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  1. The ORBX sceneries I have were all linked automatically by ORBX to the Community folder although they were installed in a separate ORBX folder that I created. To summarize, you should not have to link them yourself.
  2. Another suggestion for the week-end: Take-off from Stans (where the Pilatus are made) in Switzerland, visit the beautiful Luzern area and mount Pilatus (the mountain...), then head for Grindenwald (South West), climb up to 12'000 feet look for the Jungfrauhoch (the observatory) and follow the wonderful Aletsch glacier, down to Brig, turn right (West) to Visp (Viège) and South to Zermatt, circle the Cervin and find your way to the Dent Blanche and the Val d'Anniviers (use Google Earth to locate these places) if you can't, simply turn back to Visp (Viège) and the Rhone valley, and make an attempt to shoot the 6° ILS approach to LSGS (Sion) to runway 25. Then give me a call and I'll join you for a drink at the bar terrace!
  3. We probably have a large number of very different opinions regarding this particular aspect. As far as I am concerned, I find the weather rendition of this simulator to be extremely realistic (I was also a real world pilot some years back), absolutely not repetitive, and correlated to what one can expect in complex and heavy weather systems such as the ones I am flying into presently in Africa and Asia to take precise examples. Yes the ground can be very dark when thick cloud layers are above, there again I feel the proper balance was found. Yesterday I flew between two layers at 9'000 feet with CBs embedded nearby and marveled about the extraordinary depiction of this scenario, never experienced with any weather software before such as Active Sky, REX Environment, ASCA or ENVTEX with FSX/P3D where, precisely, lighting was in most cases unrealistic. I recently performed five IFR approaches down to the minima in Canada, with rain, and I really felt being "in there" like never before in a simulator. On one occasion I had to go-around due to the mist being too dense to see the runway when reaching the minimum, I dont remember having had to do this before. If there is any urgent improvement to be made at this time regarding weather, it is to ensure that ATC gets the correct information to allocate the relevant approaches! Like many other items, I am confident this will be addressed in due time.
  4. I completed a few days ago a round-the-world tour starting from my country and back after thirty stops on a Trinidad TB21 (LionHeart). The main reason of my aircraft choice was (beside the fact I have numerous hours on the real type) that it offers the possibility to climb at 25'000 feet when the weather does not cooperate (in particular in regions such as the Kamchatka, the Aleutians, Canada, Greenland, Iceland which are the only "bridges" you can use to complete your tour). I liked also the fact it has steam gauges which I was used to in real world. It does not have de-icing and does require some weather planning. The only "gap" I had to fill on my tour was to use a real airport (Narssassuarq) at the Southern tip of Greenland which was not represented in MSFS. But with the GPS it was very easy to find the exact location of the airport and land on a perfectly practicable and safe flat surface.
  5. Perhaps you want to take a look at this thread since similar recommendations were made for short GA flights.
  6. In every transaction there are always at least a buyer and a seller, both have responsibilities... and both can make mistakes. But we tend, more and more, to also target the agent, the middle-man who has to check whether the proposed transaction is valid, legally and commercially. From Asobo to Microsoft and now Simmarket, would-be consumers want a culprit, this is what this thread attempts to achieve, find someone to hang, virtually, after an immersion in tar and feathers like in the good old times... The fact that a payware developer piggy-back his product on a freeware is not new in flight-simulation. I remember a certain product (extinct since FSX, sold by Aerosoft) proposing ground services through the purchase of credits for sets of airports, including some freeware! The payware developer's reply to a customer who was offended by his practice, was: "The choice to release that airport for free is the developer's, the choice to make my product available for his airport for a fee is mine, the choice to buy or not, is yours!"... Do we need more explanation? I saw a couple of days back that FS2Crew will release a version of its product for the A320 FBW. For free?
  7. Forgive me for deviating from the OP's request for one minute please... If there is anything that this thread demonstrates, it is the fantastic and marvelous innovation and improvement that this online worldwide scenery streaming adds to a simulator. If it were not for that, we would not be here exchanging ideas about where to go, what to see, etc... The quality and precision of the Bing planet transformed completely the way I fly virtually. I used to be a "tube" pilot with previous sims because I could not be bothered with cartoonish renderings of our planet. I am now a GA pilot again only because of this added value of flying above the "true" planet earth. In a little more than two months owning MSFS, I completed a full round the world flight on a TB21 in thirty stops, and I am presently in the midst of a flight around Africa on the same plane, planning another trip around South America and later on to Asia, stopping at places I have known in a different life, sometimes feeling nostalgic about those years when looking at the scenery, something I never ever felt with previous flight sims, and above all, something I would never thought of doing (nothing against the ORBX sceneries...). Granted, much remains to be done to bring MSFS to where we all hope it will be, but let's be grateful for what has already been accomplished!.. Now back to topic, my apologies for this unplanned deviation.
  8. I tried to understand the "logic" (or lack of) of this phenomenon. It seems to depend on the way the flight plan is loaded. For example, if I use Simbrief or Aivlasoft EFB to make the flight plan, almost certainly my GPS loading will be affected somehow, for example looking at the FPL page, few or no information will be there, however my magenta line will appear with all waypoints. If I use the MSFS flight planner, it will show completely both the magenta and the FPL page with all waypoints. I also noticed that the GPS loading will be influenced if I save the FP into MSFS before I make my selection of plane and airport, or after I load the airplane at the airport. Whenever though I select a SID or an approach, there will be no magenta line before the first waypoint (end of SID), or the approach will not be shown either in the case of STAR and approach, the magenta line will stop at the last waypoint before the approach, BUT the plane will fly the approach flawlessly.
  9. Yes this area nearby the Karakoram road is disputed between Pakistan and India, this is what this "message" is referring to obviously. The Nanga Parbat was called the "widower" because of the number (68) of climbers who died attempting to succeed the climb (8126 meters), it is known as one of the most difficult in the world. Another suggestion of short flight I can make is from Singapore Seletar (WSSL) to Pulau Tioman (WMBT), an island located just off the shores of Malaysia a few miles out of the Mersing VOR. When taking off from Seletar, select VMR VOR (about 60 miles North) and then Tioman is barely 30 miles out North East, so this is a short ride indeed but a tough one. The runway is (I have not flown yet with MSFS but went there an immoderate number of times on a TB20 thirty years ago) about 1'000 yards long and could be used only one way as it was ending into a cliff of rocks and trees. Any pilot flying there had to be certified for the runway by the Singaporean or Malaysian Civil Aviation Authorities. Once you make your decision to land in final, you just cannot go around...! The cliff is facing you. The procedure is/was, descend to 800 feet on right base leg, gear down, flaps 1, when turning final, flaps down, speed 5/7 knots above stall speed and... dive for the threshold. Some pilots did walk away from that runway with a dent to their dignity... A Warrior of the Singapore flying club was a testimony of this for years, crushed on the trees at the end of the runway, a stark reminder of the difficulty of this approach leaving no place to complacency. That's a good exercise to test one's piloting skills. Single or light twin engine aircraft only. Good luck!
  10. One of the most scenic flight I ever did in real life and recently reproduced in MSFS: Take-off from Islamabad in a single or light twin engine aircraft and fly up to Gilgit airport through the snaking Indus valley, the approach is very special, it will make Kai-Tak IGS 13 a simple beginner exercise, you can only land one way and have to make your last left turn a couple of hundred meters from the runway threshold with a mountain on your right side and another in front. Use the VFR map to help you navigate safely. This is strictly VFR. Once in Gilgit, fly up to Sust and the Baltoro glacier, still in the Indus valley close to the Chinese border. You will be surrounded by peaks of over 7'000 meters, turn around over the glacier, you will have plenty of space for that (but do explore the glacier, one of the longest in the world) and come back either through the same valley or climb to 25'000 feet (using for example the TB21 if you have it or any pressurised aircraft like the TBM) and look for the K2, be aware that you won't top many of the highest peaks around there and that turbulences will make for a bumpy but spectacular ride, something that was not possible before MSFS 2020. Evidently, don't use real world weather and select blue sky if you want to enjoy the experience! Here is a Wikipedia link (if it is allowed) for more information. Happy flying!
  11. I have a modest i7 8700K (no OC), Nvidia EVGA 1070 8GB, 32GB RAM, running a mix of ultra and high settings that took me sometimes to select, and no stutter of any kind regardless of the plane I fly (FBW A320 Dev, CJ4, Trinidad TB21 in particular). Stutters are linked essentially to a) hardware capabilities, b) MSFS settings. Did you try Multi player OFF, did you delete your cache? There are so many variables to consider! If we "push" our hardware to the limits, either the CPU or the GPU - or both - will struggle to deliver a smooth experience. Although this is no fun, the only solution is to work on the settings and try different one, starting with High on all, or even lower if needed, and work upward until we strike the right balance. Compare our hardware specifications with those published by Asobo and - objectively - assess what we can achieve. It is interesting to note that none of the above post show PC specifications nor MSFS settings (see Mace post above). Hence it is impossible to draw any conclusion.
  12. Because this is a mandatory behavior in 2021 for everyone?!!! As you said, let's move on...
  13. I also decided to close my (just opened) Discord account after seeing this telephone requirement. This is a one way street identical to those Internet vendors requiring you to leave your credit card details on file in their system for future purchase, I decline (sorry Amazon!). We really need to become stricter with our data, giving up is encouraging more and more identical requests. All that would be OK if IT security systems were foolproof, but we all know that even the best are not!
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