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  1. For me P3D is still what I use 95% of the time. MSFS is nice but the updates are frustrating as they appear on my Store account weeks after the release, in the case of the last update. Plus, the aircraft quality is still early in the stages.
  2. If you push 5 on the numeric keypad does it start going straight again? 5 is to center the rudder and ailerons.
  3. For some good SA freeware scenery go here. https://3dmodelbrasil.com/2018/09/13/brasil/ They have other countries too. Warning this is one of those sites that will annoy you with a few ads etc. before you download your scenery. Pay attention to what download button you hit. They are very good sceneries though.
  4. OMG, thank you so much for posting this. I've been going crazy for three days now and missed a weekend of MSFS. It's working again.
  5. I have P3D on an SSD but my scenery on an HDD just because I don't have a big enough SSD to hold my photo scenery. I have one area of photo on the SSD. I have to say that the initial loading of P3D to the gate is faster when using the SSD photo scenery but it doesn't feel any faster once I've started flying. No difference in smoothness.
  6. I disagree with this part but agree on the rest of your statement. I had reduced the number of traffic bgl's by over half at one point and noticed a definite decrease in load time. After that I started moving bgl's in and out of my traffic folder depending on where in the world I was flying.
  7. I have used both AIG and UT2 over the last year. What I found is that both are good. UT2 is slightly better on the framerates. It also loads faster. What I found with AIG was not a knock against the software, it was that it creates a single BGL for each airline. Over time I accumulated 100's of BGL's and it was taking an extra 3+ minutes to load P3D. Managing the BGL files was not so easy as you have t move them in and out of the folder depending on where you fly in the world. I fly all over the world so it was becoming too much of a chore. That said, UT2 is frustrating as they don't have all the repaints that you will get with AIG and merging freeware one's with UT2 to get them to work is really hit or miss (70/30). Currently, I'm using UT2 and find it overall more pleasing. Using a combination of both is something I'm contemplating.
  8. I have it working fine in P3Dv5. I have working. Is that what you meant? In the Configuration tab under flt sim I have airline density at 80% and gen av at 10%. In the traffic section see if you have the target frame rate section set to a high number. I set mine at 20fps. In the installs section ensure you have the main directory and cfg pointing to the correct places. If you can find the traffic file UT Live creates it should be a large file over 30mb's. See if yours is allot smaller. Perhaps the traffic didn't get compiled. Just a few ideas.
  9. I was able to add the bgl types to the newer v5 without any problems and slowly switch over. I recompiled what I could using ADE as well. I don't know about the xml one's though.
  10. Do you have ASCA installed? I'm just wondering if it fixes the default textures or it fixes the ASCA textures, or both if you have it.
  11. You and I have almost the exact same hardware. The only difference is I have the Nvidia 1660 which has 6gb ram. I suspect that is the difference. I've had this happen to me before and I had to drop some of the settings to keep the vram usage under 4.5gb. Push ctrl-z in the sim and you can see this. Start with the default aircraft and see what your vran usage is. Then load in the A320 and see how much it jumps. I suggest lowering your texture size to 2048 or 1024 and reduce the antialiasing to a 4x if you're at 8x.
  12. Hey thanks Bert! Don't know if it helped Josephpilot but it helped me.
  13. I'd like to see someone do CYSN - St.Catherine's/Niagara. It's a growing airport.
  14. I grew up on the east coast of Canada and had some interesting flights. My dad's C172 DC-3 (Eastern Provincial Airlines) - one flight was with an engine that kept sounding like it was going to die but never did. Fairchild 227 - (Quebecair) - This is the Fokker F27 made in the USA by Fairchild. B737-100 (EPA) - they flew in some of the harshest weather and a song was written that Santa followed EPA on Xmas eve B737-200 (Quebecair) Bac 1-11 (Quebecair) - soooo noisy DC-9 (Air Canada) B767-200 (Air Canada)
  15. So, one thing I've been doing is taking FSX and P3D v4 scenery and recompiling them with ADE and the SDK for P3Dv5. I do this by opening the BGL in ADE and select Taxi Links from the Lists menu, click on Reset all Draw Flags, and then compile. Most of the time it works. I'd say 70/30 and it seems if the author used default objects you have better success.
  16. For me it's been the clouds that are too bright. Blinding. I have EA turned off and use ASP3D (can't live without it) but will play with the settings over time to see if I can make it better.
  17. I'd buy it. The LevelD one was one of my all time favourites. JustFlight offers the 200/300 and their lite series of aircraft are ok. I think they could handle the quality of a LevelD one. It'd be a step up but a success. Majestic is another who would be good. The Q400 is amazing. PMDG would do a good job but it would be out of my price range with their level of workmanship. Aerosoft is an interesting suggestion though. Their 320 series is good and the 330 is good too. Nice balance of quality and affordability.
  18. Thanks for all who commented. I'm glad I asked and I think I will wait for the Xtreme 25 or the Milviz 34R, whichever comes first, but the suggestion of the KA350i is really tempting. Although I'm looking for a jet, a fast turboprop is not a bad idea either as I will not be doing trips over 1500nm anyhow. Not enough free time in the day for more than that. 🙂 I'm more concerned about realistic flight models and 3d cockpit than the skin of the aircraft. It seems the consensus on the 350i is good. I'll stay away from the Phenom's. I've read elsewhere the same comments that are here so it seems like it's not the one for me. Thanks for steering me away. I was PM'd why I didn't like the Carenado CJ2. It's simply because the climb is bad. It's supposed to handle up to 3400 ft/min but above FL200 with the suggested N1 climb as 94.6% I'm only getting 500 - 1000 ft/min and I have to push the throttle forward to 100% to get the 1000. Plus the throttle is really sensitive. Throttle back 2-4% and there's a major jerk back that would give a real pilot a whiplash or smack your head on the dashboard. Happy New Year to all!
  19. I'm in the market for a good, but not necessarily high level, bizjet for P3D. I currently have the Carenado CJ2 which has a below average flight model, imo. I'm thinking of the Falcon from Flysimware but open to suggestions. Eye candy is not the biggy for me, it's performance and the flight model. Thanks. I7-6700k @ 4ghz 6gb nVidia 1660 video 16 gb ram.
  20. Pretty extreme imo. A good business person would take your criticism, agree to disagree, and then advise that it is not something being considered and move on. Certainly not ban you and revoke licenses. I'd like to hear his side of the story, too. If you're listening Helge, chime in and tell us your side.
  21. I have created the Maritimes and Southern Ontario using FSEarthTiles for myself. The detail available is fairly good. The problem is I don't know if I'm allowed to upload it and if I can it's over 150gb.
  22. It's an escape from the stress of daily life to immerse myself into the virtual flying world.
  23. Same for me. Once resized it stays that way. Odd though, I've never had one go full screen immediately, only when I accidentally make it bigger.
  24. You can move them but you will have to change the location in your FS scenery list.
  25. Active Sky for v4 has a beta update you can download. So far no problems for me.
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