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[31JAN17] PMDG Queen of the Skies II: Cleared for takeoff!

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30 seconds and yet no VaS and frames report. Disappointing guys.


I'm waiting to here about that too (even if I'm buying it anyway...)

"I am the Master of the Fist!" -Akuma

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Flawless purchase and download experience!!! thank you already impressed, especiallly compared to recent experiences

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I know pricing is taboo, but got to say that the P3D price is very reasonable, cheers.



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When released the 777 there was a release off, it will happen for 747?


When 747-8i is coming?

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Paid with PayPal here and it went almost instantaneous.

Wait a few minutes. Sometimes these things take some time. :smile:

I did the transaction at 12.55 it's know 01.33 i think something went wrong after all this time.

Now time for support ticket and maybe tomorrow I can fly the queen



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Sadly I'll only see the Queen myself on the weekend.

It's when my new GPU arrives, since my good old GTX 570... died. (What a time to lose my VGA!).


Well, gonna wait for the first user-screenshots and videos in the meantime.


Anyway, thanks PMDG. (The most important thing to say and I'm always forgetting to say it!).

I couldn't be more excited to see the results of years of hard work. She's finally here! Thanks a lot.

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You are cleared for pushback and start on engines one, two, three and four!


I will keep this brief, because I know most of you won’t even have read this far, but our flagship product, the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II is now available for purchase!


Thank you to all of you for your continued support of the PMDG team, our products, our quirks and our obsession with providing you with the most detailed simulation products imaginable.  If it were not for your interest in our work, this simply wouldn’t be possible.


We know you will love the new 747- and we have put a tremendous amount of ourselves into this project during the past 42 months.  We do this for you, so thank you!


Now get out there and fly!

WEDNESDAY RELEASE! I was right again  #PMDGProphet

Flying Tigers Group



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Hugely impressed by how smooth the purchase and the download is going.   You wouldn't say the initial rush is on, your servers are holding up hahahah!   It is now 02H48 here in South African, I don't think there will be further sleep here either!   Really looking forward to this, many thanks PMDG-team, I think you must feel like a proud father right now :-),   I know I do!


To all of you, outstanding job, this is your flagship and the REAL Dreamliner for many of us!  I actually have a lump in my throat right now, cannot wait to spool those engines up and scream down the runway.   Many thanks for the 42 months that you have put in that eventually led to this moment.   I don't think that we can even begin to imagine the blood, sweat and tears that go into this - in Afrikaans we have a saying which goes "JULLE MANNE IS YESTERS!", which when directly translated says "you guys are iron" which is a great way of saying you guys are fricken amazing!


Thank you so much!


Kind regards

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