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[21SEP18] Release Planning Information for the PMDG 747-8

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10 minutes ago, JA806A said:

Thanks Robert.

I guess I'm updating to 4.3 now, was avoiding it.

Avoiding an improvement in performance and visuals doesn‘t make sense xD nothing to regret but a lot to win. 

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Thx for the kind update now.
Really exciting times ahead.

I do really not understand why people really stay on P3D v1, 2..
P3D is made and known to improve the base package of FSX more and more through the next years and there are SO many features and improvements made in the last couple of versions.

In this case I understand why devs like FlyTampa or others just focus on the actual versions which reduces the time to work on previous versions and give us more possible releases of new products.

Thx and I really hope its today! 🙂

Timm Rehberg
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Alright guys. I have my debit card sitting on my desk and my two saitek throttles calibrated for four engines, I'm locked and loaded. 

Brian McCumiskey

P3D V4.5, i9-9900K, RTX 2070, 16 GB 2666GHz RAM, Windows 10

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Well Aerosoft has done the same thing with there new airbuses as well.All the Devs would be doing the same thing it just makes sence you can’t stay on p3d 4.2 when 4.3 has been out a while now and before you know it there will be 4.4.So to make adjustments for it just makes absolutely sence.Congratulation PMDG for another fantastic plane.

Zdenek  Cebis

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3 hours ago, bmccumiskey said:

What about 4.2? Do I need 4.3? Will it not work with 4.2? I haven't switched and am not planning to...

I guess we have been "spoiled by FSX not having got any updates for many years, so in that sense it was a "stable" platform.

Luckily P3D V4.x is constantly evolving.



Finn Jacobsen

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This is the last warning, about unsigned posts. For now on any unsigned post will be deleted

Chris Makris


You can find us at http://forum.pmdg.com


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our hanger has just cleared out the B747 and B77W which have been in maintenance for a delivery experience for the platinum cardholders. they are just cleaning the floor.

Koen Meier

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4 hours ago, rsrandazzo said:

What probably SHOULD have happened, is that we SHOULD have simply announced that the PMDG 747-8 was going to become a stand-alone product and called it a wrap. 

Actually I was hoping for something like that. I personally do not need the B744, I just wanted the B748, hence I did not buy the B744 yet. Still I'm thinking of buying both just for the sake of having the B748 at some point.

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Regards, Dimitri Alymov
Intel Ivy Bridge 3770K @ 4,5GHz, 16GB DDR3 1600MHz, NVidia GTX1080TI (11GB), Win 10 Pro, P3DV4

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Hmmmm I see what you did there with the screenshot. Cannot wait. Cheers! 

Konstantin Kharlamov

Supporter of: PMDG, FlyTampa, FsDreamTeam, FlightBeam, FSFX.


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You folks put the joy into flight simulators on a level I never thought, could be achieved in my lifetime. Thank you for the terrific work you have done and are doing. May the influx of cash from new releases encourage more great works. Each and every airplane is a work of art, and you are the best developer bar none.

Ok I’m done gushing.

Signed Daniel Rosso


Edited by AccusedChip

Daniel Rosso: ATP Single and Multi-Engine: B757 B767 BAE-ATP DA-50 DA-20 CE-650 CE-560-XL CE-525S DO-228: Flight Instructor Single and Multiengine Airplane Gold Seal:  Ground Instructor Advanced and Instrument: Remote Pilot SUAS




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I wish the weekend started Friday as I am off today waiting on some Apple purchases 🙂 Time to take the 747 for a flight before I upgrade to the -8. 

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