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  1. Where are the shader folders located that get deleted when installing a newer Nvidia driver?
  2. I have about a dozen AIG flight plans that wont install for some reason. Some ask for Orbx AI and I point them to the AI ORBX folder but for some reason AIG installer doesn't want to use or it won't allow me to choose another AI model I've got install in AI folder. Any suggestions?
  3. That was not my experience. Even though AI Suite went through the uninstall routine, it held on to overclock profile. I reset my BIOS back to normal settings and when computer booted into windows, the overclock profile would load again. I didn't say it affected my video operation but it did affect uninstalling and installing new drivers. Asus tech support finally came to same conclusion to dump everything and do fresh windows install. Now that I never reinstalled AI suite and control everything from BIOS, Haven't experienced any issues since. I can also saved multiple overclock profiles in BIOS settings. I can choose and load a custom overclock setting depending on what I'm running. I'm happy not using AI Suite.
  4. For some reason AI suite once installed would not allow me to go back to default settings. It kept my system in overclocked state. It interfered with my video driver. I wasn't able to removed it or update it. My system kept shutting down and restarting. I believe because the AI suite overclock settings was too aggressive. I tried uninstalling it from my system altogether but it still held on and would let me do anything. I called Asus support and they were not able to figure out why AI suite went rouge but my only option was to reinstall windows and take back control. No issues since then. I can control all my overclocking from BIOS including adjusting memory clock speeds
  5. That's your problem AI suite, It pretty much hosed my FS installs. I ended up dumping everything and reinstalling win10, then my simulators again. Have not had any issue since. I use AI overclock in the BIOS to over clock my system. Also been using 471.96 since release. No issues. I see there's a new release 472.12 but I think I'll stick with what's working.
  6. I think most developers are going to FS2020 platform because that's where the market trends are pointing to. I don't want to mentioned the $$ I spent on FS over the years. Microsoft is appealing to a different generation now that it's release for Xbox. But it's up to you guys where the market trends head. Personally I love PD3 who the pushed the envelope in development when MS close it's doors on flight sim. Now that that the technology has somewhat caught up with the newer hardware, It's a blast to see who will remain standing in the end. But one thing for sure is I won't be flying flight Simulator on a Xbox.
  7. With the specs of your system PD3v5 will work great. I can run with all sliders to the right. Had to get use t the scenery libery installation(xml programing), but once I learned that it's been a blast. I get great frames and no stutters. As far as Orbx you can map your scenery or libery files to what ever drive you want. I never tried 4.5, I updated from v3, but the 64 bit architecture and VAS improvements really makes the most difference in my opinion.
  8. Have you looked in your BIOS and see what your CPU preference is set at?. low usage or maybe game mode? Windows has a setting where you can also set in game mode which throttles up CPU when needed. I'm also assuming you're using WIN10 also. Bill M
  9. Thank you for all your suggestions. Peace out Bill M
  10. I copied all my flight plans and AI aircraft from FSX SE over to PD3 v5. However most of the AI aircraft won't appear in PD3 v5 or they are partially appears. Do anyone know how to convert FSX model AI to work in PD3 v5? Or point me in the direction to get compatible AI aircraft for PD3 v5? Thanks in advance
  11. Hey there Noel. sometimes my dyslexia kicks in when you thought that you typed one thing and you actually typed something else. Good catch. It should have 2080 TI. Enjoy the rest of your day.
  12. I recently installed the NX on my newly installed FSX SE. When I load the AC, the Virtual cockpit looks great, the 2D panel looks okay. But when I display the popup panels there's nothing but a black box where the panel should be. I looked at the panel cfg nd all gauges are listed. Did I install wrong or have anyone had this issue before? Any assistance is much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. Normally when FSX crashes like you said could be a number of reasons from your hardware being overtaxed to scenery problem. Is the problem reproducible? Or is it random. What addons are you using? I've been running FSX Steam for some time and have not had it crash like that. It's very stable. P3D newer versions require a more powerful PC hardware. Try unchecking your addons a try the same flight again. Check PC temperatures. Regards
  14. I'm happy with what I have. It's running all 3 Sims without issue. Very great frames and picture perfect image. Why spend thousands on something just to say you have one and there's nothing available out there to test it on.
  15. I just downloaded and installed the 737 Evolution PIC from Wilco. It installed fine with no issues. I have tried the JF 737.
  16. Feel there 737, Flight One 737 package. I believe the PMDG models are still available. 😜
  17. Thank you Sir. Very nice suggestion. Have a great day
  18. Can someone recommend a good scenery Manager. Freeware or pay ware. Open to any suggestions as long as they work efficiently.
  19. At one time there was a web site that listed all the Flight sims payware airports and locations where to buy. Do anyone remember the name of that site? Thanks in advance😁
  20. Thanks, I was referring to 3r party AI aircraft. I made the notation with simobject in FSX cfg file. I was wondering if there was another location where a entry needed to get made.
  21. thanks for your help, but I know about those locations. But there was another location where a entry needed to be made to get the AI to populate in the sim. I forgot the location, maybe it was in the C:programdata folder.. i'm building a new computer and rebuilding and reloading everything.
  22. Where is the CFG file location to edit to get AI flights to appear in FSX? Thanks for any help in advance regards
  23. Anyone using "SCANSIM - FLY TO EKCH COPENHAGEN" with Norway scenery? Any known compatibility issues?
  24. I did check it has setting mesh complexity to 100 and >10 for mesh resolution. It's something conflicting with Norway scenery, because I never had this problem before. Just have the eliminate folder by folder/ file by file.
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