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Is this normal regarding VAS usage and the T7 in P3D

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I've had p3d for a few months, and have flown some GA aircraft in it, with no problems; But, as you all know, the PMDG 777 came out the other day, and I've flown it plenty of times in FSX. Though when I started flying the T7 in P3D, I started running in my first VAS Issues. Now, I've read a bunch of stuff on vas usage in fsx and p3d, as well as the P3D introduction of the PMDG Manual, and I was just wondering if the following is "normal" in p3d, or if I should be investigating something else further. Please note that this is with v2.4 as I'm holding off on 2.5 until some more addon companies are compatible with it (so, 2.5 may solve some of these issues).


So, the issue is that I've started running the process monitor to monitor my VAS usage, and I was just wondering if the following is actually normal (please note that when i refer to 3gig or 3.1 gig, it refers to the general 3,000,000 or 3,100,000 bytes, and not the true value of 3 or 3.1)


My basic computer specs are as follows:

Windows 7 64bit

Intel i7 960

12 gig 1600mhz RAM

Nvidia GTX 970 w/ 4gig vram


So, not the newest, but definitely not a slouch. I run the following addons


Orbx: PNW, NRM, CRM, NorCal


Rex Texture Direct 4,

Rex Soft Clouds


PMDG 777


Now the issue. At first I did the silly thing and cranked everything up to the nuts just to see what it would do... I could hear scotty in the background going "She's Breaking up captain, she cannot take any more", and I had OOM errors when landing at an airport in the T7, so I started running some tests. I would start a new flight with the T7, parked at CYVR (with orbx scenery), and I was quite surprised that I was already at 3.1gigs of used VAS space, getting pretty close to the limit without even turning the plane on. Anyways, I've tried the following to try and reduce the VAS Usage:


Disabled KDEN

Reduced the REX texture sizes to 1024

Reduced the P3d Texture size setting to 2048 and then 1024

Lowered the mesh resolution (to 5m I believe, I'm not on my flightsim machine right now)

Lowered the View Radius down one and two notches from the Max

Reduced AI traffic to 20% from 60% (all default AI), and disabled all the other traffic except for commercial ships which I keep at 20%

I have also tried setting up a flight, saving it, exiting, and restarting with that flight, and that has made no impact.

I have also made all the changes specified in the Intro manual of the T7 for P3D


The only thing that I noticed that had any noticeable impact on VAS was the autogen. And when all autogen was set to max, I was at 3.2gig+ and when set to sparse it was at 3.0gig .


I made these changes one at a time, but still, after all the changes were made, the VAS usage is still hovering around 3.1gigs (may dip down into the 3.0s) which is odd. My frame rate improved which is to be expected, but VAS usage was unchanged. Is this normal? because there doesn't seem to be any difference in the texture sizes to the VAS usage (which from what I'm reading is the main culprit when it comes to VAS usage). I'm reluctant to turn off Orbx sceneries in p3d because I've heard that that will cause more issues than it will solve.


Now I haven't tried this on any other aircraft (i also have the Majestic Dash-8, but I've never ran into VAS issues with it), but I'm just wondering if there is something else going on here where my VAS usage won't go down with pretty much any of the well known solutions.


Any Thoughts, or is this just normal?





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Personally I would not run orbx regions and CYVR together with the 777. Try disabling PNW then load up at Vancouver and see what vas is sitting at in the 777.

Your gonna be at FL350-400 so enhanced textures and autogen underneath mean nothing and is only using up precious memory.


2.5 does help a little with VAS but I don't think it would help the combo your trying to run. I would get other peoples opinion though I personally don't use ORBX regions only global and I have no issues with VAS from say KDEN to KJFK flown just now. Ended with 1gb VAS remaining.

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To run the PMDG 777 you have to 


Turn un needs airports off

Run LOD at no more than 4.5(fsx)

I would not use Orbx regions, use global etc


The 777 is know for its high VAS useage. Very easy to get OOM. You really need to keep turning thing down to your OK.


One of the reasons as much as I love it I will not buy it again for P3d.

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"VAS from say KDEN to KJFK flown just now. Ended with 1gb VAS remaining"


What was your settings?.


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why dont your post your as its working on your setting?

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3 - 3.5 is pretty normal with all those addons in FSX with similar addons (B738) I go 3.5 - 3.8. I can't normally fly Orbx regions with pmdg for more than an hour.


In P3D I can't tell because I don't have pmdg yet. But I have had OOM's - you just really need to be pushing hi res addons etc etc

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Ended with 1gb VAS remaining.


That's incredible...echo David:  What's your majic brew?  I will be installing v2.5 today (if my downloads are errorless) and hope for improvement but v2.4 was significantly worse than FSX.  I have accepted it and save/reload before TOD every PMDG flight.  No one can explain why that reset results in a GB more of VAS available... if I don't need that GB on reload why was it there before save and exit?  Mystery.


By the way, PMDG has measured B77X VAS use at about 700-800 MB... which seems reasonable unless you don't have 800MB left.

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Thanks for the info everyone. I fully understand that the T7 is a VAS hog, but I'll have to reluctantly turn off some orbx regions and see if that helps tonight, which isn't ideal as I tend to start or end most of my flights in Western Canada and the US. I hope that the NGX won't be as bad to vas as the T7 as one of my favorite routes is the Westjet CYYC-CYLW run and the orbx region really helps enhance that route.


I still find it strange that changing the texture resolutions of Rex and P3D still doesn't have any effect in VAS on my machine, even though, from what I was getting from the intro manual and around the interwebs, that was a major cause of it. But I'm still open to suggestions. I also heard a little while back that ASN may have an effect on VAS if it's not opened in the correct order, has anyone seen any truth to this?


Thanks again for the info everyone

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ASN may have an effect on VAS if it's not opened in the correct order, has anyone seen any truth to this?


The limited testing I have done seems to indicate this.  Something to try that was mentioned in another thread:


Completely uninstall and then reinstall the latest full build from ASN.  Don't open ASN until you load in your flight at the gate or runway.


Additionally, move your scenery sliders (texture res, LOD, autogen) to the middle, especially building autogen...I just turned that off.  Sacrifices have to be made. 

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That's incredible...echo David: What's your majic brew?


Margaritas if you must know. 


Seriously though I flew with P3D 2.5 and the 777 this morning.  I had FSDT KJFK and FB KDEN loaded into scenery. 

Started up at KJFK just to verify scenery worked;  taxied around a bit then changed my location to KDEN (cargo ramp) at early dawn.  Proceeded with startup (short panel state) at KDEN and flew 3.5 hours to KJFK and landed and taxied.


I used FSGRW for weather with it set at 50% realism so I'd at least get some good looking clouds instead of pancakes everywhere.  Used Dynamic Weather so it loaded in every 10 minutes I believe.


My settings are moderate.  I'm not one to go full right on everything cause I know its not going to work. 

These are my settings off the top of my head because I'm at work right now.


Ultra LOD

Max Tesseleation

19m Mesh (none installed)

60cm Texture resolution.  (At FL's you cant see it anyway)

Special Effects Medium (Don't really know what this shows anyway)

Normal setting on all 3 Autogen sliders.  According to Rob A. building will still kill performance so I keep it normal always.

1920x1080 resolution, 1024 textures, Vsync On, Triple Buffering, 8x MSAA, FXAA off, Ansiotropic 16x

Water Medium  (Don't need it over the plains of the Midwest)

Shadows Ultra - Terrain 60,000, Clouds 60,000, HDR Lighting ON

Weather 80 mile range, Max cloud coverage

No AI traffic whatsoever (I refer to them as Artifical Idiots, they get annoying and take up vital resources I need for flying)


I never go outside the flightdeck; ruins the immersion for me.  If I want to see a plane from the outside I'll go to Airliners.net.


Only use FTX Global as ground textures until GEX goes to P3D then I switch.  Not really big on ground textures being a tube flier 90% of the time.

REX soft clouds.  Other clouds are default.

No extra graphic enhancments.  (SweetFX etc)


Nividia Inspector is not used as I'm happy with what I can achieve with settings in 2.5



Anyway that's how I fly but everybody has different things they like too see.  My settings keep VAS in control at least on my system. 

Used FSUIPC to monitor VAS and it stayed at 1.5 the whole flight until coming into NYC then dropped to 1.0 and I think it ended with me at a gate at 956,000.

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"why dont your post your as its working on your setting?"


Here are they.


Not for P3D I cannot because given the high VAS and that PMDG what to charge me the same amount I paid for fundamentally the same product for fsx I will not buy it.


But in fsx

I have to do this

Set LOD to 4.5, 6.5 is best and works with the NGX and another other aircraft but 6.5 = OOM.

I only use Global/Vector and OLC

Always use addon airport, you have to turn off any your not using leaving just to two you need. Even the on Monday From Oslo to Cohopen I got a OOM on final because i forgot LOD was set to 6.5

Auto gen 2 back from full

No AI car traffic

AI aircraft 10%

Textures @ 1024


You get the picture the 777 is am amazing aircraft but the VAS is bad and there is no way am useing P3D with it, will use the NGX with its VAS and if the 747v2 has a VAS level as high as the 777 it will be the first PMDG i will not buy.


BTW a tip, turn off the out side model so you see no aircraft from the out side. VC only for me so no lost, that get some VAS back and dont use the checklist build into it. Again saves VAS.


Never in all the year in flight sim have I see so many OOM topics and 99% of them come with PMDG 777 in them.


GL just turn everything down till it works then you will know the "cost" of useing it. 


You can use it and people do but it cost you and you need to keep turning everything down to you find your own point it stops OOM.


Wish you well.

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Interesting topic,


I have never suffered a single VAS error with my FSX DX10 setup, I have flown the 777 from Hongkong to Toronto as well.


I have just purchased P3D and have been experimenting with the sliders to get the best performance. I also used sysinternals yesterday on a test flight from EGKK - CYYZ. This was around 7 hours in the Aerosoft Airbus A319.


I monitored the VAS the whole time and it sat around 2.5 gigs and never went higher. I have no idea if this is normal or not but I still have FSX installed so will try both the 319 & 777 to see what it's like. I was about to jump in and get the 777 for P3D but I think I'll do a little more testing first



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Richard, where shall I get DX10 setup?


You need to purchase "Steve's DX10 Fixer"


Then follow one of the online guides for setting DX10 up in FSX

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I never go outside the flightdeck; ruins the immersion for me. If I want to see a plane from the outside I'll go to Airliners.net.

Precisely the point I was making with folks bemoaning External Views FPS. We are simulating all real-life procedures, why would one want to fly a plane from Exterior Views panning around?

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I thought I would update this tread a little bit:


I completely removed v2.4 and all traces of addons over the weekend and installed v2.5.  I wanted to test 777 VAS usage in stock conditions so I installed 777, FSUIPC, and EzDok.  I left all sliders at their default settings except turned off FXAA and set frame rate slider to unlimited.  Loaded up the 777 at KMIA (UAL livery) with fair weather preset and had 1.7 GB of free VAS.  Flew the however long flight to EHAM and after parking at the gate had 1.38 GB of free VAS.  I also switched to external view multiple times during the flight.


My conclusions: I could easily fly multiple cross Atlantic legs with the 777 in default v2.5.  v2.5 is very good at VAS management over the things it can control (i.e. not third party scenery).  The 777 is not a VAS hog when used in the appropriate conditions and could be flown for many hours with out issue.


Now when Orbx, Rex, and ASN provide their updated installers we'll see how well it goes then. :unsure:

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I feel your pain. What was the savior for me was DX10.  Using Steve's DX10 Fixer, I am able to run everything on full except Autogen and Scenery Complexity being at Very Dense (one notch down) instead of Extremely Dense.


I get 20-30 frames on the ground and over 50+ in the air.  My VAS usage with the PMDG 777 starts with 2.6 and by the time I land it's about 3.5 or so.


These are my addons and computer specs:


FTX Global and Vector

Rex 4 Texture Direct w/ Soft Clouds

Active Sky Next

Zinertek HD Airport Graphics

PMDG 777-200LRF





MSI gaming laptop

i7 2.2ghz cpu

16gb ram

Nvidia GTX 570M 



I was having the same issues you were until I went DX10.  Also I made sure that I had these settings:


AffinityMask=14 (if I go with 84 or higher, my entire machine craps out, 14 is good)

LOD= 4.5000000

Texture Resolution=2048


I don't remember other settings, but I'm working great now.

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My conclusions: I could easily fly multiple cross Atlantic legs with the 777 in default v2.5. v2.5 is very good at VAS management over the things it can control (i.e. not third party scenery). The 777 is not a VAS hog when used in the appropriate conditions and could be flown for many hours with out issue.


I agree so far, still testing.  I have two flights into FSDT KLAX (VAS killer) both with plenty of VAS remaining at gate after shutdown using GSX.  One from KATL other from PHNL.  Key element missing is weather, waiting  for HiFi to finish polishing their new ASN version.  Pretty much default settings except I am using 4096 max texture load.

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