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P3D V3 pushing performance/VAS test videos

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I was trying to push the envelope with performance and VAS - these are just some test flights with that I consider extreme graphics settings at 4K res (listed at end of the video) ... same flights in v2.5 would have OOM'd and about 30% lower FPS.  In most cases I was able to sustain 30 FPS (Vsync lock to monitor refresh at 30Hz).  I did NOT use NI ... so no SGSS AA, just standard 8X MSAA.



Aircraft: PMDG 737, 777

Orbx: FTX Global and OpenLC EU / NA

ASN: (Beta build 5756)

MyTraffic 6

GSX Ground Services

FlightBeam, 29Palms airports



Waiting for REX to update for official V3 support as I'd like to test out different cloud textures and sky textures.


MyTraffic 6 seems to have a huge impact on FPS ... no sure why as standard AI traffic doesn't ... even at only 5% AI I got more aircraft than I expected and in some cases the AI settings seemed to be ignored and almost 80% AI at KSFO HD?  So I need to do a little work here and see what's going on with MyTraffic 6.


Note on GSX, going to Avatar mode while GSX is active would trigger a CTD (I have the latest version as of yesterday) ... with that said Virtuali are aware and I believe are working on a fix.


PMDG 737


PMDG 777


Happy to report No OOMs and VAS was in the range of 3.0GB to 3.6GB.


Cheers, Rob.

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Do you think I would be able to have same results on 1080p?



i7 3770k @ 4.6ghz

16gb ram

GTX 680 DCU Top II 2gb

Fábio Magnoni

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Hi Fabio, I'm not sure how that hardware will work for you at 1080p -- maybe others with similar hardware can chime in?  In these tests I did use over 3GB VRAM but never exceeded 4GB VRAM.


Cheers, Rob.

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Hi Rob,


I noticed on your settings that you didn't have the terrain cast shadows distance at 0.  Is there a technical reason for this or is this a personal preference.





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Very interesting, I flew from egcc to egll last night with very similar settings. Almost identical in fact. I oomed as I contacted ground for taxi instructions.

Pmdg 737

My traffic 6


Night environment uk


Uk2000 vfr north.



Now I know uk2000 don't support v3 yet but I only have northern england installed so egcc is theirs but once down south it was all standard p3d scenery.

Vas was handled well mostly. I had the dings just past Birmingham when vas hit 3.9 due to clouds but it cleared and vas dropped to 3.7 until finals into Heathrow.

Weather was rough! Very bumpy, 20knts thunder and lightning, rain and dusk so night environment was visible.


Only difference with our settings is in shadows I have sim objects ticked and dont have buildings ticked. I also have airline traffic at 25%, ga at 5% and all other traffic at 10%. All other settings are the same.


I completed this test previously during the day with nice weather without oom.

Looks light night environment might be the killer here. Am waiting on orbx before doing more testing.



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Wow! that is the smoothest I have ever seen P3D run, is this due to the fact your using 30hz screens with 30fps? mine only does 60hz...if I knew I could get it to run like that I would jump ship ...without any hesitation.


Thank you



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Great video Rob really showing off the benefits of P3D V3; do you mind telling me what ATC chatter I was listening too please?





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Not a conscious decision on terrain shadows ... sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't ... kinda depends on the time of day.  In v2.5 the Terrain shadows did cause some stutters ... I haven't noticed that with v3.0 but I don't use it often.




My settings are NOT representative of what I would actually try to use for a "normal" flight in the PMDG 777 ... always stay with 2048 textures or 1024 textures and probably drop a notch down on the Autogen.  I'd use these settings for GA flights ... just more a test to see when/if I would OOM.  In V2.5 with these settings and add-ons I would OOM before I even got off the ground.  Good to see that headroom has extended considerably for V3.0.





Yes, 30Hz monitor and being able to sustain > 30 FPS with Vsync and triple buffer makes for the smoothness.  The actual recorded videos are very smooth but YouTube servers, ISP, etc. can tend to influence how they appear.


Here are a couple more videos using different aircraft but the same extreme graphics settings and add-ons:


Dash 8 Q400


A2A Comanche 250


Cheers, Rob.

Hi Dave,


It's in the video description http://www.liveatc.net ... I have ProATCX also, but wasn't using it for these videos.  I really enjoyed listening to KDEN live ATC using ASN weather as I was experiencing the same turbulence and weather that was being chatted about.  In one segment of the 777 video ATC was talking about a Coyote on the runway (think is was KIAD or KIAH) and at one point they were about to shut the runway down because of it and re-route aircraft.  Makes flying that much more interesting even if it's not "interactive" ATC.


Cheers, Rob.

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Hi Rob,


did you change any settings in the CFG or in Nvidia ontrol panel, i use 8 SGSS with 4 or 8 msaa ( no difference ) in the ni at this moment and my displays are not so crisp..my card is a GTX980 and cpu 4790K oc to 4.9 so i have the room i think ...when i disable NI and use 8 msaa and ultra it s getting even worse ..monitor is 1920 32.


Thanks in advance ,



Best regards ,

Gérard van Veldhoven



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MT6 @30% = real world not far off 100% I know its odd but hey....


I use 20%

But you need to use Traffic manager it cuts all unneeded traffic out and give FPS back.

David Murden.  MSFS2020   DCS  

10900K@4.9 All Cores HT ON  Asus ROG Strix Z490-E  32GB DDR4 CL14 3200MHz RTX 3080  Corsair iCUE H150i Pro XT 360mm 

Corsair HX850i Platinum Plus 2x 1TB Samsung EVO Plus M.2  Phanteks Enthoo Evolo X Case  Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS & TPR 

TrackIR • Samsung G7 32" 1440p 240Hz • Internet BT 75 Mbps Unlimited 


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Hi Rob, great video as always. As Dave mentioned, what ATC chatter were we listening to?



Lamar Wright

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Hi Rob, I realise that, I wouldn't normally fly maxed out either due to oom risk.

In fact using these settings I have oomed before pushback in 2.5 so being able to do it during the daytime was a big improvement. I just thought it was interesting to see how mine crashed but yours didn't with almost identical settings.

It seems night environment pushed the oom limits too far despite not having any orbx stuff installed. I notice that they have released installers so I will test again with global installed but without night environment and see what happens.



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