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  1. Jean-Claude

    I-fly 747-8 just released.

    Yes the 744 was the first product released by the team (if my memory serves me well, I believe it was even a freeware for FS2004 initially), the 737 came after. However both products were considerably updated and upgraded.
  2. Jean-Claude

    I-fly 747-8 just released.

  3. Jean-Claude

    I-fly 747-8 just released.

    Judging the value of a product on the sole basis of its price is a meaningless discussion really! Before jumping to hasty and abusive statements, try to understand at least four factors (there are many others) that will play an extremely important part in the pricing of a product: how is the product made and by whom (full time developers vs free time sim fans), what is the business model (for profit company vs hobby lovers or part-timers) where is the location of the development company (compensation levels, operational costs) what is the commercial policy of the developer (volume vs high average revenue per unit sold) This is also called "globalisation" and it applies to a very large number of products and services... So I am afraid "you get what you pay for" can be a very misleading statement nowadays! (Technobrain Tokyo anyone?) Only a side by side comparison will clear the matter usefully for everyone.
  4. Jean-Claude

    P3Dv4.1 and Ultimate Traffic Live question

    Sorry but I suspect AVSIM's TOR would not allow me to post the link to Flight 1 or Simflight, so go to Simflight news of today and see the link to UTLive's news release and you will see the explanations given by UTLive team and a link to the download regarding this update. Alternatively, I cut and paste the information here below excluding the download link, if the moderator disagrees, please just remove this portion of the post below: QUOTE Thanks to everyone who have been enjoying UTLive. We have been at work on UTLive and we have new schedule data. We feel it appropriate to offer the Winter 2019 schedule for FREE to all UTLive customers while work continues. Note that the schedule also covers part of the 2018 Fall season that just ended. To get the schedule follow these instructions: 1. Make sure your simulator and the UTLive interface are closed. 2. Run the installer. Do not change paths as the path should be auto-presented. 3. After successful install, run the UTLive interface. 4. The Winter 2019 schedule will also update the UTLive version to You do not need this new version if you are still wanting to use the default schedules that are included with UTLive (we have not switched out the default full UTLive installer with this schedule). Your repaints.xml file should be backed up to repaints.utb with this new install. We are also working on some new repaints based on this schedule data. It is planned for those to be released in batches as they are completed. UNQUOTE
  5. Jean-Claude

    P3Dv4.1 and Ultimate Traffic Live question

    UTLive has been updated. New schedules are now available free and can be downloaded using your UTLive UI. They also mention that they are working on new liveries to be released in batches.
  6. Jean-Claude

    Traffic Global or Ultimate Traffic Live?

    Ray, I am using UTL Live and fly only real world routes, with actual schedules taken from FlightAware, I can say that most - if not all - the time I fetch my clearance or dial Ground, I hear the same flight on the frequency doing the same thing... At times it can be confusing as the callsign is identical to mine and I have to pay attention to ATC's instructions consistency with my flight path. However, when on my climb to cruise, I generally loose my "duplicate" as AI traffic climbs much faster than real planes and do not necessarily follow my routing which is according to the daily weather. That should indicate how accurate and up-to-date the flight scheduling of UT Live is. I hope that there will be a way to keep those schedules up-to-date in the future as well. Regarding Aivlasoft EFB v2 which I am also using, it most definitely "sees" the AI traffic with callsigns and flight info such as altitude, and the same coincides with what I hear on the frequency. I do not use Radar Contact.
  7. Jean-Claude

    ATC Closes. Is it only me??

    In your P3D assignments, did you check all potential conflicting assignments including those in slew mode (as I am away from my sim, I don't recall the three categories of assignments) one tends to forget that regardless of its location a conflict of assignments between categories can still interfere in the normal mode. Which "close door" command do you use and with which airplane?
  8. Jean-Claude

    ATC Closes. Is it only me??

    Did you check your shortcuts (keystrokes) would they be identical for closing doors and ATC window by any chance, go to assignments.
  9. Jean-Claude

    Frequent api.dll crashes upon exiting P3Dv4.3

    I have this problem too, EACH time I close P3Dv4.3 (and previous versions since 4.1) with Windows 10, I always get a crash listed in the "view all problems reports" and it's always the same: "FSUIPC unloaded". According to Pete, this is linked to one of my add-ons using and unloading FSUIPC during the P3D shutdown, and I would have to find out which add-on does that. Since this does not interfere in any way with the correct functioning of my sim (and I would have tons of Add-ons to check), I did not go any further in the investigation. That serves as a reminder of how many sim sessions I had whenever I take the fancy to check... Among my add-ons are all FSDT sceneries / GSX 2 (up to date), FSLabs A320, UTLive, all mentioned above, and I am now running the latest full licensed version of FSUIPC 5.14. But Ed does not have Windows 10 if I understand correctly, neither does he have FSLabs A320, the only common add-on mentioned so far would be UTLive. That still does not explain this phenomenon.
  10. Jean-Claude

    Loading terrain data stuck at 6%

    Could you check your scenery.cfg file and see if the "Default Terrain" file is listed on your cfg file at the very first level and if it is ACTIVE? It does happened exceptionally that when uninstalling some scenery add-ons this Default Terrain file is deleted by mistake.
  11. Jean-Claude

    PMDG 747-8 Being released today

    When I moved on to P3Dv4 last December, I was somewhat dismayed to have to pay again - even more than the FSX prices - for all my PMDG software that I already owned for FSX. No other developer has done this to that extend, and all detailed explanations given in the PMDG forum were less than convincing since, I assume, all other developers should have to face the same constraints, legal and financial. Mr Randazzo is certainly a very experienced and talented marketing minded person, perhaps the B747-8 will be for PMDG the test of how far is too far! Lets not forget that on top of the add-on itself, one also needs to pay for a yearly Navigraph Charts subscription to use the airport charts in the ND, which will further increase the cost of that particular plane... For me, I shall call it "pass", with regrets!
  12. When we remove manually a file from P3D, if it has created an xml, it must be removed manually as well. As I currently fly, If my memory serves me well DD is one of those few scenery designers which does not provide uninstaller for its products. Also very important to remember the "priority" of your sceneries may be critical when you add non airport sceneries (airport sceneries always go on top). You should not have to re-install P3D for that problem, it can be fixed without it. I doubt the P3D repair function will resolve your issue since it is related to an add-on. If I were you I would download the Lorby Add-on manager (freeware) - there is a forum on AVSIM - and start to scrutinize your scenery.cfg file, re-install DD NYCv2, make sure it is properly located in the scenery.cfg as mentioned above and retry P3D. Good luck.
  13. After removing your file from the Add-on scenery, did you also remove the xml file created in your C. Documents > Prepar3Dv4 Addons > New York City X?
  14. When P3D behaves that way it is most likely because one scenery file is not where it should be. Where did you install this scenery DRZEWIECKI DESIGN - NEW YORK CITY X V2 in terms of priority in your scenery.cfg file? Do you use the freeware Lorby Add-on manager? Do you have another airport scenery for New-York (like FSDT or DD)? I also own this scenery and made sure it is located between my ORBX files and the airport files, using Lorby's add-on manager. In other words, airport files on top, DD NYCv2 below, ORBX below again.
  15. FXAA is not really needed unless you use 4K anyway if I remember correctly. When running FSLabs A320, it is recommended to put it OFF.