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  1. I've used both FSX and P3D. I have a small SSD. I've gone out of my way to put what I can in the D drive( HDD). Both FSX and P3D insist on putting files in the overcrowded C drive (SSD). I echo the opinion: allow us to put everything in the D drive (HDD). I'm looking forward to see what shakes out of Microsoft Jim Elder
  2. Thanks, it's good to see something positive. Jim Elder
  3. Amen to Bills511's advice. The link is: https://www.prepar3d.com/purchased_downloads/ Jim Elder
  4. I ran into a similar problem: at night the runway lights seemed to jump around. When I load P3D v4 AFLT wants to load. When I see AFLT loading on the task bar, I close it. I don't know what AFLT does, but I don't miss it. Can someone enlighten me? Thanks Jim Elder
  5. A lawyer once told me this joke: How many lawyer jokes are there? The answer: Three, all the rest are true stories ! Jim Elder
  6. Go for it. I switched to P3D v.4 and am not sorry. I did not delete FSX until I had P3D running satisfactorily. My only real problem was with 4 cananedo discs not working. Got no support from them. On the whole, no great loss in the switchover. Best of luck Jim Elder
  7. Try running FSX-SE full screen, as opposed to windowed. Best of luck ; Jim Elder
  8. I have had problems with Saitek throttles. The throttles on the screen have been known to jump around with no input from the levers. A shot of tuner/contact cleaner, available at most electronics stores, does the trick. Not perfect, but cheap. Jim Elder
  9. I finally went for P3D v4. I'm was a longtime FSX user looking to go a 64 bit program. I checked out X-Plane 11. You can download a demo version limited to 10 minutes. What was there was impressive but limited. I then thought about FSW, which is just about at the end of the line. The complaint about them nickel and diming users to death for a beta version seemed justified. They wanted $5.00 just to join their forum to find out about the program. This left P3D. The scenery is good, but nowhere as stunning as X Plane 11. However I was able to use many, not all, of my FSX add-ons. Some of the P3D scenery is better than some of the FSX downloads. Also, I lean more to GA, smaller Airliners and classics. X Plane seems more oriented toward the Big Iron. This is a personal choice I don't Regret. Jim Elder
  10. I remember that my first flight sim was by sublogic. I also remember that a peripheral hard drive held a FULL megabyte and cost $900. Needless to say, I did not get a hard drive until later. Jim Elder
  11. If you are In FSX, it is a 32 bit program, as such FSX can only use 4GB RAM. This is why the new 64 Bit P3D has been greeted enthusiastically. It can use all 8 GB. Jim Elder p
  12. Sublogic flight simulator for the Commodor 64. Jim Elder
  13. I think it was 1958, I was about 11. A 707 from Baltimore Friendship to LAX. We flew through a storm and the wings were flapping like a seagull!! Jim Elder
  14. PM Soares: I visit PDX occasionally. I picked up a freeware scenery package. I suggest you search AVSIM and other web sites. The freeware may not be perfect, but it does the job for me. By the way, I rate PDX as a fairly complicated airport to navigate. Good luck on your search. Jim Elder.
  15. Very nice. You've at least got me thinking about P3D. I've tried FSX-Steam Edition which was a waste of time. No live customer support. I just might go for P3D. Thanks: Jim Elder
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