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  1. YMMB

    FSW Lear35A Update 4.1

    Does that include FlightSim store...
  2. YMMB

    Name the movie...

    It's a Mad, Mad Mad Mad World.....no real idea.
  3. YMMB

    Certificate error

  4. Probably why I've stayed with the last of Panasonic's 60" plasma TV's....I feel only now superceded by OLED tech but still working perfectly...and my wife leaves it on for our dog so she won't feel home alone 🙂
  5. I believe its because of the possibility of fuel coming in contact with the wings trailing edge and in general during fuel dumping no fuel is allowed to come in contact with any part of the aircraft.
  6. Actually I am the boss (it's so hard to catch up on flight sim news while others are waiting for my delivery running sheet for the day)..and we're on a 4G modem until the street is upgraded for optic fiber connection....mind you it can download at 80-90 Mbps on a good day but I set a 10 Gb/day allowance 😞
  7. Sadly in Australia we're off to work, don't think our bosses would allow 12+Gb downloads to bring home so we'll just keep reading you "later time zoners" posts...
  8. LM Download servers are "temporarily down" now down, most likely in prep to get ready for us... Anders just beat me to it 🙂
  9. YMMB

    PMDG and P3D v4.4

    I guess my humor was missed..thanks .
  10. YMMB

    PMDG and P3D v4.4

    For some of us 28th November is already here by 6 hours 🙂
  11. Could I ask what model you are using please?
  12. I'd like to relay a story about the time I purchased a brand new vehicle. I was in the privileged position of being able to buy this brand's product at a discounted fixed price, granted to me as though I was an employee of the car manufacturer. No price negotiation, all costs set and known, just choose the vehicle, options, sign and pay. I could buy the vehicle from any dealership in the country. Such a different buying experience and I actually chose the dealership purely on how they treated me and the relationship I struck up. I've now bought 3 more vehicles from them in the last 18 months, at normal retail pricing however that first impression has led to over $120,000 in sales plus all servicing and any repairs. Back to simming. maybe some developers don't realise their product is so well loved but the public interactions that take place on internet forums are not appreciated and many, like me sit back in the silent majority thinking after reading a series of posts back and forth degrading in common courtesy (sometimes from both sides) "why was the developer’s forum support staff even getting involved in this way"? I often wonder why the developers online staff don’t remember that while their forum is not a democracy and we the public have to always play by their rules (and fair enough), one day taking your customers for granted and treating them rudely will eventually get them in trouble and more importantly tarnish the public persona of that company. Reputations are very hard to rebuild once ruined. I remember one post where the OP stated he thought this particular aircraft’s wing droop when fully fueled didn’t look like the real aircraft. I actually thought the same but never got involved in the thread. The OP was eventually scolded like a school child. Then a few weeks later the owner of that development company stated in a post they took particular care and extra time to ensure in their next update of this aircraft that wind flex,etc… was better represented in the aircraft because they were never really completely satisfied with its modelling up until then….
  13. YMMB

    Self Pauseing in flight

    I'm guessing hitting the "P" button on your keyboard made no difference. Seems like too far before you would need to start descent, however do you have "Pause at top of descent" (can't remember the proper phrase) turned on in the fmc menu settings?
  14. Thanks Rob for taking the time and financial outlay to provide us great feedback and some things to ponder on our own future upgrades. Your results probably suggest in my own case that I'll stick with my current water-cooled I7700K (stock) and 1080Ti and maybe overclock the cpu conservatively just for some interest. I think I'm comfortable waiting for a major software update of P3D before I venture into a PC accessories store. I guess my real wish is for a future iteration of P3D to take on the latest and greatest graphics engine such that smoothness and fps isn't something I even bother to check anymore.