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  1. Neither my current serial or the new one sent in a new link email work for me. I filed a support ticket....
  2. In software development, it's all about core competencies. For instance, let's say you could build an in house sales and marketing system for your business. That would require subject matter experts in the sales and marketing cycle, they would need to understand the cycle and have a business process nailed down and repeatable. It would then require building that base knowledge in their engineers. It's cheaper to pay a 3rd party company for their sales/marketing suite, since that it their core competency, and chances are they have more engineers and much much more core knowledge on that specific topic. LM is never going to do airplanes to PMDG quality, nor are they going to do scenery as good as ORBX. Nor do I beleive they would try. It's just not their main competency. If they did, where is the ROI? They would be in direct competition with 3rd parties that have been creating specific products and related code bases for -years-. LM could only win by closing the platform. That obviously would remove much of their user base, who would then move with 3rd part devs to an open platform.
  3. I used this guide to solve stutters: It involves proper affinity mask and nvidia vertical sync 'adaptive' with vsync off. Now my sim is smooth as silk. ymmv.
  4. @King...something sounds hosed in your config. I'm currently using soft-clouds, Active Sky for P3Dv4 beta, all of my FlightBeam stuff, a bunch of non-pd3 v4 aerosoft scenary, realair planes...etc etc with no crashes whatsoever. I'm thinking it's something else that is the root cause of your crashes. Did you go into the windows event viewer to see what exactly is crashing?
  5. That is a shame, as I was thinking about getting a couple of touchscreens for various uses...overhead panel, fms etc.. If I'm not mistaken, you are saying that as of 3.3.5 , touchscreens (at least yours) are still not working properly. That would definitely cause me to wait..... What model of monitors are you trying to use?
  6. Ron, I get where you're coming from but, no, this has been a solid constant discussion on Avsim for at least 3-4 years. P3D was released in 2011. You're just coming in after all of the majors have created compatible products for P3D. However, with the SDK changes in P3D3.3 (deprecating fsx2002 bgl apis, it sounds like) you're going to see even more of this discussion. If devs have to update products (mostly scenery?) we will likely have to re-purchase (some) products, if devs decide to update incompatible products. Unfortunately, the LM moving target that is the P3D api, while (hopefully) creating amazing new features, will create issues with older products. The price of our hobby and its progress I guess. As a software engineer (who also manages), I can tell you: development ain't cheap!
  7. I run 3x qnix qx320qhd @2560x1440 (7680x1440) off of an i5 2500k and a gtx 770 4gb. You can get these direct from Korea for about $389 a piece off of ebay. It runs pretty well with sliders almost all the way to the right. Now in heavy scenarios at payware airports, things get a wee bit stuttery, but it'll do until I am in the financial mood to upgrade cpu/gpu. The 1440 resolution makes a huge difference in graphic clarity, and the 3 huge monitors is ultra immersive. Well worth the expenditure. You can see my setup in my avatar.
  8. I run something a little different...3 qnix 32" monitors at 2560x1440x3. I just stretch the p3d window to cover all 3 monitors (7680x1440). Works great. I do not use wideaspectratio, because, yes it distorts anything to the side of center. I use ezdok to adjust zoom, and it looks just like in my avatar...
  9. I understand having a budget...but I don't get the folks that have issue with $35 bucks for a plane that is widely considered to be one of the best, in a sim that has been sorely lacking in biz jets. I was pissy about the king air not being ported (I own it for fsx) , because the Carenado pales in comparison...but I got over it. If they port that to p3d, I'll buy that too. Companies need to make a dime to keep in business. I just spent $25 on breakfast for 2, and that's going right down the tubes I'm glad to pony up $35...If I get even 35 hours of use from it, that;s $1 an hour...smh
  10. I run 3x32" qnix monitors at 2560x1440 on an (antiquated?) i5 2500k and gtx 770 with all sorts of frame eating aircraft and airports. P3D still performs well. Now I don't do the nvidia surround, I just draw the p3d window to the size of the 3 monitors...and it still performs. Now if I drag all my sliders to the right: it doesn't perform. and yes, I know the op found a solution, but I laughed when someone said the 770 was a crappy card...
  11. This is because the font is installed into windows as a link to the prepar3d folder. The easiest way to get rid of the fonts (glass guage if I remember correctly) is to open up two explorer windows. - Map one to your pc name on the network and go to the fonts folder i.e. \\PCName\c$\Windows\Fonts This will allow you to work with the actual font files. Delete the errant fonts. - Map the other one to c:\Windows\Fonts which will allow you to work with how windows sees "Fonts", and you can unistall the newly deleted font from windows. This should enable you to delete the P3D directory. In order to find the errant files, delete all folders that aren't locked, then delete all files in the locked folder, until only the errant files are left (the glass guage fonts). This worked for me just a few days ago when uninstalling p3dv2...
  12. I believe shift+tab brings up the steam overlay (browser)...from there you can go to any chart related site (airnav etc) to look up charts.
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