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  1. jimelder2

    Need Help Uninstalling P3d

    Amen to Bills511's advice. The link is: https://www.prepar3d.com/purchased_downloads/ Jim Elder
  2. jimelder2

    Unstable night time

    I ran into a similar problem: at night the runway lights seemed to jump around. When I load P3D v4 AFLT wants to load. When I see AFLT loading on the task bar, I close it. I don't know what AFLT does, but I don't miss it. Can someone enlighten me? Thanks Jim Elder
  3. jimelder2

    P3Dv4.4--all default Beechcraft removed

    A lawyer once told me this joke: How many lawyer jokes are there? The answer: Three, all the rest are true stories ! Jim Elder
  4. jimelder2

    Seeking input on moving from FSX to P3D

    Go for it. I switched to P3D v.4 and am not sorry. I did not delete FSX until I had P3D running satisfactorily. My only real problem was with 4 cananedo discs not working. Got no support from them. On the whole, no great loss in the switchover. Best of luck Jim Elder
  5. jimelder2

    FSX-SE Pausing when working in P2ATC

    Try running FSX-SE full screen, as opposed to windowed. Best of luck ; Jim Elder
  6. I have had problems with Saitek throttles. The throttles on the screen have been known to jump around with no input from the levers. A shot of tuner/contact cleaner, available at most electronics stores, does the trick. Not perfect, but cheap. Jim Elder
  7. jimelder2

    Trying to make the P3D vs XP11 Decision...

    I finally went for P3D v4. I'm was a longtime FSX user looking to go a 64 bit program. I checked out X-Plane 11. You can download a demo version limited to 10 minutes. What was there was impressive but limited. I then thought about FSW, which is just about at the end of the line. The complaint about them nickel and diming users to death for a beta version seemed justified. They wanted $5.00 just to join their forum to find out about the program. This left P3D. The scenery is good, but nowhere as stunning as X Plane 11. However I was able to use many, not all, of my FSX add-ons. Some of the P3D scenery is better than some of the FSX downloads. Also, I lean more to GA, smaller Airliners and classics. X Plane seems more oriented toward the Big Iron. This is a personal choice I don't Regret. Jim Elder
  8. jimelder2


    I remember that my first flight sim was by sublogic. I also remember that a peripheral hard drive held a FULL megabyte and cost $900. Needless to say, I did not get a hard drive until later. Jim Elder
  9. If you are In FSX, it is a 32 bit program, as such FSX can only use 4GB RAM. This is why the new 64 Bit P3D has been greeted enthusiastically. It can use all 8 GB. Jim Elder p
  10. jimelder2

    What software got you hooked on Flight Sim?

    Sublogic flight simulator for the Commodor 64. Jim Elder
  11. I think it was 1958, I was about 11. A 707 from Baltimore Friendship to LAX. We flew through a storm and the wings were flapping like a seagull!! Jim Elder
  12. jimelder2

    What's wrong with Portland?

    PM Soares: I visit PDX occasionally. I picked up a freeware scenery package. I suggest you search AVSIM and other web sites. The freeware may not be perfect, but it does the job for me. By the way, I rate PDX as a fairly complicated airport to navigate. Good luck on your search. Jim Elder.
  13. Very nice. You've at least got me thinking about P3D. I've tried FSX-Steam Edition which was a waste of time. No live customer support. I just might go for P3D. Thanks: Jim Elder
  14. jimelder2

    To P3D or not to

    Yair: I have upgraded to windows 10. I have even put windows 10 on a 10 year old dual core machine. My point is this: NEVER change two major factors at once. Allow one to get thoroughly settled before changing the other. What you propose probably will work, but might need tweaking. One step at a time. Best of luck: Jim Elder
  15. jimelder2

    Why the Windows Store is BAD news for PC users

    This places me between the proverbial rock and hard place. I am recovering from a crash of Windows 10 and the Windows Store is not too attractive. I downloaded FSX-SE from Just Flight and had a terrible experience. Steam had only mechanical customer support, and involved over 30 mechanical emails to crutch it for another couple of months. As I only paid $7.49 for it, I deleted it. I don't feel like going round 3 with Steam. Where to next? P3D or X plane ???????? All the Best: Jim Elder