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  1. What control panel?? I am thoroughly confused now... Is FSINNpart of FSX or an addon?
  2. Hi and thanks for your reply. Interesting, I'll look into the flap axis, I think you might be onto something there. Can I ask why? I've heard of this FSINN before in relation to TAT issues, what is it and how do I repair it/switch it off? Many Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I am having issues with the NGX (800) after a clean re-install (unrelated). The engines don't seem to produce enough power. I suspect it's a weather related issue however trying to kill ASN and use FSX own real weather doesn't change the results. Almost stalling mid air to manage a climb of about 500fpm. Anybody able to offer suggestions? Thank you in advance!
  4. Hi Peter, thanks for your reply. I think it might be pointless to duplicate this discussion in both forums so I'll keep it on the Majestic one if that's ok
  5. Hi all, I apologise in advance if I have been unsuccessful in searching this forum properly for any similar topics. After two days solid searching forums for a solutions, I'm not even sure what my problem is any more. If there is anything that's been posted previously that is relevant to my problem, I would be extremely grateful if you would point me towards it! I have recently bought this excellent plane however shortly after installation and a few uses I'm having a major problem with the simulation freezing around 80% of the times it's minimised. What seems to happen is that once the sim is reduced to icon, with or without use of the control panel, I'm unable to re-open FSX which will instead continue running in the background and continue playing the aircraft sound. This only happens with the Q400 and it's proving to be a make-or-break deal as I need the reduce to icon functionality to operate the control panel, use my VA ACARS system, consult charts etc. FSX becomes completely unresponsive and the only way out appear to kill the process in the task manager. I am a fairly experienced simmer and have never come across an error I couldn't fix so far (I'm quite comfortable editing files etc.) however it seems I am badly stuck! So far this are the results of my failed troubleshooting: - Q400 version: happens both with PRO 1.018 and PRO 1.018c (after patching) - FSX: deluxe+accelleration pack: tried with both MODDED FSX config (Word Not Allowed's) and vanilla FSX.config - syst: Win7, quad-core, 12gb RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, everything is run with Admin rights fixes unsuccessfully tried so far: - using ASN or not: doesn't seem to make a difference, tried re-installing ASN too but no change - tried re-installing and updating FSUIPC: no change - tried setting affinity mask on FSX config to various settings (14, 84, 6) with no change (I have hyperthreading enabled and see 8 cores) - tried updating UIAutomationCore to a different version: no change, still happens with both - tried running in windowed mode: no change, still freezes when passing from running to background after a few switches from foreground/background, using the control panel seems to make it worse as does starting ASN. As a result of this I suspected a SimConnect issue however I cannot resolve this - tried running appcrash view and reading through the simconnect log but FOUND nothing (there's about a gazillion identical lines in the log report and could well have missed something) - tried re-installing the Q400: no change - tried every fix I could find on both the Majestic and Avsim forum: no change I am at my wits end, I cannot wait to be able to fly this gorgeous sim however at present state it's simply unusable. Has anybody experienced anything similar and is able to offer some help? I would be unbelievably grateful as my frustration level is somewhat off the charts at the minute! Thank you all for the time! Matteo Capocefalo
  6. Ha thanks for your reply. It's a fancy of mine landing at that a/p! No claim to be realistic. I'll try it following your recommendation, which I should have done the first time, and let you know-how it goes Cheers Matteo
  7. Hi all, I'm struggling at the minute on the correct technique/profile do adopt in the case of a steep final approach (I'm specifically trying to land the 736 on the IGS approach to rwy27 at LIMW, but this question is relevant to all steep approaches really). Is somebody able to point me towards the correct technique/profile to adopt to control the energy state of the aircraft e.g. when to extend the gear, deploy speedbrakes, flap settings and when, early configuration and speed reduction Vs "dumping everything out at the last minute". I reckon it essentially boils down to the question is "it easier to reduce speed in a clean or dirty config"? Thank you! Matteo
  8. Tristan, can you tell me about your flap deployment schedule in these apps?
  9. Hi everybody! I fly for Mediterranea Virtual, an Italian VA. After poking around the company's forum I was unable to find anybody interested in doing a mediterranea repaint for the PMDG 600 and 800WL. On behalf of the company, would it be possible to have it developed here by someone up to the task? Here's a picture of the general idea, which is an improvement over the standard livery. More improvements in the looks if good are more than welcome! Thank you in advance
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