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  1. Thanks, but looks like add/remove doesn't identify point releases.
  2. What 's the best way for me to tell whether I am running v5 or v5.1. I thought I installed v5.1 but don't see any difference. Thanks
  3. Checked AMZN 8/27. Only ones listed are from 3d party sellers at 2X or more list price.
  4. Is there a list of the flight controllers that MFS supports out of the box? I have a Microsoft Sidewinder Precision 2, without force feedback. It is recognized but I have to figure out how to set it up on my own. I've about given up on that and am considering purchasing a new controller (if I can find one) but only if it is supported out of the box. Is there any indication that MS will increase the number of supported controllers in the next update? Hard to believe they don't support their own hardware. It's old, but there are a lot of them still in use. Thanks
  5. Is there any advantage to purchasing MFS through Steam rather than the Microsoft Store?
  6. The C152 is fine, but it couldn't have much less performance and still be an airplane.
  7. I enrolled in Game Pass to get a quick, inexpensive ($1) look at how my rig would handle Flight Sim. I was never able to figure out how to download the sim. Help was no help. Finally gave up and uninstalled Game Pass. Anyone have better luck?
  8. I eliminated my carbon footprint when I stopped wearing carbon shoes.
  9. Thanks kids... Tried all the suggestions and am still in the same place. All the Orbx scenery is greyed out in the library. Default scenery is normal. Sim displays the default scenery only.
  10. Thanks foe your fast reply. Ran sync option, reports OK. Unable to change insertion points of Orbx scenery. Orbx entries are greyed out and move up/move down keys frozen.
  11. I installed HF2 by deleting P3D and then installing the full P3D package. Sim works fine. Somewhere along the line I messed up the scenery library, probably when I uninstalled P3D scenery. Now all my Orbx scenery is greyed out and I only see default scenery in the sim. The Orbx files are all in my Orbx library, outside the sim. Should I delete all Orbx scenery and reinstall? Any suggestions? Thanks.
  12. P3D4 had a nice selection of general aviation aircraft. Where did they go? Did some developers ask too much in licensing fees?
  13. I'm using P3Dv4.4 with several Orbx products, including multiple regions, Global base and vector. Do they include a terrain mesh component? If not, would the old FS Genesis products be compatible with Orbx? Thanks ...I tried to get this on the orbx forum but a very cumbersome process for setting up an account got the best of me
  14. Use FlightAware and work around the settings until you find the page that allow you to select aircraft by type. That will bring up a screen with C172s currently flying. Check their individual flight plans. That will give you realistic routes bring flown by that aircraft. Load a few up in P3D and see what you get. Cheers!
  15. Thanks... I've been out of simming for 3 years or so...I may have some UT in my old FSX parts bin.
  16. True, but there was a catch...After buying my first 4 Orbx products I got an email from Orbx saying the sale was extended to 0100, Jan 2. A half hour ago I had 2 more products in my cart, was ready to buy and then saw that the sale was over. It expired at 0100 Z... I didn't notice the Z part. No Orbx for me... Timing is everything. Missed it by 18 minutes. Anyone have suggestions for good substitutes for Orbx Global, and Vector?
  17. Solved. I went into the P3D directory and ran Delete Generated Files. All OK.
  18. Thanks. I decided to delete everything and reinstall to the default location. The install was successful but I still have the same problem. With over 4GB in the SimObjects/Airplanes folder I have only 8 vehicles available in the selection box. Is there some sort of config file I cam delete and have the program rebuild on the next opening of P3D? Seems the aircraft are in position but they do not get picked up when the program starts. Thanks
  19. I made a a series of missteps installing P3Dv4.4 (mostly pilot error) but have gotten most everything sorted out. However, when I start up everything seems to go normally. However, I don't have any of the new v4 content. I lost a few add on aircraft and the Beechcraft, which I expected, but I don't have the new aircraft. I tried a repair, but the problem remains. I didn't see this issue addressed in the forums. Should I delete everything and reinstall? Should I delete everything and reinstall. Thanks...and Merry Christmas.
  20. I'm considering a rebuild of my current i7 2700K system... New CPU, GPU, memory, motherboard, etc. How much can I change before before the gremlns at Microsoft consider my build a to be a new computer and require me to purchase a new license for Win 10? Are there any Windows Whisperers here who have a workaround? I won't tell anyone. Thanks,.
  21. Do you use a joystick? All the joysticks I've seen are bigger than my laptop.
  22. Why are some of us not using Acceleration? Is there a downside I'm not aware of? I've been using it since it became available without any problems.
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