run it in it' default state? I'm especially interested what do you have set under "Main"?
  11. Anybody here using Project Lasso? I know how to set it up, I just don't have much success with it. I have 4790k (4 cores), no HT, so the best way is supposed to be to have P3D running on all 4 cores and to put all other addons and programs only on core 3 and 4. So, I moved Active Sky, TrackIR, couatl, SODE,.. only on last two cores so P3D would have more "space" for itself on cores 1 and 2 which usually get very busy with core 1 almost always on 100%. In theory, this should have some positive effects. In reality, at least for me, it doesn't. On the first glance, it appears that it's actually working, TrackIR head movements are actually a bit smoother, a bit fewer micro stutters but there's one big problem - this configuration introduces so-called "long frames", especially when looking around (using TrackIR). A lot of them. I also put TrackIR on all 4 cores but it didn't made much of the difference. I'm wondering if anybody had similar experience and or if somebody knows maybe what causes them or how to get rid of them. Are there any other settings within Project Lasso that can benefit P3D performance? Without Project Lasso I don't get this long frames. As I said, the program actually makes thing a lot better but with just one, big, major flaw.
  12. I'm currently using ENVSHADE. I just bought PTA and wanted to install it but I got shader file error because my shaders are not original P3D shaders. How do I go about installing PTA? There is a switch "Use PTA" in ENVSHADE but switching it doesn't solve the issue. I also found a ENVSHADE backup folder with supposedly P3D original files. Should I just copy those files over to P3D installation or what is the proper procedure to install PTA and then use either one (ENVSHADE or PTA) using the switch in ENVSHADE? I just don't want to mess something up.
  13. 0Artur0

    ShadersHLSL - Please help

    I have the same issue. Will reinstalling P3D client reset any other things like addons, settings, etc or will it just repair ShadersHLSL?
  14. How does this play with that gauge thing?
  15. So, you're saying that Bernt Stolle FDE doesn't work?