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  1. Nevermind, it appears lastpass does not work well with your site. Figured it out. Brian Pearce
  2. I don't understand what everyone is complaining about. I have all the Sims, weather add-ons including As16, and constantly looking for the best visuals with Smooth performance. Yesterday when I loaded sf3d and used their settings with pta, and their first default set of textures I was amazed. The clouds and haze look better than any other sim I can think of. The sky looked beautiful and colors from pta preset spot on. My p3d sim has never run so solid and smooth! I had a chilling realism last night and I think everyone is unfairly judging or may not have set it up correctly because I see a big big difference.
  3. Oh yeah there are trackir limits. X camera is a fantastic addon. Definitely should register and donate to the owner if it works out.
  4. They released a very nice 85 page manual a couple days ago =P
  5. What do you mean by limit head movements exactly? I currently use TIR and x camera maybe I can help.
  6. I kinda agree with the registering of the product. But first, I wish people would stop talking about vas. No where else in computer science do you see this term used on a daily basis. Now with p3d v4 64 bit there is no need to talk about this. I'm sorry if you don't have version 4, but EVERYTHING is transitiontioning to 64 bit so sooner or later you will be left behind. Regarding the 5ghz, you obviously did not read the manual as this increases fps as it handles cloud sprites differently. And this isn't communism.
  7. Your main hardware is up to date. The only thing that you Need to upgrade is that video card. Gtx 1070 0r 1080. If you got the cash buy 1080ti. This is where you will have the greatest benefit especially with 8+gb of vram
  8. Yes. But Ben said it may or may not make it in the first beta. It should be in 11.10 though and yes they are shooting for 60 fps and smooth frames.
  9. "The Board" should learn how advertising works. So what if users post a link to where the product is purchased? The whole point of online advertising is generating quality site traffic. If you continue to crack down on users, we go other places, your site traffic plummets, and advertisers become angry. I use to sell ad space on websites for a major newspaper. Just my two cents. Brian
  10. Hey Alex @albar965, I would love to beta test for X-Plane 11. I was looking through your git and saw you have been working on the xplane plugin. If it helps im currently enrolled in computer science and graduating December and hold a pilots license =D. Brian
  11. Seeing how I have tried every flight planning tool I could find and come to the conclusion that little navmap is the best for my needs, is there any plan to add xplane 11 support?
  12. I don't know why you are having such problems and screaming. I keep an excel spreadsheet with my flight simulator purchases and their keys. When xplane asks for the key, I copy and paste the key. It's not that big of a deal. And I don't buy anything from x aviation anymore because of account issues.
  13. I have been struggling with this issues for a couple days now.
  14. Hi Dave, I have tried the aerosoft and standard flight plans and have had issues. I kinda got one flight plan to load but it didnt load the waypoints. I was researching over on the Aerosoft forums, and Mathijs has stated that he will leave it up to devs to update the format for the CRJ flight plan and has attached this document which can be found in the announcement: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/125297-flight-plan-documentation/ . If you see a work around or something I can do to get this working I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. -Brian
  15. First, I want to say thanks as I have started using this program this week and it adds the final layer of immersion I have been missing in my flight sims. I was wondering if you have had a chance to look at the SDK for exporting flight plans to the new CRJ that was released on Aerosoft this week? I have purchased this aircraft and its a pain to have to manually program the fmc. Keep up the good work! -Brian
  16. Has anyone had and issue with the clouds in true sky? Mine are swirling lines in cumulus clouds. Kinda translucent. Running latest Nvidia and windows 10.
  17. I retract my previous statement. Nice implementation of cold and dark.
  18. Is there a quick way to redo the tile with decals? So I don't have to rebuild the whole thing
  19. I have seen a lot of people recently asking about x plane 11. I personally think it has become a true prime time sim and has completely replaced p3d and its add-ons for me. Anyway, the Steam summer sale is happening until July 5 and you can buy x plane 11 for 26% off or $44 USD. Good time to join in on the fun as x plane is only getting better.
  20. Absolutely. I shouldn't criticize I know his main concern is WT 3.0 I should of asked is there a feature list somewhere I could read?
  21. I'm sorry I tried to watch this video but with the jet engines at max volume I only hear Blah blah.
  22. Where is @sesquashtoo on this? Just got home man I hope this fixes the ortho stutter.
  23. I've decided to create zl16 for the US with zl 17/18 for florida which is where I'm from. The thing for me to put ortho over the top was I run max scenery objects, but trees I have turned Off. They are too patchy looking and in the wrong place. But I have all the auto-generated buildings and roads with traffic and it looks great.
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