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  1. Keep your PMDG MD-11. The Rotate MD-11 is very flawed. It has problems with LNAV, VNAV, Autopilot, Trim, Brakes and Controls. I am a very experienced computer pilot who was not able to complete a full flight. It's a shame because the plane is beautiful. They may fix it in the future. Who knows? For now, fly the PMDG bird and keep FSX. Ed
  2. The Heavy 787 was updated to 1.9 a few hours ago at Github. Ed
  3. Make sure you have cleared all discontinuities. Ed
  4. I hope they fix this in their first hot fix. Meanwhile, I have really been enjoying a 320 Neo with the Fly By Wire Mod 3.1.
  5. Dillon, I fly the Longitude more than any other plane in MSFS 2020. The oscillation makes the plane UNFLYABLE. Each time they patch the sim, the Longitude gets worse. Shameful. I think I will focus on the TBM, CJ4 or a320 until they fix the Longitude. Ed
  6. I have been struggling with this same problem since before the patch. The patch did not help me. The problem was fixed when I logged into Xbox support and requested a live phone call. They called me back and I was able to tell them the details of my attempts to get in. Since the call I have been able to start up every time. Ed
  7. They plan to fix "Landing gear" and "Overspeed" in the next patch.
  8. David B Their site was down. Check out my post above. Ed (Echo52)
  9. I had the same problem. The server was down. It came up around 4 pm PDT August 19. You can send the an e-mail at reachus@xtremeprototypes.com. Now I am having a problem with it accepting my ezdok cameras. Ed
  10. Don't forget to make sure your GTN is main nav source instead of P3D. Place your mouse pointer on the blue SD card slot on the face of the GTN. A tooltip should popup. It should say "Active Nav Source GTN 750 unit 1. If it does not, right click it. Ed
  11. HL, Gorgeous! Ed Farley Nevada Resident
  12. The real question is; what will it do for P3D? Ed Farley
  13. I have looked around and cannot find a solution to this problem. I take off from an airport and all of the surrounding scenery is beautiful. After I fly for a while (about an hour) the scenery loses all of its detail. I have an Nvidia 780 card on a mid-range computer. This also happened in 2.4. Any help would be appreciated. Ed Farley
  14. NAv button does not work. Direct to does not work. I cannot find alebeo manuals. Ed Farley
  15. Kattz, You can get it at Simmarket. Ed
  16. I agree. This is one of their best aircraft. Modernization would do wonders. Imagine this bird in P3d. Ed Farley
  17. Echo52

    p3d 777 wobbeling

    I have also experienced the wobble. Ed Farley
  18. I agree. He is awesome. Love his videos. Ed Farley
  19. Did you use the Flight1 registry repair tool to make the FSX steam version the primary flight sim? My PMDG 777 works well in steam after I downloaded the new 777 version this morning. Ed Farley
  20. This one is awesome!! It shows the power of our wonderful sky. Ed
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