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  1. Bump Can someone using v4 confirm there is an issue with undocking fps dropping 50 %? Would only take a few minutes to test
  2. When I dragged pmdg instruments in fsx to a second screen I got the same hit as you. However in fsx se there is no hit at all. Watching this closely as not being able to undock could be a game changer for me.
  3. And they want the devs to drop the old thingy on principal and join them. Totally ignoring the fact that it's not a hobby for the devs but it's a real job that puts food on the table! Supply and demand has and always will rule
  4. "My best guess is the CPU is going bad" There is plenty of benchmark cpu testing software for free on the web Won't take long to find your answer
  5. Good info, thanks. Just remembered LM offer a refund so nothing to lose. Will be interesting to see if my oc 4.3 ghz and gtx 780 is up to it
  6. Going from 20 fps to 40 fps and with higher settings is extraordinary! That's a 100% increase
  7. I think it's premature to say that quality wings are dropping 32 bit because its 'not worth it " Crazy as it sounds, without the numbers 64bit could be dumped. The upgrade cost is big. Every one would love to have it but throwing $$$ at 64 bit and a PC upgrade when they already have a 32 bit PC running smoothly will stop most. Supporting 64 bit and dumping 32 would be a massive gamble at this stage. I'm on the sidelines. I simply have real life priorities that will eat up the 1k needed. Interesting 12 months coming up
  8. Well that changes everything. They are gambling on P3Dv3 users will automatically upgrade so they are out of the loop. They still recognize 32 bit numbers are big via fsx
  9. This is the big question. I don't see the benefit in losing ooms only to create stuttering. Personally would prefer what I have now being the very occasional oom that fsuipc saves and smooth flight at high settings on a moderate machine. Watching this closely as lots of high end machines in the same boat
  10. Actually that will be a good test for numbers. Keeping an eye out for the following projects will be interesting
  11. Your making the assumption that every one will convert to v4. That's not the case at all. Devs will continue to pump out for 32 bit because that's where the masses are currently at. Zoran maksic
  12. Are you monitoring your cpu? Is it maxing out at 100% during stuttering. Anything running in the background on your PC? Also 64 bit is a lot harder on your GPU.
  13. Diving into anything flight sim platform is never a good idea. Most simmers had no idea that big upgrade with gpu was the limiting factor and so there are a lot of posts.. "it's a slide show" etc and now we have the sdk question on top Unless simmers are having massive ctd because of ooms then what's the hurry to jump ship? Best wait and watch
  14. Hey brother I have big respect for the trailblazer guys that jump in I'm watching from the grand stands and will dive in myself probably about 1 to 2 years when the dust settled. Thanks for your updates 😊
  15. Honestly dude , posting while flying is the lowest level of multitasking. Sorry your struggling 😁