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  1. For a flight simmer like me FSR is not even on my wish list of future updates for FS2020 and then FS2024...then again maybe I'm in the "silent majority" 🤣
  2. I love using G1000nxi aircraft because I was fortunately able to buy the full FlightSimBuilder (FSB) hardware suite of PFD, MFD and Audio panel as a birthday present to myself. Without these I probably would use G3000 aircraft more however using Mobiflight I've also mapped many G3000 functions using the FSB hardware.
  3. MSFS...this is the first sim that I have not bothered with any tweaks at all, don't bother with endless forum and YouTube trawling for performance improvements....and I didn't need to buy a new PC to get it to run from the very first Alpha test release to today...,.., in fact I'm still using my I7-7700K/GTX 1080Ti/32gig ram with pop out panels on a full FlightSimBuilder G1000 hardware. I have less time to fly due to work and family but I probably spend more time actually flying....and I have to remember how to bring up a frame rate counter.🤣
  4. Now we need one of the hardware companies to make a GTC.
  5. Changelog: Added LODs to all custom objects Performance Improvements So it seems the improvements are noticeable.
  6. It's not so bad, once had a car come back from the panel repair shop and they forgot to put the key lock in the passenger side door, completely body filling it over and painting over it...
  7. Yep, I realise that, just having a laugh...I think PMDG started this by showing a Boeing list price for their sim products just before release.
  8. Did you see the link and price....$1098.90 AUD.... TerraColor - Orbx (orbxdirect.com)
  9. And if such issues made it into the release we all would suffer so it's members like GSladen that will suffer during beta however we all gain if his issue is replicated and hopefully dealt with prior to the update's final version release.
  10. Not sure if this helps however some things that if answered could guide others with more knowledge... In Simbrief have you chosen the appropriate model of 787 before generating the flight plan, ie 787-10,9, 8. Were there unusually high head winds that could bring up a fuel warning pre-flight? If you did go ahead and complete the flight ignoring the initial fuel warning was there sufficient fuel to make it?
  11. Purely to make sure and just in case, see if anything else is mapped to the throttle/TOGO in the sim in case a keyboard button press, mouse button or one of your other devices inadvertently has an unwanted mapping....sorry if this has been already checked.
  12. My claim to computer programming fame was achieving 51% back in 2nd year university in Fortran programming.....so I'm one step below "word not allowed". Could someone simply explain what method of EFB coding is PMDG employing that differs to say Fenix's EFB or FBW...that makes it a difficult path they had to take and now after SU13 are no longer as constrained, or is that even an incorrect assumption on my behalf?
  13. I'm not in front of my sim pc but I believe that it refers to Air Traffic Type...about 5:58 into the YouTube video
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