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[05JAN19] PMDG 747 QOTSII Updates Available via Ops Center

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A few moments ago we published a large, broad-based update for all of the PMDG 747 QOTSII product lines on all platforms.

This update provides a series of comprehensive updates, some of which have been under development since February of 2018, and are just being added to the product line now, such as PMDG RainMaker for Prepared v4 users of the PMDG 747-400 QOTSII.  Additional features in the 747-8's electronic flight bag, performance improvements, bug fixes and general improvements.

For Prepar3D v4 users, we are still working through adding PBR to all of the 747 models, and this is taking some time as there are so many models that must be updated.  (The down-side to such a change when your product line includes 14 models for users to choose from...  If we had just given you a single airframe- this would be easy!  🤣)

Beta testing this update cycle was quite a bit slower than previous cycles due in large part to a significant time investment we made into diagnostic capabilities for this product package.  This effort was driven by our concern that a number of our beta testers were experiencing CTD events that we were unable to reproduce in the debugging environment, even after deliberate attempts to do so.

What we determined was that with the proliferation of expansion packages that do everything from create water vapor to animating self-loading baggage (passengers, for those who don't get that joke!) there is quite a bit going on inside your sim- and the more addons you have loaded the more likely you are to run into a scenario in which two developers products might conflict and a CTD or unexpected sim termination results. 

Since we felt that it was important to be sure **we** don't deliver you a package that was going to interrupt your simming experience, we took the time to integrate some core windows reporting logic into the 747 product line in order to help us diagnose and resolve CTD events within our beta team.  It took some time to get it running, but it proved to be highly effective and assisted us in resolving a couple of CTD events that were risks within our own software- as well as identifying a handful of CTD events being caused by factors outside of the PMDG product line. 

With this new capability, we will be able to work with our testing teams in order to hook in some diagnostic tools that will be able to provide us with data to show what the machine was doing at the time the abnormal event occurred- and this **may** help to save us time that is currently being spent investigating CTDs caused by non-PMDG factors.

The change list for this update is included below, and you can obtain the update via the PMDG Operations Center.  (Simply run the PMDG Operations Center and click on the gear at the top right of the application to be taken to the update page.)

In addition to this change list, we have also added a number of new features and changes throughout the airplane that you will stumble into as you fly. 

PMDG 747-400/8 QOTSII **CHANGE LIST** - BUILD 3.00.9193 (Released 2019-01-05) [ View Issues ]
- 0007423: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] STB Pump Switches alignment is off slightly (vscimone) - resolved.
- 0007274: [External Model - Geometry] Landing Gear tire shows through the door & doors sequence valve gets out of sequence in certain instances (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
- 0007397: [External Model - Geometry] Missing window in 748F (jbrown) - resolved.
- 0007398: [External Model - Geometry] Missing window in some BCF (jbrown) - resolved.
- 0007287: [Systems - Fuel] Tank to Engine messaging errors with Auto Tank to Engine enabled on long flights on 748 type (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
- 0007267: [EFB - General] EFB Background colour should be darker (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0007396: [External Model - Geometry] Cargo animation not changing with individual cargo compartments load entries in PAYLOAD page (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0007395: [EFB - Navigraph Charting Functions] EFB Navigraph Charts cause CTD in case a slow internet connection results in server requests timeout (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0007346: [External Model - Geometry] 400M no pallets shown on the main cabin. (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0007394: [EFB - Performance and Computational] Minor inaccuracies in EFB OPT N1, V-Speeds and Takeoff Trim calculations (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0007368: [ACARS - Datalink/Connectivity] ACARS PREFLIGHT UTC DATE (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
- 0007366: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] INBOARD CRT KNOB SILKSCREEN ISSUE (vscimone) - resolved.
- 0007232: [General - Unsure] Paint kit amendments (jbrown) - resolved.
- 0007361: [ACARS - Datalink/Connectivity] Potential CTD if uninitialized ACARS page is requested during load state (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
- 0007355: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Passenger oxygen supply cover wrong colour (vscimone) - resolved.
- 0007356: [EFB - Performance and Computational] EFB derate thrust and assumed temperature take-off calculations (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0007302: [General - SDK] SDK update to allow output of EFB screen contents and EFBs touchscreen input communication (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0007326: [Systems - Lighting - Exterior] Stobe and Taxi Lights doe not synchronize with SimConnect (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0007307: [EFB - General] EFB bottom bezel keys produce click sound while held down (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0007292: [FMS - Performance Pages] TAKEOFF REF page refresh after RTO (emvaos) - resolved.
- 0007246: [FMS/AFDS - VNAV] ALT INTV and AT HOLD->IDLE->HOLD logic enhanced in VNAV DES (emvaos) - resolved.
- 0007291: [FMS/AFDS - VNAV] After early DES on path capture AT should go back to IDLE then HOLD on 400 but allow modulation on 748 (emvaos) - resolved.
- 0007301: [Systems - Fuel] Stab Fuel tank behavior -8i (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
- 0007299: [Systems - Electrical] EFIS Transfer switch fails to transfer to F/O (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
- 0007290: [Main Panel - ND] Fix radials drawn on 747-8 ND are not extending beyond 700 NM (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0007288: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] Fix Info page for the 747-8 should accept distances up to 2150NM (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0007289: [EFB - Navigraph Charting Functions] EFB Navigraph Charts authentication shouldn't be required every time (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0007284: [EFB - Navigraph Charting Functions] CTD during Navigarpah authentication (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0000000: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Clickspots] added RainMaker to 400 fleet (Prepared v4 only) - scimone.
- 0007277: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] APU TR Start Option (vscimone) - resolved.
- 0007276: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Chart light panel lighting (vscimone) - resolved.
- 0007270: [External Model - Geometry] Report of geometry issue from Customer (jbrown) - resolved.
- 0007269: [General - Unsure] Changin the "Pilots In Ext View" simulation option also changes the "Ground Service Objects" option (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0007258: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Spot lights inop on -8 (vscimone) - resolved.
- 0007257: [Main Panel - EICAS Messaging Issues] Seatbelts On and Off At Same Time (abashkatov) - resolved.
- 0007259: [External Model - Geometry] Landing gear in -8 visible throught the gear doors and also going through the doors in retraction/extention (jbrown) - resolved.
- 0007262: [External Model - Geometry] Engine 2 and 3 Positioning 747-8 (jbrown) - resolved.
- 0007263: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Unneccesary click spot (vscimone) - resolved.
- 0006197: [Main Panel - EICAS Display Issues] RAD vs BARO Mins displayed with RA over ADI Option (abashkatov) - resolved.
- 0007253: [FMS - Route/Legs Pages] CTD with UKBB Afcad (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0007345: [Main Panel - EFIS Controls] Partial text on the STD button on EFIS Control Panel (vscimone) - closed.
- 0007420: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Missing Screws on IFSD Panel (vscimone) - resolved.
- 0007425: [EFB - General] Allow external keyboard repeat functionality in EFB scratchpad utility (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0007424: [EFB - General] EFB XFR mode should be cancelled when any of the two EFBs is restarted from the SYSTEM page (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0007417: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] center tank switches protruding from panel (vscimone) - resolved.
- 0000000: [EFB - General] updated performance computations.
- 0007300: [General - Flight Model] 747-400 Rotates before VR with no control input (emvaos) - resolved.
- 0007404: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Center/Aux tank switches overlapping (vscimone) - resolved.
- 0007294: [AFDS - General] for both 400 and -8 floating too much (emvaos) - resolved.
- 0007403: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] 747-400F Placards (vscimone) - resolved.
- 0007387: [Systems - Hydraulic] Alternate extension on the ground (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
- 0007388: [Systems - Lighting - Exterior] RWY TURNOFF and TAXI LIGHTS (jbrown) - resolved.
- 0007323: [General - Flight Model] Over pressure valves open after loading plane (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0007370: [Systems - Electrical] APU No.2 Gen AVAIL Light is Still Faulty (rsrandazzo) - resolved.
- 0007386: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] FLAP/GEAR/TERR OVRD and ALT GEAR EXT NOSE/BODY switch covers clickspots missing (vscimone) - resolved.
- 0007383: [FMS - Initialization] FMC should change the entered SEL temperature entry if it exceeds the maximum Assumed Temperature limit (emvaos) - resolved.
- 0007369: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Battery Switch guard should not close if switch is in OFF position (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0007384: [EFB - Performance and Computational] EFB "COPY FMC DATA" and "INITIALIZE FLIGHT" functions don't use TAKEOFF REF page TOGW entry (mfrantzeskakis) - resolved.
- 0007378: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Panel options (vscimone) - resolved.
- 0007336: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] APU START SOURCE SWITCH option in the 747-8 (vscimone) - resolved.
- 0007278: [General - Unsure] -8i - pax oxy switch animation inop (vscimone) - resolved.
- 0006827: [Apps - Display Unit] Display Unit "loses awareness" (abashkatov) - resolved.
- 0000000: [General - Unsure] -8i Optimized for SSD
- 0007202: [Main Panel - EICAS Display Issues] BARO display on PFD (abashkatov) - resolved.
- 0007261: [Main Panel - EICAS Messaging Issues] Seat belt sign status (abashkatov) - resolved.
- 0007390: [EFB - Navigraph Charting Functions] EFB Charts and Perf Calculations Still Present after a Cold and Dark Shutdown (mfrantzeskakis) - closed.
- 0007332: [ACARS - Datalink/Connectivity] ACARS ETE Input not working correctly (Build 9093) (rsrandazzo) - closed.
- 0007381: [Systems - Lighting - VC/2D] V9105 G-GSSD EMER Lights Switch in Wrong Position (vscimone) - closed.
- 0007371: [ACARS - Datalink/Connectivity] ACARS ETE Still Not Accepting Times <1 Hour (rsrandazzo) - closed.
[69 Items]


Enjoy- and happy new year from all of us to all of you!



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Robert S. Randazzo coolcap.gif


You can find us at:  http://forum.pmdg.com

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Quick question.... can we use reshade with the -800 yet. I remembered there being an issue with the EFB. Thanks!!

Edited by FDX706

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Robert, can I be that guy and ask if we can have a roadmap for what's coming up? You've said the NG3 is in dev, but can you reveal the broad strokes of what that'll be (new airframe options, MAX, etc etc)? How about further 777 expansions? GFO? Further big projects (787)?

It'd be nice to know what you're coming out with going forward.

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31 minutes ago, rsrandazzo said:

- 0006197: [Main Panel - EICAS Display Issues] RAD vs BARO Mins displayed with RA over ADI Option (abashkatov) - resolved.


Thank you!!!



I am not seeing rainaker effects in any -400 following the update. -8 is working. 

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Many thanks for the whole team! What a nice start of 2019 !






John Folkeringa Belgium    Ryzen 5 2600X 16Gyg memory Msi MB Gaming Pro

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no chance to sleep xD THANKS! This day is perfect, for this and other reasons 😄❤️


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