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  1. Holland_Holland

    GNS and Emuteq Hardware

    I'm gonna try!
  2. Holland_Holland

    GNS and Emuteq Hardware

    But this only works in a 32 bit environment and so not P3Dv4?
  3. Holland_Holland

    TerraFlora for P3D from Turbulent Designs released

    Orbx Trees uninstalled you certainly mean. Both products are replacements for the default tree autogen textures.
  4. Holland_Holland

    Release time frame for the GTN/GNS for FSX-SE?

    Well, we're a next few weeks further....
  5. Holland_Holland

    Orbx LOWI Released

    Wrong observation. Both autogen def's can be merged into one xml without problems...
  6. Holland_Holland

    Orbx LOWI Released

    Really....? Come on mr. Webmaximus. Have you seen this scenery? It's bloody gorgeous. One of the best airfields ever made. Road traffic? Get GTAV.
  7. Holland_Holland

    Light blue water edges

  8. Holland_Holland

    UT2 Users, Looking for some Feedback

    Level 1 and I wish there was a good tutorial for level 3
  9. Holland_Holland

    Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds'....

    Wildlife+ v2 for FSX and P3D by Rich Barry
  10. Holland_Holland

    Updates for UT2

    No best download it part by part.
  11. Holland_Holland

    Updates for UT2

    I love your dedication and hard work Pete. So don't get this wrong. However perhaps it would help if you could post a step by step instruction with what to do and what are the prerequisites in UT2/P3Dv3. All these post above do not make it clearer for me and I can imagine that it goes for others as well. I do notice the value of your work in that it leads to more variation, up to date schedules/liveries. Thanks very much in advance
  12. Holland_Holland

    Ezdok updated

  13. Holland_Holland

    Release time frame for the GTN/GNS for FSX-SE?

    Thanks JL. I'll guess I have to wait a little. Another question: Will there be hardware support for the Emuteq unit's like the legacy unit's?
  14. Holland_Holland

    Release time frame for the GTN/GNS for FSX-SE?

    Any news Jean Luc? I really 'need' a GNS530 (P3D) for real life training. I could buy the F1 offering. But I always liked the RXP unit's in FSX. However I can't wait much longer (all relative of course). So I hope 'soon' is really soon . Thanks very much! Rob
  15. Holland_Holland

    W10 instructionset for GNS530/Emuteq 530 hardware

    And...? Did you manage it?