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  1. That sounds horribly out of date We have a comms page where we can set reminders (waypoint, time, lat/long, altitude, fuel) .. the amount of timers i've set a timer and then forgotten what it was for
  2. Hi Ash, The following is all pertinent to the 777 as we operate them at Emirates. There is no requirement to check synoptics at any time neither for normal nor non-normal operations. The plane will alert you via an EICAS message for any non normal situation that requires your attention and direct you to the proper checklist (in most cases anyway). Status messages are not something you're required to do anything about as such other than to consider dispatch implications once you get to your destinations. As for normal operations we're required to do time and fuel checks at least once every 60 minutes but most people I've flown with normally uses +-30 minutes. Other than that monitor radio and flight path (routing, airspace, terrain, weather etc) - and for myself I always play the game "What would I do if XYZ happened right now - what is my plan B and C"
  3. Is this happening at all airport or only specific ones and are you using any addon scenery? Does this happen with other planes as well or only the 737?
  4. Just because LNAV and VNAV buttons are lit does it mean the plane will follow the profile.. READ THE FMA!! Make sure you're in VNAV PTH and not VNAV ALT.
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