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  1. I'm gonna try!
  2. But this only works in a 32 bit environment and so not P3Dv4?
  3. Finally. Also there's hardware support but restricted to 32bit Flight Sims only. Darn!
  4. Orbx Trees uninstalled you certainly mean. Both products are replacements for the default tree autogen textures.
  5. Well, we're a next few weeks further....
  6. Wrong observation. Both autogen def's can be merged into one xml without problems...
  7. Really....? Come on mr. Webmaximus. Have you seen this scenery? It's bloody gorgeous. One of the best airfields ever made. Road traffic? Get GTAV.
  8. Screenshot?
  9. Level 1 and I wish there was a good tutorial for level 3
  10. Wildlife+ v2 for FSX and P3D by Rich Barry
  11. No best download it part by part.
  12. I love your dedication and hard work Pete. So don't get this wrong. However perhaps it would help if you could post a step by step instruction with what to do and what are the prerequisites in UT2/P3Dv3. All these post above do not make it clearer for me and I can imagine that it goes for others as well. I do notice the value of your work in that it leads to more variation, up to date schedules/liveries. Thanks very much in advance
  13. Thanks!!
  14. Thanks JL. I'll guess I have to wait a little. Another question: Will there be hardware support for the Emuteq unit's like the legacy unit's?
  15. Any news Jean Luc? I really 'need' a GNS530 (P3D) for real life training. I could buy the F1 offering. But I always liked the RXP unit's in FSX. However I can't wait much longer (all relative of course). So I hope 'soon' is really soon . Thanks very much! Rob