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04MAR12: SP1c Released for full NGX product range.

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UPDATE - if you downloaded the 800/900 SP1c file earlier tonight there was a problem that could result in an error message involving version 3116 if you had a version of SP1b that only existed for an hour on the day SP1b was released. This is solved now, download again via the same link below and it'll install now. Sorry about that!===========Captains-Since so many of you follow us here in the forum (and on Facebook!) we are just making a quiet little announcement here so that you know the SP1c update for the NGX product line has just been made available for you!We have issued an SP1c patch installer for both the 737-8900 Base Package and the 737-600/700 Expansion package. Simply download them and install over top of your existing installation and you will be all set to go.Please note that both of these installers are "universal" so they will install over the top of any legal, valid installation that you already have. (Keep your originally purchased installers and these SP1c updates and you will always be able to install the most current version!)There are a couple of new items we want to bring to your attention with SP1c:NEW ITEMS:==========Tutorial #2: This is a highly detailed tutorial that we **strongly** recommend all of you fly. It will teach even seasoned veterans a few interesting new tricks with the NGX- and it will also show you how to fly what is arguably one of the "coolest" approaches in the world. Ryan has put a significant amount of time and energy into this tutorial- so take it for a spin! I promise you won't be disappointed!PMDG 737NGX SDK: The SDK is included in the SP1c update. If you aren't a developer, then don't worry about this because it isn't something that will be useful to you. If you are a developer, you can find the instructions in your START/PMDG Simulations menu...and you'll find the required files in FSX/PMDG/PMDG 737NGX directory. I *must* stress that the SDK is designed for experienced developers and it isn't something we can help the general public to understand. Any developer who understands FSX development will look at this and know immediately what to do with it- so if you decide to poke around and look at it- but don't understand what you are looking at- then it probably isn't for you! A couple of developers have been helping us to test this and get it properly fitted out. (Thank you, Bryan!) so I am certain you will begin to see the fruits of their creativity soon enough!UPDATED ITEMS:==============The following items were updated as a result of our normal course of continued work/investigation/tuning:

  1. REV limits for 900 series airplanes
  2. IAS behavior at TOGA after acceleration
  3. Changes to DU redraw logic for improved efficiency
  4. mathematical model for ToC display position and distance for “special” flightplan legs.
  5. pushback distance to-go calculation tweaked. (not perfect yet- thank you ACES...)
  6. altitude intervention allowed if VNAV is not active. [fltpln and FMC checks still performed]
  7. SDK behavior related to accelerated knob/switch movements
  8. SDK behavior to allow direct setting of certain external events
  9. APU Starter stress limits are reset with APU failure reset/servicing.
  10. SDK export of certain data related to pressurization corrected.
  11. Livery Manager now able to sort liveries alphabetically.
  12. Fixed 900/900WL VC Low Resolution Option to display properly
  13. 2D and 3D Table loading routines.
  14. Starter Cutout Behavior.
  15. Idle descent path prediction with EAI.
  16. Livery Manager now allows alphabetic sorting of installed liveries.
  17. Livery Manager more gracefully handles existing installed liveries during a reinstall.

FIXED ITEMS:===========

  1. Functionality fixes to zoom-in display popups
  2. Transition ALT/LEVEL + ACCEL/EO/THR RED/RESTORE altitude entries NOT rounded to within 10 feet
  3. Distance data for active after state reload in air with active DTO
  4. Auto page switch from CLB?DES page at tend of ACT CRZ CLB or CRZ DES to relevant page
  5. STEP AL Entry when offset RTE active
  6. In case of exactly 4 transitions 4th not shown in CDU STAR/APP page
  7. Partial airway load problem in the database due to Navigraph indexing confusion
  8. 3 digit wind output string
  9. DIST to end of CRZ DES
  10. Reload saved state panel after ToD
  11. Multiple instances where CTD may result during a load flight state.
  12. Light leaks on 2D panel
  13. Flap limit placard now correct in 600/700
  14. LED Digit and illumination colors
  15. Yaw Damp additive when deflected by pilot
  16. K1 and K3 relays no longer able to get out of sequence and produce an endless power supply.
  17. Loading saved flight with gear handle in OFF position no longer triggers IN TRANSIT lights
  18. Standby altimeter baro sync behavior
  19. Cabin pressure evolution no longer possible on the ground with packs OFF and switching mode AUTO->MAN->AUTO
  20. Flap maneuver speeds display during approach
  21. REV indication no longer displayed with engines shut down.
  22. Hi speed buffet limits on approach correctly shows onl Flaps 1/5/15/30 positions.
  23. Handling of various items after FMS reset.
  24. Main and Aux Battery Voltage correctly saves with flight and panel state.
  25. Missed approach holds in MOD RTE in white instead of cyan.
  26. Erroneous autoland advisories in FAIL PASS equipment following in flight option change.
  27. N1 light illuminated and N1 can be deselected during VNAV SPD.
  28. Load state with active wpt a DTO and on course now correctly handled.
  29. Exception in RTE page update with offset active and page half empty.
  30. CDU Options page sound device functionality.
  31. Certain conditions could cause fuel system to fail to recognize out of quantity condition.
  32. AIII glidepath indication displacement incorrect on HUD.
  33. Magenta depiction after capturing DTO course at precisely 180 degrees.
  34. Decel circles for speed restriction altitude (e.g.10000') disappear when a waypoint is restricted with the same altitude.
  35. CTD on very large entry for ross weight (Too many characters) in PERF INIT page.
  36. Entering/Deleting STEP altitude resets speed restriction (e.g. 250/10000)
  37. Update distance to active on ground required for various key vertical path markers
  38. F/D behavior on G/A if F/D was biased out of view.

In addition to these fixes, there were a bout 30-40 other items that got tweaked, tuned or improved for processor efficiency- but they aren't anything that you would see or interact with so they aren't worth mentioning here... (and a bunch we just forgot to enter into the tracking system... oops.)INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS:=========================Download the PMDG 737NGX 8900 SP1c UpdateDownload the PMDG 737NGX 6700 Expansion SP1c Update(Option: If you are interested in saving the accumulated flight time on your various liveries, back up the files contained in your FSXPMDG 737 NGXAircraft directory, then run the livery manager and uninstall your liveries...After you get your liveries re-installed, just copy all of these ini files back- and you'll be right where you left off. We are working on a long-term solution for this headache- but it didn't make this update...)Run both installers (order shouldn't matter)...Run the livery manager, and reinstall your liveries.(NOTE: When reinstalling your liveries, if the livery manager warns you about a livery directory that already exists, ALLOW THE LIVERY MANAGER TO DELETE THE FOLDER. While you are in the livery manager, try sorting your liveries alphabetically... pretty cool, huh?)Go Flying!(Oh- and don't forget the tutorial... the flight is a significant learning experience and a ton of fun!)FURTHER EXPANSIONS TO THE NGX LINE:===================================We are still at work on further expansions to the NGX product line (ERs, BBJs and Mil Versions) but these are taking a bit longer than initially planned primarily because we are dealing with a lack-of-data issue on a fe key pieces- but we will get that solved in time. As we get a bit further down the road to SP2 is when I would currently anticipate seeing the next expansion release... So as we get getting a bit closer to SP2 we'll start talking about those expansions a bit more in depth. Or we might surprise you and just drop one in your lap... Hard to say at the moment....To answer the inevitable questions about shared cockpit: This is currently being examined for SP2. I'll let you know more when we get a bit closer.BACKUP CD CUSTOMERS:======================Backup CDs are due to go into production on 19MAR12 and will be headed to you by postal service shortly afterward!Okay- I think that covers it for tonight- ENJOY YOUR FLYING, and let us know how you like the approach to LOWI!

Robert S. Randazzo coolcap.gif


You can find us at:  http://forum.pmdg.com

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Thanks Robert

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Alaa A. Riad
Just love to fly...............

W11 64-bit, MSFS2020, Intel Core i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20 Ghz 6 Cores, 2 TR HD, 16.0 GB DDR4 RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 MB GDDR5

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Thanks Robert! I'll have to say I am am more excited about the the news of the future expansions of the BBJ, ER variants etc, than the service packs. I feel very fortunate, that I have not had any problems with the NGX so far. All the same thank you very much for the updates and the continuing improvements.

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John Bauer

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Thank you Robert! Can't wait to try tutorial #2.Glad to see -900 REV limits made it in!

Chris Towers




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Well done....thanks

Majestic Software Development/Support

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Hi, the link doesn't work for me... I really don't know why. Even when I tried to download the Sp1b update (I bought the product yesterday and I don't know if I need it) but I know I need the SP1c... How can I do?Thanks.Raffaele


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