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How do you fly? I guess I am a globalist

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I fly heavies 90% of the time. I get my inspiration from Airliners.net.

I get a destination airport from a photo.

I Plug that airport in Flightaware.com and get departures and arrivals of that airport.

Pick a route flying in or out of that airport

And finally I make a flight plan using PFPX (or FSBuild prior) and fly.

I usually fly the same airliner aircraft and flight number (using PMDG T7, PMDG737, PMDG747, PMDG MD11, Airbus etc.)

As a result I covered most of the Major airports in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas.

How do fly?



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I do similar to you except that I use the random flight tracker feature of flight aware. If I don't have the exact plane, I buy it if the available plane is of great quality ( for example I wont buy an Abacus A380 ). If there is no available plane then I fly the route with a plane with close specs. It does not matter to me if its a 14 hour flight in a 747 or a 15 minute flight in a Cessna 172. I also make sure I have an updated scenery for the airports flown. So it's way to develop my aircraft and scenery libraries.

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Oh my...I'm all over the place with the style of flight that interests me when I'm in front of the computer.

Here they are...in no particular order.

1. When I'm painting a new livery, I'll take a few flights that plane/airline combo flies in the real world.

2. If I just watched something on tv that inspires me to fly to that part of the world...for example I watch military history alot...so have flown to many obscure places many brave soldiers lost their lives on...Marshall islands, Normandy, Tarawa, etc.

3. Sometimes I'll pick an airline and fly its routes for awhile...not to VA complexity (or I'd join a va...hehe)

4. Or I'll pick a particular aircraft and fly its typical routes. I think it's interesting to discover how airlines use a particular airframe differently than others...for example some Asian carriers that use a 747 on high density routes. A totally different way to fly the same plane most carriers use on long haul.

5. Round the world...many different ways to fly this...all in the same airframe...different airfames for each leg...polar route...could spend all my flightsim time in just this mode of flying.

But the best thing about flightsim is you can do it however you want!


The best thing is that, like you mention, we have so many utilities both free and payware to sustain our hobby. Love flightaware...use it just like you do....plus too many sites to mention while typing on my phone. :)



Steve Dra


Steve Dra

Download my paints here at Avsim by clicking here


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I also like to fly all over the world, with a lot of aircraft.

In fact, I did a little app that has a round the world trip that visit any airport in the world that can hold the type of aircraft i'm flying.

I have 4 different world trips.

One for the Concorde, one for small GA aircraft, one for small jet aircraft and one for heavy aircraft.


The only problem is this is also a curse. I have a 250GB SSD full of addons and I need more space!!!

Matias Sorcinelli
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I stick to one airline, and one aircraft and fly using real world routes with real weather at real time. If I have the time, I try to simulate a day of a pilot, waking up at 4 or 6AM, and spend 8 - 12 hours a day in front of the computer "flying". :P 

Thoriq Kamaruszaman, Potato Flier :Cuppa:


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1. Fly one airline and aircraft


2. Wake up around  10PM


3. Drive around in traffic for an hour


4. Fly a $50million Ultra long haul virtual jet  for 3 hours from Dubai to a smoggy Bombay (Because my seniority is so low I never get the Seychelles or London Bids) 


5. check into a cheap hotel, make sure the room is next to a bunch of people having an all night  party. 


6. Wake up at 4am dog tired, operate back to Dubai and sit in the DESDI hold for 40mins.


7. Drive around in traffic a bit more. Send myself an email querying why I did not obey company SOP &  perform a single engine taxi in Dubai


8. Take a day off paying bills - Return to step 1! ;-)

Rob Prest


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I use just two aircraft, the NGX and the Aerosoft A320.


I have heavily invested in payware scenery, as I cannot use default FSX - it just ruins any sense of immersion for me.


So I have painstakingly created a database of all the real world routes that serve my "network" of airports in a spreadsheet, and inserted some funky formulas and macros so that I can click a button, and it will randomly generate me a flight from the listing. I like it because it takes the hard work out of choosing a route! Of course at times if I want to fly a specific route with a specific airline/aircraft, I will!


So one day I click the button and get given EZY/A320/LEBL -> EGKK, another day it's KLM/B737/EHAM -> LHBP, the next it's UAL/A320/KSFO -> KLAX

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In my boredom this weekend I might attempt a first in FSX history and fly a non-stop around the world global run in the default trike. (unlimited fuel and autopilot enhanced of course)...in the meantime, I'll be doing more important things like yard work and appeasing my wife. 


Hoping do buy a venerable PMDG ac soon, I'm sure it's much more entertaining, then all of those things metioned.


edit: err...nevermind that's 24900 miles at 60mph, need more than a weekend.



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Hi,  While all you guys are doing what you stated, I am snug as a bug in bed having a good kip. zzzzzzzzzz.

Richard Welsh

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I fly the 777 99% of the time and 99% in the USA.  I do 1/2 to 1 hour flights between major cities.  I did a 50 state tour in 50 days when the 777 first came out.  I have not done any VATSIM flying in over a year and really miss it. I'll fly with real weather to keep it real. 


I hate the 737NGX and rarely fly the LD767 anymore. I only fly Boeings.  I'll get the 777-300 and the 787 but I guess that is it - no need for so many planes.

Paul Gugliotta

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When I know I've got time to do some flying but not enough time to fly a route I hop into the Legacy, Skymaster or Twin Otter, pick a random airport in one of my Orbx scenery areas and take off straight from the runway (no taxi, checklists, etc).  I just fly around and enjoy the view.


Most of my full-route flights are short hops (two hours max) using either the Duke 2.0 or the Majestic Q400. I tend to stay out of the big airports as the smaller regional or GA airports are less taxing on my system and more fun IMO.  I've got a few favorite routes, but frequently fly new ones when I've got time to do the planning.  Looking forward to adding the Milviz 350i to the rotation once it becomes available.


I got the 777 in January, but shelved it after a couple weeks because it's a little too much for my meager hardware.  But now that the weather over North America is usually more clear skies than overcast, my computer can handle it so I've been doing longer hauls using time compression.

Richard P. Kelly

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I have a lot of pay ware scenery. More than 40 world wide. I make a list of Icao codes of these pay ware airports, divide them according to East or west hemisphere location, put the east hemisphere airports in a list randomizer (then do west) , and fly them in that order. At each airport I use Wikipedia to see what Airlines operate into and out of that airport, pick one and try to fly the real world flight.

Bryan Richards


"People depend so much on automation that they forget how to get the automation to work." B.W.

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I have a "weekly flyin" that I generally always attend (Australia's Milk Run Monday, 0930z Mondays, between YSSY and YMML except the last Monday of a month which is a "special milk run" where they sometimes go somewhere else, or have something set up to interrupt the usual weekly - like closing a runway or whatever).


I then will choose from the large selection of flyins available in my time zone (roughly 0600z to 13:00z if possible) for the weekend.


Bigger special events like Cross the Pond will see me go as far as applying for leave from real work to attend (timezone 11pm to 7am through the night Australian Eastern time requires some sleep after arrival).


Available ATC for the entire route is the most important part.


Flights are generally recorded and turned into videos on http://www.youtube.com/user/musicalaviator


Addon scenery where possible, Freeware or Payware where available.


Aircraft: anything payware. from A2A C172, through PMDG JS41, Majestic Q400, PMDG MD11, 737NGX, 777 and even 747 on occasion.

Trent Hopkinson, 2015 Crewmember of www.mangrove.com.au WorldFlight sim

          Youtube channel www.youtube.com/user/musicalaviator

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Most of my flights are short hauls in the 737/DC-9, there is much more satisfaction in doing 7-8 flights in one day vs one long 8 hour leg but I still take my 777 out for a spin here and there (most flights are offline especially if there is an event going on). 


A<380 love at first flight

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I go to flight aware. Look at major airports for flights. Mostly I choose a flight that will last late for me or an overnight especially on Fridays. Look at flight. Usually around 1-2 hours. I set up the PFPX flight plan using route from Flight-aware. Wait until hour mark before scheduled departure to get into FSX and park at gate. Fire up GSX and let it do its thing. This usually has me around 20 mins before departure and I just sit and look around maybe go on you tube or set up winds aloft and wait until the 10 min mark where I begin before start checklist. 

Dane Quartel 

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