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  1. Precisely, I like it because it fills a gap for me where I just want to do a quick flight, maybe from my local airport to another non-international airport like we're day tripping, it's much faster than the props, very automated for single pilot use and I can pretend I'm like all those YouTubers that grab their plane, hot co-pilot and go somewhere for lunch or a holiday destination.😂
  2. Visual hint on the ORBX forum that their Melbourne Landmarks City Pack is coming soon. https://forum.orbxdirect.com/topic/213582-somethings-happening/
  3. I bought it, started Flightsim, set the HJet at YMMB at a parking spot, heard a smash outside, ran out to find my drivers side mirror broken and an elderly lady walking back towards me with a white mirror cover (from her car) ....obvious what happened, we exchanged details, I folded what was remaining of my mirror back, picked up the pieces and ran back in to fly the HJet..and stayed their for two hours, called my local dealership mid-flight to order the replacement parts and kept flying...it's that good....the HJet that is....and with Navigraph integration as well it's a wonderful first version release.
  4. Is this after you try to bring up the checklists for example?
  5. Same, no problem for me and my system is old, I7-7700K/GTX1080Ti/32Gb ram @4K res.
  6. If not for the credit from buying the P3D 737 NGXu I probably would not have bought the B737-700. Now that I do have it and enjoying the BBJ more than i thought I would, I'm actually thinking do I really need the 737-800. I still have around $30USD credit from PMDG so I'll see how I go....it's the PMDG B747-400/-8 that I really want to be honest...it's like your first true love...eternal....and the H-Jet has me intrigued for those "let's get a way this weekend" type of flying adventures...
  7. Dubai actually earns little from oil compared to it's neighbours, hence it's tourism/flying hub focus.
  8. Some of the above photo's just look incredible and real world.
  9. Just firing up MSFS now, however you can split screen an iPad and rotate to landscape orientation have both left and right CDU's display at the same time. Open the left CDU on the iPad and hit the small three dots in the centre top of the screen, open the right CDU and both will equally share the screen...I'm using a small iPad, if however I pinched my wife's much larger device they would almost be real sized. Using aviaCDU I forgot to add.
  10. I'm at work however I've been running the CDU of the PMDG 737 in MSFS2020 on an iPad. I believe there is a option in the middle of the the display on the iPad (might be three small icons) which can cycle the display view and allows the screen to split into a two window display, haven't tried it however when I hit the button fiddling around it shrunk the CDU to half screen width and I just reverted it back at the time.
  11. SimBrief works for anywhere in the world.. ...as long as you know the airports international code in 3 or 4 characters e.g. YMML or MEL.
  12. You may or may not be aware, however if you create your flight plan first in Simbrief, and use the Simbrief Downloader program (separate program) you can with one click export the flight plan in a file format MSFS2020 can use as well as the PMDG 737 through it's CDU. You just need to set the pathway of SimBriefs exported files correctly so they can be loaded into MSFS2020 directly from the flight planning tab and the PMDG CDU.
  13. Hi All, Just wanted to say publicly how very responsive Mark was to my issue of not being able to use the CDU/Overhead apps on my iPad due to licencing issues. I guess the international times aligned well between his and my timezone back in Australia however within half an hour of sending a submission from the Aviaworx website Support page I had the cdu's and overhead working for the PMDG 737 in MSFS2020. Thank you.
  14. Could it be different aircraft have either the Honeywell or Collins MCP?
  15. Purely as a counter situation....I run a I7-7700K with GTX1080Ti, 4K monitor and run 100% rendering, 120 LOD and terrain....most things on Ultra, AIG traffic...I decided a while back to not even bother looking at FPS unless the image became a slide show...which it hasn't yet.... as on an approach this completely destroys the landing like the very early days of FSX When the PMDG 737 comes out this will be my real test however once again I've decided to focus on enjoying the sim and not worry about tweaking anything in any config file simply because I lost so many hours of flying time in other sims constantly tweaking and reading very post on tweakng rather than flying.....and now that I'm closer to 60 than 50 years of age, time is too precious after a month of too many funerals.... As a matter of interest if I could find a PC that ran at 6GHz in "base" form and could swallow buying a GTX3090 (or two) would MSFS have the code to use these resources fully?
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