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  1. Not at my flightsim pc however can you choose a specific parking spot when you pick your destination airport when creating a flight plan? Obviously you can for the departure airport.
  2. It's been March 26th for 16 hours where I live...hurry up rest of world and catch up....😀
  3. I received my email last week saying I could now order after putting myself down on pre-order. Based on your comments above fellow simmers I think I'm going to treat myself and confirm/pay later today. With Covid-19 we're unlikely to travel OS from Australia as fortunately we have virtually no cases apart from returning travellers...but will have 14 day quarantine on return. as we're not into widespread vaccinations yet ... so stay home and fly the world virtually with some excellent hardware....
  4. I'm excited about WT's ability to work on the SDK. This will hopefully speed up it's development which should then allow for other "high end" aircraft developers to have a more evolved platform to work with and hopefully also accelerate their own aircraft development.
  5. Glad to help..an issue I experienced a few times with Alpha and iirc not uncommon.
  6. I've been using my CH Flight Sim yoke all through alpha to now so it should work. MSFS have never shown a proper picture of the yoke or always had correct default mappings however it has always worked. Firstly check if it can be calibrated using the Windows Device and Printers or Device manager setup. Secondly within MSFS just check in case you have some other mappings to something else which could be conflicting with your CH. Don't be afraid to check any and every possible device being mapped to the axis you wish to use on the CH yoke as you never know. Sometime the rudder pedals can have aileron/elevator mappings.
  7. Nice post. I guess an organisation selling "study-level" product needs to state openly, our aircraft cannot match the P3D model because at the moment the SDK doesn't provide for X, Y & Z.....so people like me who have no idea of coding etc... can understand and remain patient.
  8. That's not true, for some of us your today was our yesterday...🤣
  9. I think it's easier to rename the Community folder, say Community_org, create a new Community folder, run the update when it's released and then you can move back into the Community folder every addon as you choose.
  10. Could I please ask for your opinion....If I wanted one CDU to best cover a 737, 747 and 777 which one from FDS would you choose?
  11. There's one thing I feeI I can be certain about and that's LM will never have a default "Boeing-anything" in any version of P3D....😄
  12. Just in case it's not too late, have you tried signing out of MSFS, signing out of MS Store and signing out of XBox live then rebooting your computer, resigning in to Xbox live and MS Store and trying the installation?
  13. It is available, early release apparently so there's enough time to have a perfect RC. The boxed version comes with a DeLorean.
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