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  1. Thanks Scott, Greg, very useful info. Most of my flying pre-planned short-leg stuff with the 737 and or A3??. I don't have the GTN750 unfortunately and it's not an insignificant investment. I'm waiting on Aerosoft to update the A319/320, etc for P3Dv4 and this was going to be nice to tie me over, but perhaps I should just be more patient and hold off.
  2. Any recommendations from people on a business jet? Would like navigation, etc, as I’m a wide body kinda guy (be kind 😃).
  3. I investigated this a few weeks ago and like you had the original EZDOK. I thought the upgrade to P3Dv4 was very fair and it's easier to use than the FSX versions. Quite happy to avoid paying for Chaseplane.
  4. Hi Tony I'm sorry that I can't help you any more than my previous (wide) comment but I can certainly sympathise with your situation. I never managed to get 3 screens working in FSX consistently in my system on Win7. You are really pushing the boundaries and that your system is only as strong as its weakest link. In your case you are well endowed with graphics power but everything will still be managed by your cpu/ram/motherboard combo. I'm in the process of moving to p3dv4 and am going to try again, wish me luck! kind regards Jay
  5. Many thanks for the update, I'll keep an eye out for it. Jay
  6. Hi folks, do you still plan to release an update to 737-200? Thanks Jay
  7. Could this gent be looking at a configuration issue then? I don't believe he's mentioned how this is all configured?
  8. Excellent. My parents live in Otaki, just a few miles up the road.
  9. Cool news. The 737 200 is one of favourites in p3d...
  10. Thanks. I suspect that's what I'll do too. I have a Win10 installation but I'll need to clean out an FSXSE install beforehand. Jay
  11. Thanks for the comments people. I wouldn't use both at the same time! I was thinking more about whether add-ons are likely to get confused but I suppose if the installers are designed correctly then it may not be a problem. Thanks Jay
  12. Hi all I'm about to install P3D v4 alongside FSX in Win7 where previously I've used a different Win10 installation (on the same PC) for P3D v2, keeping them separate. Do they co-habitate happily together as I'd primarily like to avoid re-downloading Orbx and use the FSX files (as I understand that process)? Or can I install P3D into Win10 (on the same PC) and still retain access to the Orbx files in the Win7 installation? Thanks in advance Jay
  13. Thanks Robert Nice solution. Does the NGX and MD11 have this feature, it'd be nice to take the whole PMDG arsenal with me. Actually, I don't think the MD11 supports FSX SE does it? kind regards Jay
  14. Thanks for your help folks. Looks like a great solution for me for the downtime on holiday. Not sure my wife will feel the same 😄
  15. Hi all Sorry if this has been discussed previously, but does the licensing for the 747QOTSv3 allow for an FSX installation on a PC and an FSX SE installation on a laptop? I expect not, but would like clarification. Additionally, I can legally install FSX SE on 2 individual PC's, using only one at a time. Can I install 747QOTSv3 into both installations, only using one at a time? Many thanks, Jay
  16. Hi Victor Basically no. I have global and vector and at an fax base airport we're looking at 2.5gb or so. J
  17. Jack, I think you misunderstand the original post. The VAS "programme" used this methodology but it's highly likely the aircraft was tested in a multitude of real world (virtual) environs. It's not as black and white as you presume. All the best and enjoy! Jay
  18. In my amateur testing the A320 was about 2-3 fps better than the 777/747, which puts it slightly behind my 737.
  19. I too had this issue on my first two flights and fixed it by doing exactly what Kyle recommends, disabling the impact of my controls on the AP in the simulation options.
  20. That's very much my experience doing some casual and limited testing this evening. At EGLL gate 431 (no weather) and once stable, the 777 gives me 27.5fps (average) and 3010mb VAS, the 747 27.3fps and 3265 VAS. Removing Orbx England saves me about 200kb.
  21. Fantastic. I love that film...
  22. I find the digitfoundary videos to be quite interesting. I note that the Director, in his video here, also says that an overclock of 4.8mhz on the 7700k resulted in quite high temps.
  23. Very sad news. Thank you so much Rob and Sean. It's been a pleasure flying your aircraft in and around NZ these last couple of years. Wish you all the best. Jay
  24. Thanks guys. All worked at my end perfectly and appreciated the different help resources...
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