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  1. Same for the Falcon FA50, amazing machine, runs and looks great on P3Dv5.1
  2. Awesome!!! Thank you so much Jim! regards, Igor
  3. Hello @pilatuz, First I would like to apologize for taking so long to post this, I've been quite busy and didn't have a chance to try your sound mod until now. Second;y I would like to thank you for the amazing job you've done. I love the sound pack, specially, when on the ramp doing pre-flight checks, the immersion now is fantastic! Also, I don't know if you change anything in relation to engine sounds but it felt different even when the engines were running. Thank you so much once again for your work, it really changed this magnificent airplane! regrads, Igor
  4. Hello everyone, I'm wondering if anyone knows the APU fuel burn/hr on the Falcon 50, preferably what has been coded on FSW's Falcon. I've tried to find that info searching the .cfg but I couldn't, worst case scenario if someone knows what it burns in real life that would help to. Thank you so much regards, Igor
  5. No worries Frank, thank you. I posted also because I wanted to know if it was working properly too, there's no point in having the option if it's not working, specially after I saw that topic mentioning issues with Flight1's unit regards
  6. Hello, Without knowing what exactly isn't working it's too hard to find the problem but what you could try is: 1) Make sure the XMLTools64.dll is located in your P3D main folder, the same as where your .exe is located (Lockheed...\Prepar3D v4), if it's in a different location, either copy to the main folder or add the path to it -> <Path>XMLTools64.dll</Path> 2) Make sure the fuel truck is connected (lower right corner) 3)Make sure you have some kind of power GPU/APU/ENGINES. Note that if you're using GPU you need to set the switch on the overhead to EXT. POWER Regards
  7. Hi Al, awesome news, and thank you for the heads up on xml vs old cfg method I'll keep that in mind once I install it later today. thank you so much. Thank you! Hi there Frank! Yes I saw that topic but I thought that was only pertinent to the Flight1 GNS not RXP. Thank you regards, Igor
  8. Hello everyone, I've been trying to find anything regarding flying the Falcon with RXP 530W v2 on P3Dv4.5 and P3Dv5 but I couldn't, all I can find here or YouTube is regarding the GTN750 I would just like to ask, if there's any limitations with AP integration, or panel integration on running the Falcon with the RXP 530W or even the 430W or dual config (if natively supported, I don't want to run on window mode) Thank you very much and sorry for the trouble. regards, Igor
  9. Thank you so much again Frank and Jean-Luc, and I'm happy that, even though we couldn't find a fix, we were able to at least understand what's going on. And as I mentioned before, there are other pages where you can check ETA, so this is really not a big deal at all! Hope you guys have a great week! regards, Igor
  10. Good morning Jean-Luc, So, just in the middle of my test flight, which is the exact same flight I've been testing this issue, and unfortunately disabling Shadin Air Data in the settings and disabling Sensor Data on Utilities -> Trip Planning haven't solved the problem. Sorry, I wish I had better news. I tried different modes of calculation, tried on Point to Point mode, Flight Plan mode, from P.Pos. calculated by the GPS and also from Waypoint right as I was overflying the particular point. The times are way more accurate at the beginning of the flight, but as an example, right now I'm 20 minutes in my flight (roughly) and the ETA is already 20 minutes OFF (showing a much earlier arrival time). Bear in mind that even with the Shadin and Sensor off the ETA on FP and also Map pages are correct. Thank you Jean-Luc, please let me know if there's anything else you would like me to do in regards or settings or any other way to help out. Enjoy your weekend. Regards, Igor EDIT: Hi Jean-Luc, so after reading the GTN750 manual (section 15-13) I found the difference between the modes and maybe an explanation for what's going on. So, form what I understand, if you have Point to Point selected with an active flight plan, the GPS is going to calculate ETA based on ETE over the Time of Departure not current time (if you are already enroute) which is what's happening, that's why the further down you go enroute the greater the deviation from the real ETA, but if you have an active flight plan and you select the flight plan mode, than the unit is suppose to give you and ETA based on ETE and the current Time, so you would get a precise ETA for the destination updated in real time, but the unit is not doing that, it is treating, no matter what mode you select as in Point-to-Point, so always calculating ETA based on your departure time. I believe it's safe to say that if this end up being the issue, it's something coming form Garmin's Trainer and no from your product, Jean-Luc. Please just remind that I have no experience or received any training with the actual unit so this could be just me not using the features correctly, it would be great to hear from pilots that actually own/operate the unit. EDIT2: I can confirm Garmin's Trainer behaves exactly the same, you have to manually change the Depart. Time to the current time whenever you want to check the ETA. Oh well, at least we get current information no the other pages so not a big deal. Thank you Jean-Luc and Frank for your help. Sorry for wasting everybody's time
  11. Hi Jean-Luc, thanks for your comment. Yes, I just double checked and I do have "Shadin Air Data Computer" enabled in the settings. It doesn't make any difference if I deactivate on the unit (haven't tried deactivating in the settings and the unit at the same time, yet) I unfortunately might not be able to do any more tests today but I will do for sure tomorrow. If I can't get any satisfactory results I'm going to run just the trainer, outside P3D environment and see what happens. Thanks again and I'll post back here as soon as I have a chance to test it. regards, Igor
  12. I can't seem to find a way to upload or link hosted images, using the option "insert image from URL" on my previous post didn't work, even though I can see the screenshots in my previous post. Anyway this is the best I can do for now, I'm sorry about that. https://imgur.com/a/Q011oQq regards, Igor
  13. Ok, so I have more questions than answers now after fiddling with it. The ETA is lagging, so the longer you fly the less accurate it gets. I took come screenshots and I still have the flight running as I type here and went to check and to my surprise the ETA now is behind the actual current time, even though the ETE is still showing proper and accurate time. Tried reloading the FP, closed FSReal Time (which I don't have set to Auto update, only to set the real time once I load everything) and loaded time and date on P3D itself, tried everything, including switching to LCL but the error still persists. Here are just some screenshots, sorry didn't want to flood the post with screenshots from every different setting and page Just to reiterate, the ETA works on the map screen if you set the field to show ETA, and it's working on the FP page, the only page you get incorrect values is on the Utilities->Trip Planning page, and like I mentioned before it's way more perceptible further in the flight then just after departure. This is really not a big deal, specially since the correct info get be gathered on different pages but I, most of all, wanted to make sure it's not me mishandling the equipment and the features. thank you regards, Igor EDIT: I'm 144nm from my destination, it is 1338Z and the ETE is showing 00:21 which is correct and ETA on Trip Planning page is 1300Z which is obviously incorrect unless I'm flying the concorde and going back in time 😉
  14. Hi again Mr. Patton, That's the screen where I have issues! I just loaded "as we speak" my last flight in europe, I loaded everything like I always do and going to run some tests, check different pages where ETA is displayed, check changing to LCL time etc. IF it doesn't work I'm going to load without SimStarter NG and manually set everything, location, cold and start, time through P3D etc and I will let you know. Thank you so much once again. my best regards, Igor
  15. Hello, Mr. Patton thank you so much for your reply. It happens in the air on the trip planning page (Utilities). I'm running P3Dv4.5 HF2, system is set to UTC, ETA shows up correctly on the RAIM prediction page when I select to check availability on destination, in that page the ETA is correct, so I don't think it is a time zone issue. What I haven't done yet but I will on my next flight is to set one of the field on the map screen to show ETA and see if the information is correct over there. I also haven't tried the flight plan screen (the one on your picture) but I will check that one also. Is there any other page that would show ETA so I can crosscheck the information? I also haven't tried LCL time but to be honest I rather have to calculate myself the ETA in Zulu than use LCL time. Another detail is that I do also use the saved flight feature (SimStarter NG), but always from parked position, cold and dark, and before I start avionics I sync to real time with FSReal Time. THe times on the timer page (GTN) match the real time in Zulu when I startup the unit and I have no issues at all doing the same process with the 430/530 v2. I'm going to run some tests and take some screenshots if necessary. Thank you again!
  16. Hello everybody, I just recently purchased the GTN 650/750 units (merci for the sale, Jean-Luc) but I've been a real world user of the 430/530 for many years now. I've been having a small issue getting wrong ETAs on the Trip Planning page. I have time set on UTC, the times is correct, I get proper ETE for points and cumulative (destination), I get right ETA on the RAIM prediction page but I always get wrong (hour) ETA on the Trip Planning page, like if it was a time zone issue. I never had this problem with the 430/530 (I still use it on the same aircraft) but since I don't have real world experience with the 650/750 I decided to come here looking for help, maybe I'm doing something wrong or it is suppose to be like that and I'm just missing something. Have anyone had similar problem. thank you in advance. stay safe. regards, Igor
  17. Flysimware Simulation is running a 40% Sale on ALL PRODUCTS at SimMarket until July 08th Great specially if you're into executive jets, their Falcon 50 and Lear 35A are suppose to be top notch. https://secure.simmarket.com/specials.php?sgid=1302 regards
  18. Hello, I don't have that particular airport or have never installed Cartayana's GSX profiles before but I;m going to try to help. When you go to GSX parking configuration screen where you have all the gates/parkings listed on the left, what BGL file GSX is taking info from? The BGL is listed on top of that screen. It might be that GSX is still using the original BGL so what you're seeing are the new GSX jetways and the originals ones form the scenery. Or it might have been that you missed a step and left the original BGL active too while installing Cartayna's profile. So I would go back to the installation instructions and make sure you haven't missed anything. I'm sorry that I can't be more helpful, I wouldn't mind checking the files myself and even sending a functional one if I had the particular scenery. Hope that helps. regards, Igor EDIT: I forgot to mention, usually, the good developers, and MK Studios is one of them, have a BGL just for jetways, and they;re easy to spot (usually has jet, jtw, jetway as part of the name) so it's just a matter of renaming, or deleting that particular BGL, just please, don't forget to make a copy of it before deleting any files.
  19. It all depends if you own or plan on owing airports on that list that don't already support GSX. Many got patched by their developers and now include GSX but some don't, so it's really up to you. Of course, being free, it doesn't hurt to have it as a backup in case you ever need. regards, Igor
  20. I'm not running v5 so it is very hard to give an accurate opinion without actually testing myself, BUT, when I had similar problems with apron textures, markings etc porting old scenery to v4 I had to edit the afcad and fix myself, and in most cases when things like that happen, there's way more to be fixed once you actually open the AFCAD and have a chance to look into in more detail. If you are up to the challenge and don't already have the tools to open AFCAD files and edit airports, you will need ScruffyDuck's Airport Design Editor (ADE). https://www.scruffyducksoftware.com/shop-and-downloads Good Luck!
  21. You're welcome Rick. Like @DJJose and I were saying, they take requests, at their store, on GSX, Dynamic Lighting and airplane Liveries (fictional and real) too for a small fee, and their art team is amazing! Well worth it at least once in a while to help support them and thank them for all their services to the community! Enjoy your new airport! regards, Igor
  22. Hi Rick I'm glad it worked out well for you too! Yeah I went straight to inibuilds after buying the airport hoping they had the files and BOOM there they were! Amazing environment, I love it! If you ever need GSX or Dynamic Lighting profile be sure to check their website! Yeah same here, and don't forget airplane liveries! The guys there are fantastic! regards, Igor
  23. You're welcome! I'm glad that they had GSX done for this one! Thanks for the heads up, got Kingston and I love it! regards
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