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  1. Well, I tried that with my old Vintage Mamba + Warthog stick. Upgrading to the latest firmware and the warthog's buttons aren't working any more. Tried downgrading... and now the entire shebang isn't recognized by the VKB util. Not amused... Edit: turns out the culprit wasn't even the stick but the STECS throttle lol. All is well, I was able to put it all back in working order.
  2. I had that issue indeed. I kinda bruteforced it by keeping the trigger (my go-to PTT key) depressed while clicking on the set key button of BATC. After a few tries, it worked.
  3. To be fair, BATC doesn't actually control the AI traffic. Like P2ATC.
  4. For that matter, I did LTFJ - EBLG today and performance indeed became... atrocious may be too strong a word, but definitely "not normal" as I reached the Germany-Belgium border area. Despite being at cruise, in the PMDG 737 which is not the worst addon in terms of performance, as well as AutoFPS. On final approach it reached near slideshow state. And now I'm flying over the USA and it's ultra-smooth.
  5. Second that. Yesterday I took off from OMAA with a 36kt tail wind. It was sporty. I heard my SLC passengers scream 😅 I was supposed to land on RW16L at OTHH... 'til I saw planes taking off in the 34 heading. Then I changed the arrival settings for a 34 visual, which was uneventful.
  6. I picked up FSHud again after months not using it because it always ended up tanking FPS after a while. In conjunction with the FSTL injector, on 3 hours+ flights things were pretty good. I guess the performance improvements did indeed bring performance improvements. Had the speed restriction issue on approach. Not too handicapping, but a fix will be welcome.
  7. I too sometimes experience those CTDs on loading certain planes. Best workaround I found is... load another plane, then reload the A300.
  8. I don't care about the Dune loadscreen (or any other load screen for that matter) because loading up MSFS takes so long that I'm always doing something else during that time.
  9. Version 7.4.11 is out on FSUIPC's website.
  10. Make sure it has an autolaunch section in the MSFS EXE.xml ! Same thing happened to me.
  11. What will happen? I'll tell you what will happen. Some people will be running around with their hair on fire. Many others will be high (figuratively). We'll see a number of "woe me, I only get 60fps in 8K Super-Mega-Ultra settings with my RTX5090UltraTitaniumRectalEnlarger, what is wrong with Asobo?" posts. Business as usual!
  12. I second that. Though it seems that activating AMD's Fluid Motion Frames ends up with me getting CTDs (for driver causes), but that's on AMD's drivers, not MSFS. Without activating any fancy setting in the graphic driver MSFS is rock stable on my end.
  13. Ok so I got hit by the "spawn at the gate gear up" bug, at EPWA, then tried at another airfield, same. Restarted MSFS, problem gone.
  14. Did my first flight last night, taking off from Telluride on full TO-GA thrust, then ILS approach to Jackson Hole in icing conditions. Flew great. The new control damping is... interesting. Only disappointment (and only temporary I guess) is, MSFS' autopilot controls still don't drive the Fenix' FCU.
  15. Well word not allowed, that's basically live-action aviation archeology!
  16. Second the autopilot controls without 3rd party software part. It's annoying that MSFS control assignments for A/P that work perfectly well in the PMDG 737 don't in the Airbus.
  17. Yes, AFMF works independently of any option set in MSFS settings. It's a driver-level thing.
  18. For that matter since AMD released the new driver with AFMF (fluid motion frames, ie AMD's frame generation tech) I get a nice x2 boost in apparent framerate with my 7900 XT in DX12.
  19. Got the same issue lately, without any change in my controller setup (Warthog throttle). Have to turn AT off and manually land as well. Good practice in a way, but a bit irritating.
  20. As someone who's using both of you's product, I applaud your cooperating on improving the MSFS ecosystem 🤙
  21. Absolutely concur, it's what I did. 7900XT allows good enough performance in 4K Ultra and VR with medium-high settings. MSFS2024 should bring performance improvements as well. All in all, should be enough to play for the next 2-3 years, perhaps up to AMD's AM6 platform.
  22. Yes because of course rendering pebbles is the ONLY thing they're working on for MS2024, right? I mean if that's the only thing mentioned in the excerpt of an interview, it must be so, right? 😴
  23. Definitely the H145 if you want to be able to let go of the controls and the aircraft keeps flying itself. But the other ones mentioned are super cool too as long as you don't mind flying manual all the time. Trying to land the Alouette on top of the Everest as it did IRL is a worthy challenge!
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