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General Update on In-Development Products 04JUN12

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guys, give us some eyecandy, I'm talking about effects around the airplane, please...

plus.. what about the -300? can't wait to convert my Air Canada "Vancouver 2010" repaint onto the pmdg T7 ^_^


I thought that the -300 would be released after the -200LR.

Kenny Lee
"Keep climbing"

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This is awesome news. Looks like I'm going to be doing some upgrades to my computer in the next few months for the T7 and others. By the way, will the T7 come with PIPs already installed or will we have to order those seperately? :LMAO: Guess I will have to stand in line and wait for the manuals. At least they are not like the Aircraft Maintenance manuals I have had to deal with. (Each manual deals with every system aboard an aircraft, for example the Boeing 737 has more than 10 different binders or more! Thank goodness they are on computers now.) But seriously, thanks for the update guys and keep'em coming. :Peace:

Kelvie Smith

A&P Mechanic

FSX Pilot


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PMDG WoodPigeon:


We are still arguing over whether to use stitz or standard aviation canvas on this one. We did have a small mishap with a gas torch and one of Dr. Vaos' cigarettes and the tail of the airplane- but we found a role of masking tape that matches what is left of the rudder and we think it should still fly relatively well....


Obviously I understand that this has been a very long-running gag within the PMDG community, and has been a joke since the beginning, but do you foresee an actual chance of making the Westland Woodpigeon? Like in all seriousness, would it be something you'd do? I'd be up for that one in a heartbeat.... Big%20Grin.gif


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Great to hear some news on the Woodpigeon because rumours were rife that this had been shelved due to problems in animating the folding wings and simulating the appalling take-off performance (unless the runway had been mowed). Looking forward to the previews :)


forget the 777,747 and dc6... i am so excited about the pigeon.. cant wait to fly that baby in some vatsim events


One question on the pigeon.. will the pidgeon II be included with its Anzani engine in the base pack? I would like to fly the anzani powered plane since it has 60 hp :LMAO:

Mike Avallone

9900k@5.0,Corsair H115i cooler,ASUS 2080TI,GSkill 32GB pc3600 ram, 2 WD black NVME ssd drives, ASUS maximus hero MB


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Thanks for the update Robert!


Last weekend I had a 1 hour layover in Detroit, waiting for a CRJ700 flight home from gate A60. Right across from my gate was a coffee shop adjacent to gate A36.


I walked over to buy a cup of java and a bagel, and then sat down at a table next to a window facing the international gates on the west side. It was then that I saw it.... parked right in front if the window... almost close enough to reach out and touch... a beautiful Delta 777-200LR, N709DN.


She looked like she just rolled off the assembly line, and indeed, when I looked up the reg number online, I saw that the aircraft is only 2 years old.


I checked the departure board at the gate. It was flight DAL187, about one hour away from departing on a 14.5 hour, 8000+ nautical mile non-stop transpolar flight to Hong Kong.


I sat transfixed, watching the loading of several large cargo pallets, and the general hustle and bustle of fueling, catering and all the other ramp activity.


Looking at the plane, I reflected that by the time I got home, this same aircraft would be 2000 miles north of Detroit, crossing the northern reaches of the Canadian arctic. By the time I went to bed, it would be somewhere over Siberia, heading south. And, by the time I woke up the next morning, it would be commencing its approach to VHHH, almost on the opposite side of the globe from where it was parked at the moment.


The best part of my reverie, was the thought that (hopefully) before the year is out, I will be able to recreate this exact flight, from this exact gate at DTW, and in this exact aircraft!


Thanks to all of you at PMDG for all you do to bring the magic of r/w flight to FSX.


Unfortunately, my online lookups of the aircraft's registration and flight plan killed what little juice was left in my Android's battery, so I was unable to get any photos of this magnificent Boeing triple 7!


Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk 2

Jim Barrett

Licensed Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic, Avionics, Electrical & Air Data Systems Specialist. Qualified on: Falcon 900, CRJ-200, Dornier 328-100, Hawker 850XP and 1000, Lear 35, 45, 55 and 60, Gulfstream IV and 550, Embraer 135, Beech Premiere and 400A, MD-80.

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At least, I have got some news on PMDG777X and others again :D

Yu Xiong


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Thanks for the update Robert.


Your product has come a long way and I am totally sold. The NGX was the finest and the 747 was a beautiful aircraft I continue to fly it.


All aspects of your products are finely crafted.

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Thanks so much Robert for the update, and to the entire PMDG team for the working so hard on the developments for these next products.


I know im not the only one, but I am so excited for these next few planes, especially the DC6. I have never flown an aircraft like that so it will be so awesome to really learn how to handle it.


Thanks again PMDG!!


PMDG 747X & 737NGX Pilot

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Yeah, like Cross the Pond.


LOL about 10 miles of flying and a lot of swimming

Mike Avallone

9900k@5.0,Corsair H115i cooler,ASUS 2080TI,GSkill 32GB pc3600 ram, 2 WD black NVME ssd drives, ASUS maximus hero MB


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There are quite a number of you forgetting to sign your name to your posts.


This is required in this forum.


We are going to start handing out suspensions to those who cannot seem to remember. You have been warned.

Robert S. Randazzo coolcap.gif


You can find us at:  http://forum.pmdg.com

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