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  1. Hello! I am looking for an american airline repaint, for the Captain Sim 757-200! In the past, there was a free repaint from McPhat, but no more available... :-( Golyath, could you please create it? Many thanks in advance! Regards, Florian
  2. Very nice! Thanks a lot for your job!
  3. Hello Golyaht, I own the FSX version, and the request is for An A319 IAE from wilco. Paint kit can be found here: https://freedownload.s3.amazonaws.com/PaintKit_A319.zip I wish this repaint, because I will participate at a Real Flight Event on IVAO (January 25th), in Dallas Airport, and booked a AAL FLight with A319 bus! I only found a repaint for Project Airbus: http://www.fs-freeware.net/downloads/view.download/2891 Many thanks for your help!
  4. Hello! Do you make repaint for Wilco Airbus ? I'm looking for an american airlines A319 for Wilco Airbus. Best Regards, Flo
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