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  1. Looking forward to this. Love the IFR package as well!!
  2. I´m I´m more afraid of the horrible stutter fest and framerate of this beast..
  3. great stuff om your website. Might wanna take a look at your mirror site. It lead me to a jerk mate 😵. Never knew I needed one 😊
  4. Love this tool, wish it had an "add scenery to an existing preset" function. Now I select and load a preset (e.g. EU) and than add the new scenery and save the preset with the same name (EU). Would be great to just add a scenery to a existing preset without loading and saving names. But it as said above I love the tool...
  5. Latest Working Title G1000 0.3.2 together with the V2 Bonanza gave me freeze in the right MFD trying to select a direct-to (Locher). Also have Navigraph rev 7 installed.
  6. Man thanks for this mod. I'm a great fan of the GNS530. Grew up with it. Thanks!
  7. Haven't seen any reviews but I bought it without hesitation. Come on it's from Bill Womack/IBlueYonder. One of the best developers out there. I have great performance and love the details and texturing. Only thing is that the bridges on the Willamette River and Columbia River needs a rework but that's a whole different story.
  8. Huh...https://www.msfsaddons.org/freeware/nasa-kennedy-space-center
  9. Does anyone have this cfg still. The link is obviously dead after three years. But I would be grateful!
  10. Thanks guys for all the feedback. Changes made. Donno what RGB is. Don't care either 😋
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