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  1. Hi guys I'm curious if at any point in the future the DC-6 for P3D will get the RainMaker treatment? It's the only thing the sim is missing! I'd love it. Thanks :)
  2. Time for an upgrade! I have feared this day lol.
  3. Having 'Real Light' set to lowest helps but anything higher and its 3-4FPS for me..didn't realise the GTX680 was that bad!
  4. Even at my test bed airport of NZMC with default scenery its at 100%.
  5. My GPU load is 100% at all times in the VC regardless of the settings which explains my FPS issues. It is wanting to lock the entire PC up, I know my GTX680 is older but that can't be right?
  6. Thanks Dave, looking forward to your feedback. My specs are GTX680, I7-3820 4GHz, 16GB RAM. Win 7. P3D V4.2 with the 64Bit version of the MD80. Running moderate settings although I'll get screenshots when I'm back on the PC. I don't use Dynamic Lights as that's just too much for my older card. Is simply disabling 'True Glass' enough or does it need to be a reinstall? I want that feature so I think a new card is in order..
  7. I have dynamic lights off anyway and also switched off in the load manager for the MD. I also managed to get 30FPS in the rain once too. Very transient FPS although maybe my 2GB GPU doesn't help. It just sometimes works so well.
  8. Hi guys What are peoples experience with the frame rate? Mine is a strange mixture of 30 FPSsolid then 7-8FPS at other times, I can't seem to make much sense of it! I've got a GTX680 with an I7-3820 so admittedly it is aging but it should be enough?
  9. Same for me! GTX680 with an I7-3820. Should be enough?!
  10. Are you damaging the engines by any chance? Check the engine colour on the maintenance page. I thought similar and found I had incorrectly set the superchargers to HIGH without reducing power first and it damaged the engines and caused a BMEP/RPM fluctuation. Just an idea, though.
  11. I think PMDG know, they already have sales data for it...I'm not sure you're letting PMDG know anything.
  12. While on the subject of this, does the new 64-Bit architecture mean the limits on polygons and animations in the VC no longer exist anymore?
  13. I'm building a new PC and can't decide between the 1080ti and the 11GB Seahawk! Anyone using a Seahawk with P3D?
  14. I found that deleting my shaders and allowing it to recompile stopped me getting this error on load but I have an older GTX680 currently.
  15. Couldn't resist the PA31T after having many hours in the real thing myself, sadly I am incredibly disappointed with this buggy release. How sad :(
  16. Hi guys Just wondering what the consensus is regarding the P3D setting 'Mipmap VC panels' - who's using what? Without it I get clearer displays but some white dot artifacts when using the cockpit but they disappear when it is selected on but the VC displays seem a little blurred. Maybe the GTX680 needs an upgrade? Loving the 744!
  17. Because what they have with Boeing takes time to learn to be able to make it as good as they do! Not to mention the relationship with Boeing that helps make it possible, simply saying start all that again because you want a different aircraft and systems logic makes a bit of a mockery of it.
  18. Kind of an insult to a team who devote a lot of time and resources to knowing how to create an in depth Boeing, no? :/ Simmers and their naivety about development makes feel for a team sometimes not to mention the want want want in general!
  19. If any of the team have flown a 757 they'll want to make one
  20. So when 64bit P3D does materialise what will it mean for VAS? Right now we all have 4GB max, what will be the maximum in 64bit? Obviously the worries will be obsolete but
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