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  1. Hi Guys. Thanks alot for fixing the zoom issue with the latest update :) May i ask a favour on behalf of the TrackIR users out there? Can we please have the option to disable trackir when in cinematic mode? Its a pain for me because during cruise i most often take off my headset (which has my tracking system attached) and when i have enabled auto cinematic mode after a given time the camera is upside down or wherever. same goes with switching to the cinematic mode when using trackir. Cheers guys and much appreciated.
  2. I purchased sim starter last week and totally screwed up my p3d. Had to reinstall everything. A descent tutorial would be a great advantage.
  3. I'm having exactly the same issue as yourself benjamin . I've submitted a support ticket and see what the outcome is.
  4. Hi Bryan Outstanding work as always Sir! I Have just taken the T7 for her first voyage with my virtual FO and it works just like it says on the back of the tin...perfect! If i may offer a little advice as to the next update....I'm a kiwi so naturally i was using the Aussie/Kiwi voice set (very nice by the way) :zeland-flag: but i noticed volume discrepancies between the two voices, the Capt comes over very clear but rather loud where as the kiwi FO is very quiet in comparison. Could it be possible to edit these voices so that they are in harmony with each other volume wise? oh and maybe.....just maybe could it be possible that when making a PA announcement could we please have the same sound effect on the voice just like the PA version on the Aerosoft Airbus X? (the sound effect of the captain making is PA address through the mic) i really liked that. But this maybe a recording thing with your voice artists rather than a editing effect. Any who, Round of applause for you my friend, well done indeed. Another happy customer
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