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  1. Well I can think of one however I don't want to be unkind.
  2. Maybe because they mention it in the Alpha forums..but then maybe they don'y aswell.
  3. I think this is more about you not being in Alpha....and we'll just leave it there.
  4. Here's the thing, the developers want as much feedback as possible and you don't now the detail they request on the closed forums. Now I need to go and fix my turntable stylus, it's got a broken record on it....
  5. Good Morning, I have the latest version of the Falcon v2.0B and the hot fix for P3Dv5 installed. The wing leading edges and engine cowlings metal have a blue colour and when I turn off Dynamic Refelctions in the Lighting Menu of the Graphics tab this solves the problem and all metal surfaces have the bright refelctive chrome finish. Just wondering if this is a known issue with P3Dv5 as I seem to remember that in P3Dv4.x you actually had to turn on this setting ON o achieve the highly polished metal reflection look. This also occurs for the Lear. EDIT: I've deleted the Shaders folder twice and the P3dv5 config file allowing rebilds and rebooting my pc and don't have any mods of any type installed with only ORBX scenery as only addon third party scenery. Regards YMMB
  6. Well it took PMDG a while to get it right after RR admitted he never liked it on the 747 and took a long time to be happy....
  7. if you're referring to flysimware, give them an email, they have in my experience provided excellent support, even transferring over a licence from a now defunct business at now cost so I immdeiately bought the Falcon as as sign of gratitutde..
  8. I'd hazard you can set your own tail number...
  9. I really don't know however do you need an active frequency in one of the nav radios?
  10. Personal Opinion here... See, I don't want MSFS developers to build "better than third party" aircraft simply because to do them all as well is near impossible in a time-frame sense. They can definately set a high baseline by all means. I want them to focus on building the best possible simulator platform, such that I don't need to tweak any config file to get a smooth flight. (Credit to P3Dv4.5 as it's the least tweaked sim I've ever used). I also don't care about high frames, if it's smooth to fly, stutter-free then I'm not going to bring up the FPS counter on my screen, my eyes and senses will be focussing elsewhere. If the MSFS developers can provide great quality aircraft that to me is a bonus, however if they can provide the best possible new-gen simulator platform for third party companies to create even more realistic aircraft than say the current excellent offerings of PMDG, FSL, Flysimware, Milviz, A2A..et al..by accessing more of the sims workings and not have to create ways around current day limitations this should speed up development, keeps prices in check and allow the community overall to get a new feeling of regeneration.
  11. I'm not a RW pilot ..but would I be right in thinking as you stated approach speed is raised if warning of windshear is given to a pilot while if it's actually experienced, a go-around is meant to be initiated depending on what stage of the approach is being flown?
  12. Same as my setup. My OC2 is at version I do remember having this issue with another program after a Windows update once. You mentioned your photo above was in full screen mode, was this achieved by right clicking on the active window of the program and selecting maximize? It's probably best to post this at PMDG, sorry I couldn't help any further.
  13. When you right click on the Icon for the PMDG OC2.0 what are your settings under the "Properties", "Compatability" tab.
  14. Thank you Mark. It's nice to speak directly. I think you're right, I was resuming from a saved situations...wife doesn't understand that you just cannot walk out of the cockpit to help prepare dinner....
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