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[31JAN17] PMDG Queen of the Skies II: Cleared for takeoff!

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We know you will love the new 747- and we have put a tremendous amount of ourselves into this project during the past 42 months. We do this for you, so thank you!


Absolutely outstanding! Loading up the Canadian Goose livery brings back alot of nostalgia for me. The 3D sounds evoke emotional response as it brings back memories walking underneath this enormous beast with all the sounds you incorporated, it sounds just perfect. Pushing back the Queen at that time, was a tremendous experience knowing she was max loaded and will still take off gracefully. When you drive up the commander loader, your already at quite the height as the pallets and cans enter the cargo hold. Myself and one other guy being 6'8 were the only ones who could plug in ground power without using a ladder.

But most importantly, since I cannot sit at all at a desk like everyone else, and must lie down in bed for my simulation due to spinal disease, the whole experience taking her from PAE to CYVR, really goes a long way working as a pain killer being immersed in its whole flying experience to the detail and complexity you have so carefully worked on. So thank you very much to you and the team for all the fantastic work.



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Damn you PMDG, it was released 6 minutes after I went to bed :lol:


Congratulation for this new masterpiece PMDG !



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Congrats on the release, devs and testers!


P3D users may not quite like the price of the P3D version, but as a FSX user I was expecting 100 USD for a number of reasons. Very pleased to see that it's still 90 USD, like for the B777/FSX.


I also appreciate the upcoming integration of the REX/MilViz wx radar, as an option next to ASN/AS16 integration (Why does your product page state ASN integration only? Shouldn't you mention AS16 there as well?)



Will you release the intro doc and the tutorial as some kind of a preview for people who are still sitting on the fence? Like you did with the DC-6 docs?


Again, looks like a job very well done!


Oliver Maertens



Also love the new start page at precisionmanuals (dot) com!

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What happened to AVSIM

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My word, this machine is INCREDIBLE!!!   I took the liberty of going into the office a little later this morning, after having downloaded and installed it shortly before 05:00 this morning.   Had a quick scan of the options, put a livery on it (Cathay Pacific) and then had it up and on the way to Hong Kong.   Now, since I do have to work, I will be testing the new features like auto fuel management and step climbs out during the day  :wink: .


My experience in starting up and taxiing this aircraft is just something else - The sounds on those RB211's kept me amazed and will keep doing so for the months and years to come.   The sounds are phenominal!   PMDG weren't kidding when they said that it is the best in terms of sound they have done.   I don't have words to describe it!   I felt like Don Grange in the ITVV video, it felt like I was truly there!


Then there is the ground model - being able to taxi the beast with so little thrust really.   Due to the weight it has very little roll resistance so a little thrust can really make you go a long way, and that is exactly what is happening here.   The way it feels when turning, etc, this is like a real rolling machine, I don't feel "attached" the FSX environment anymore.   I really hope this can somehow be rolled back to the NGX and the 777, that little bit of difference in the end makes a massive difference in the overall feel of the sim.   The behaviour during taxiing and ground operations are so realistic I really wanted to take it for a drive around the airport first rather than get airborne  :wub: .


The attention to the little details from power on all the way up, blows the mind completely!   It is hard to put your finger on it - it is the way that everything just "comes together".   The sounds, the physics model, the visual model, and of course that VC...   My goodness, what a joy to sit inside it.   I immediately felt "connected" to the queen, and realised once more, that NO other airliner can ever replace her as my favourite.   


PMDG, you have destroyed what little of a social life I had before this release  :LMAO:  - my life will never be the same again, it has been changed forever but in a good way.   Seriously, I wondered how you would improve after the release of the 777, but after the 744, I have to again wonder how on earth you could possibly improve with future products, and then the next one is released and it is a country mile ahead of the previous one.


You have taken what is essentially a dinosaur platform in FSX and you just keep on improving beyond what one can even remotely consider as being possible and you keep raising the bar, ever higher.   I am speechless right now.


Now, can this darned clock not run faster, I need to get back home to spend more quality time with my Queen.



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Werner Gillespie CYB2400
Proud member of Cyber Air Virtual Airlines
AVSIM Staff Member

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Well, at work, but still had to buy it, will check it out later. :-)

Alan Bradbury

Check out my youtube flight sim videos: Here

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PMDG awesome when is 747-8 roling out?I have to wait for the next pay check to buy this master piece ahh so exited.



Stefan Đorđević

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After a seamless install into P3D, I'm on my way on my first flight and just loving it!, wow just superb.


Was very excited today and couldn't  wait to get home to download. Congrats PMDG on an amazing add-on to my PMDG fleet and cant wait to explore further!.


:Applause:  :Applause:  :Applause:

Steve F
Offshore Helicopter Pilot ME-IFR AW139  / Sikorsky S92

SpecsWin 106th Gen Intel Core 6700 liquid cooledIntel 100 chipset4 processor 8 way multi16GB DDR4512 GB Intel pro SSD2TB 7200 rpmSata 3 HD
Nvidia GTX 1060


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Congrats PMDG!


Super job all around.


I'm glad I lived to see this happen. I've been at flying and flight simming since the '80s and this is simply the best.


You guys deserve a looong vacation.

Richard Chafey


i7-8700K @4.8GHz - 32Gb @3200  - ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero - EVGA RTX3090 - 3840x2160 Res - KBSim Gunfighter - Thrustmaster Warthog dual throttles - Crosswind V3 pedals

MSFS 2020, P3D 5.1, DCS


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PMDG product release days should always be official days off.



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Hello Mr. Randazzo

Many thanks to the whole team of PMDG and to all who helped in the development for the 747 :excl:

The 747 is great :yahoo:

Thank you all :smile:



Sebastian Schlotz

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Right, finished work in record time (the joys of being your own boss lol) and currently downloading the new 747 at a princely 2.4Mb per second.

Alan Bradbury

Check out my youtube flight sim videos: Here

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