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  1. Lenny

    X-Enviro is OUT

    ok. Sold another copy. Awesome looking screenshots and nice stories sold me over.
  2. Lenny

    Graphics card suggestions.

    970GTX is definitely the card to go for when on a 'budget', I really love mine. (MSI 970) But make sure to overclock your processor as FSX/P3D heavilly depend on raw CPU clock cycles.
  3. Lenny

    DCS A-10 Versus Iris FSX A-10

    I cannot comment on the Iris A-10 as I don't have it. I do fly the DCS Warthog actively and I can say that it easily compares to ex the VRS F/A-18E for FSX regarding systems depth. They both are study sims. Comparing apples with peers, the DCS Warthog vs FSX VRS F/A-18E I personally think the flight dynamics in DCS are a whole different level. For example, in DCS you can see and 'feel' the increase in generated lift when take-ing off and thundering down the runway. This amazes me every time. In general it seems the FSX flight dynamics are more like 'flying on rails' when compared to DCS. Off course DCS has missions and campaigns, simulating a battle field something that FSX doesn't have. (for the A-10 that is, off coarse there's TacPac for FSX now and the coming FSX@War) So I'd recommend downloading DCS World that comes with a free SU-25. See if you like it and wait a few weeks for a sale that is probably coming up with the Holidays in sight. Or better, buy it straight away cause the DCS dev's deserve it and the A-10 is awesome.
  4. Lenny

    Secret Project #1: This one is a classic!

    I really appreciate your gentleman's attitude towards A2A and not interfere with their fantastic line of products! Now I can only dream of the A2A guys making an accusim module for your DC-6!
  5. Lenny

    NGX EZCA Profiles

    thanks for the profiles!
  6. >I opened this new thread specifically with the question : > do you see the artifacts on ATI DX10 compatible cards, as>they are>reported for nvidia cards, in FSX DX10 preview.>>An example of a NON answer : >"If you want good AA and AF at that resolution, the 8800 GTX>is better. It beats the 3870 X2 at high resolutions with AA>and AF cranked up, I read an ExtremeTech benchmark on it:>"It seems the 3870/X2 just cannot keep up with nVidia at high>resolutions with AA and AF cranked up." Is what I think they>said. And, on NewEgg.com, an EVGA 8800 GTX Superclocked is>about the same price, if not cheaper, than an X2.">Sure, it tells me about AA and AF, but nothing about the>flashing textures or missing lights. >>Up to now, only one person managed to answer my question,>thanks baksteen33 (en ik hoop dat je beter vliegt dan een>baksteen ;-) ).>Nicks answer does not count, because it was burried in another>thread :-) .>>I hope I do not hurt anyone feelings, and I do appreciate all>feedback, but I would also appreciate a real answer about my>question.>>Image Quality, fluidity and no artefacts are more important>for me then framerates. I like the HDR lightning, but I can't>stand the flashing textures. >>Or, for the budget limited, if ATI does not have those issues,>it is clearly a driver problem, and NVIDIA owners can hope>that they get solved (some day?).>>JanSorry for hi-jacking your post! (in Dutch: sorry dat ik je post gehijacked heb!) I'd like to know too about the textures. Maybe I just go ahead and buy the 3870X2 tonight and give the answer to your question myself. ;)
  7. >If you want good AA and AF at that resolution, the 8800 GTX>is better. It beats the 3870 X2 at high resolutions with AA>and AF cranked up, I read an ExtremeTech benchmark on it:>"It seems the 3870/X2 just cannot keep up with nVidia at>high resolutions with AA and AF cranked up." Is what I>think they said. And, on NewEgg.com, an EVGA 8800 GTX>Superclocked is about the same price, if not cheaper, than an>X2.>>BoeingGuyTrue, have seen that review. The margins are small however and I'm a little worried about Nvidia's drivers. Quite happy with ATI's driver policy and expecting them to become even better for the 3870x2. Als read about the troubles in FSX with 8800 cards. Choises, choises... . The more I read, the little I know!
  8. I understood that not all games use both cores on an 3870X2. Only newer games use both cores, older ones only use 1. Am I correct? And, biggest question, does FS2004 uses both cores on the card?Looking for an upgrade from 1950PRO to 3870X2 myself, mainly for FS2004, to give better performance for AA and AF @ 1600x1200. Happy with CPU performance. (E6600 @ 3.4 Gh)Lennart
  9. Hello all,At the moment I'm looking for a new storage system to replace my two old ata Maxtor 40 Gig's. Wanting the best performance in FS I'm concidering these two options: a new SATA Maxtor DiamandMax10 250Gig 16Mb cach drive or two smaller SATA drives in RAID1 configuration.First some specs.:An AMD Barton XP2800@3300 speed on an Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe, 1Gig internal memory, Saphire ATI 9700pro.I'd really like to hear your opinion on these two options. What is the best and fastest solution of these two options and what HD's do you recommend for the RAID config?With regards,Lennart