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  1. Redwood

    Anyone else think this looks kinda fun?

    I stand corrected. Ill be purchasing later today. Congrats to everyone at TFDI and thank you for attacking an untouched market in 64bit P3D world/Xplane world
  2. Redwood

    Anyone else think this looks kinda fun?

    This has already been posted above....
  3. Redwood

    Anyone else think this looks kinda fun?

    I dont expect it to release tomorrow but if it does then great. I am looking forward to it as its something different in the sim world. It feels like this is such an untouched area. With all the remakes of LAX/ATL sceneries for example, plenty of variations of the A320/737 from different developers, multiple weather products on the market, and what feels a new LIVE AI traffic program being developed every year, its mind boggling how FS Passengers has yet to get anything close to competition. Not that FS Passengers needs competition, It is a great program but I think we can consider it dead for P3D V4-5 How about REX Sim Air? That has vanished without a trace from the REX website. I am not a developer so maybe this area is alot more difficult than I am giving credit but it feels like this would be a hit if someone tackled this market fully. Maybe I am biased though because this is what I would want as I do not fly GA and only airliners.... I do not think PACX will fulfill the FS Passengers void that was left (at least not right now) but I will still purchase it as it does look interesting to use with Project Fly, FS Captain or even Air Hauler 2 to increase immersion. I skimmed through the youtube stream of PACX and the plans to develop further intrigue me so I will definitely show some support and purchase it even though Initially in its present state it doesn't take care of everything In my personal simulation needs
  4. Redwood

    Air hauler 2 experiences

    No issues for me. I use networked mode though. not sure if that matters.
  5. Redwood

    How do I uninstall TomatoShade?

    Exactly the main reason I’m avoiding installing tomato shade. It looks great on YouTube, etc but I’m afraid I won’t like it and messes up my simulation. I haven’t “configured” anything in months and that’s great considering most people probably spend more time tweaking than flying. I used to be one of them and I want to avoid going back down that road
  6. Redwood

    4.5. vs 4.0

    Unless you use FS Passengers I don’t see the reason not to upgrade.
  7. Redwood

    Hunting good performance at LAX and SFO

    I uninstalled Orbx Nor Cal scenery the other day and my sim to SFO has been great since. I was not happy with mid 17-18 FPS and that was with FFTF Dynamic. I still have Global FTX so ill just live with that. Im now back to 25-30 FPS in SFO with Imaginesim SJC also installed. Because of my bad experience with Norcal I wont purchase the SoCal Orbx as im already at 18-20 FPS with FSDT LAX installed. I can only imagine it will get worse. Sorry I know Im not adding much but I feel like theres nothing much I can do with these areas and I fly to SFO/LAX regularly mostly in the Aerosoft A32X Windows 10 64bit - i7-9800X @ 3.8Ghz 32GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 - 8GB GDDR6
  8. Redwood

    How I fixed my "slow loading autogen" issue

    Nice find. Thanks
  9. Huh? Me simply stating there are other things in the flightsim world that are worse to prove my argument on why I disagree with this thread on gsx isn’t changing the subject. You directly asking me to be specific and list what other things I’m not fond of is changing the subject. We have different opinions on gsx. Just leave it at that. No reason to be a child and nitpick certain words out of my statement
  10. So basically my initial point of me supporting GSX just flew over your head and you were just looking to argue about anything. Have a nice day.
  11. You quoted me saying other things that suck asking for specifics. If I Threw out specific software then I would consider that bashing.
  12. It’s really not necessary to go into it specially and bash any developers. At the end of the day someone putting effort into this hobby for us is always a positive.
  13. Ridiculous thread. GSX is amazing. Wouldn’t change a thing. So many other things in flightsim that suck, need overhauls and completely make me lose immersion. GSX is not one of them
  14. Redwood

    P3d 4.5 is out!

    was getting random CTD last week. forced me to uninstall everything and have a nice fresh clean install of V4.5. Took me 2 days to get all my scenery and aircraft downloaded/activated etc. still need to update all my AFCADs. Ill back them up next time. That will probably take another 2 days before I can get back to flying. edit: the random CTD was on 4.4. probably my fault messing around with something
  15. I tried the above suggestions and I believe it worked for me. Now I can have Live ATC in the background for chatter and P3D isnt lowering the sound of the sim