RXP Integration with third party aircraft (A2A, Carenado, etc...)

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Adding to Scott's comments, I too have urged A2A to include RXP products as an option along with other 3rd party developers. Moreover, reaching out to Jean-Luc at this stage is an excellent idea as we await A2A's next release. I think timing is important as most of these aircraft developers don't move nearly as rapidly as RXP. 


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I'd like too help you out with A2A, I'd be glad to help them too.

From the linked thread above: "We have the [...] GNS GPS officially coming in the aircraft config soon thanks to the contact and help from [...] making this possible."

I've read they say they have sent an email in the past inquiring about integration, probably when it was a bad time in the past for me (I gather from various source around summer 2012?). 

Time to turn the page and go forward:  I still haven't received any email not even recently for integration (or I might overlooked my PM here at avsim).

Nevertheless, there is nothing complex nor RXP-specific to integrate our products, we're going great length to make it as easy as possible both for our customers and third party vendors.

It is just a matter of:

  1. Code the model to just send standard GPS commands instead of custom made for [company] (this is much easier and documented in our manuals). This supports press-release, press only, release only, and can be configured to send the events to either GPS#1 or GPS#2, just using the standard FltSim events.

    NB: should the A2A uses the default GPS, the model already send these standard FltSim events... there just need to add a few for the additional buttons/knobs/gps units
  2. Code the HSI/VOR gauges to just use the default/standard simvar, or alternatively read the Reality XP GNS V2/GTN published vars if needed (documented in our manuals). Our GPS take care of the rest (flags, needles etc...)

    Otherwise, you'll end up again with HSI gauges reading VOR vars for example, or not displaying vertical deviation in GPS mode because the gauge is assuming default GPS doesn't do it.
  3. Code the A/P to use default FltSim A/P (easy, not A2A grade but works), or, code the A/P to understand that when in GPS mode, the vertical deviation shouldn't be ignored, but conditioned to the other 'vertical needle' related simvars (such as VCDI VALID).

    The Reality XP GNS V2/GTN overrides the VOR and the HSI variables (when enabled in the settings panel) as if they were VOR or VLOC sources. An A/P expecting signals from such sources should work as-is if it doesn't assume when in GPS mode, it couldn't be a VOR/VLOC.

    Furthermore, our GNS V2/GTN also publishes the signals used in real life with a KAP... ;-)
  4. Modify the panel.cfg to use our gauges.

    You do this everyday on this forum and I thank you for this!
  5. Modify the default RealityXP.GNS.ini or RealityXP.GTN.ini with popleft/popright settings for the popup windows.


It is that easy for any vendor to integrate our GNS V2 / GTN (and this post will serve as a list for other vendors wondering too!)

I just need they send me an email with a request for license for them to try out on their dev machines.


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Great; I only hope the vendor is able to read this as we in the customer world are usually (and unfortunately) powerless. I could go on but that would be inappropriate. 


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