Michael Greenblatt - FS has lost an Icon....

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Michael Greenblatt from FS-GS passed away last night from a 4 month battle with cancer.


He devoted his every waking moment to helping others with their flight sim problems, and literally 1000's are in his debt for making their simmimg experiance what it is today.


Love him or hate him, he was a pillar of this community and will be sorely missed..


Go with the angels Mike, all flights wil be smooth now



(Mods, if this isn;t the proper forum, please move it, I posted here because this is where Mike spent a lot of his time)

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This is very sad news. I had no idea he was fighting cancer. I used to get on him about his smoking, although I dont know what kind of cancer he was fighting.


He was a really good guy, even though he seemed rather gruf at times. Every time I see a USC football game I think of him since he loved those Trojans.


I have been thinking of messanging him soon talk about my next upgrade and so I am glad to have heard the news now, rather than from someone else.


I never asked Michael, but does he have anyone else working for him that will essentially take his place or are we FS-GS'ers going to have to start using the forums for hardware and setup advice? I loved having his service since it meant a one day setup and never the need for all the tweaks and time spent trying stuff.


RIP Michael...



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Jim, he wanted to keep it quiet so those who knew honored his request.


I can tell you that FS meant more to him than most ever knew, the only thing he wanted to do was fly, while fighting with all he had. I flew with him twice in the last week and it was tough for him but you know Mike, bull headed as ever.


According to his wife he was in front of the computer with a plane on the runway when he fell asleep, and a few hours later he was heaven bound.


Unfortunatly for simmers, he was one of a kind and a solo act, so as far as i know there is no one else to fill his remarkable shoes, we are on our own. Those of us who called him a friend have a huge hole in our runways now.

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My Condolences to the Greenblatt family. I was looking forward to another session with him soon. Michael was the consumate teacher, I can still her him in my headset saying "Do you understand?" I am grateful to have known such a fine indiviual.


Blue skies Michael.

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I simply had no idea and I have had to sit down to let this sink in.



Over the last 10 years I have spoken to Michael so many times and he has been so patient while I experimented with FSX and then deleted and then re-installed the sim countless times. My wife referred to Michael as "my boyfriend" because of the amount of time we spent chatting and tweaking.


We had many healthy discussions and debates about simulating, religion, politics, and he taught me a ton about my computer and my simulator. He told me about his life growing up and his family today.


Sometimes when we spoke his wife would come into the conversation and I always thought she must have been an incredibly patient person to deal with all of the people who wanted his time. I called him on the phone many times to ask for help when desperate for assistance and he was always kind to help me out.


I have thousands of flights logged with FS9, and I wonder if I would be involved with the sim in the same way if it wasn't for what Michael gave to me.


I'm not sure if family is going to read this but I would really like to prepare something or donate something to honour his passing. If someone can make a recommendation, that would be great. I would like to call and pass along condolences, but I have a feeling the phone is going to be ringing off the hook.


If you knew him, then you understand that the subject of this post is true......we have INDEED lost an ICON. If you didn't know him, then I suggest you missed out on interaction with a truly unique personality and a GIANT in the world of flight simulation.


Prayers and thoughts to family and friends. I know Michael is now simming in a perfectly crisp and clear, stutter free world.


I miss you already, but you will never be forgotten.


John Haley

Thunder Bay


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Jay and all,


I am going to move this to the Hanger Chat forum where I think it will get more attention from flight simmers as a whole. I will make a link that will take people from FSX to the new location. You might want to make an announcement in the FS9 forum with a link to this thread in the new location.


Kind regards,


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Sad news indeed!


Condolensces to his family,and friends



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I, too am in shock. Just a few months ago, Michael helped me get my run-of-the-mill new PC build running at 5gHz, 100% reliably. I am certain that FSX performs as well as is possible on my machine due to his expertise.


He was certainly an Individual, and his "do you understand?" 's occasionally grated on me, but he really did know his stuff, and his service was a bargain at what he charged. He had a very dry sense of humor that I will really miss too.


I hope he's "somewhere" running FSX-2 at its 200% reality setting, dogfighting with his FS buds at an unshakeable 120fps.


I will always think of him when flying the Aerosoft OV-10 Bronco, which he had high regard for; it's one of my favorite FSX aircraft.


He even got my MS Flight installation working as well as it could, at no additional charge. A class act to be sure!


I'm kinda ###### that I had no idea that he was sick, but -- that was Michael.



Fly high and smooth, good man. You cannot be replaced by anyone in the FS community. I won't forget your contributions to my FS experience over the last few years.


Dave B.

San Jose, CA

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Wow, that's so sad. I used FS-GS on two different builds in the past and loved dealing with Michael as a straight-shooter.


Condolences to his family.

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